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John Chuckman


“US Jewish organization condemns Pope Francis for comparing refugee centers to ‘concentration camps’’


Response to another reader’s comment accusing someone of supporting Hamas terrorists:

Yours is an uninformed response, seemingly taken right from the official Israeli government crib sheets for making comments in newspapers abroad.

Honest and informed people do not regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Indeed, in the organization’s early days, Israel secretly supported Hamas in hopes of destroying Arafat’s Fatah.

Then, when Hamas had some political success as a result of its many effective charitable and organizing efforts, it suddenly became a terrorist organization according to Israel. And using its intimate political connections to get the United States to agree was a mere formality. So, Hamas became a terrorist organization by the same process we read of in Alice in Wonderland when the roses were painted red.

We have no less a figure than Jimmy Carter, one of the most intelligent and conscientious statesmen of his time, who has described the realities of Hamas vis-à-vis Israel, having met all the parties involved.

Israel only uses the “terrorist” ploy to prevent an effective democratic party from unifying the Palestinians.

That is what is really feared. Just as Israel hates democracy in any neighboring countries, a fact relatively few outsiders understand. Israel’s good friends in neighboring countries are all kings or tyrants. Tyrant in Egypt. Absolute monarch in Saudi Arabia. King in Jordan. Relationships with these and others run deep, and the word “democracy” never passes anyone’s lips.

The House of Saud and Israeli are close friends and virtually secret allies, sharing many mutual interests including fears around democratic and human rights and concerns around defending the influence of wealth in the region. They often work secretly together on the same projects, as in Syria. It was not always so, but after 9/11, the House of Saud was terrified that the United States would attack them, and it started bending over backwards to cooperate.

The King of Jordan is a virtual servant of Israel, and he is well known in his own country for having no independence of thought or action. That’s why any critic in Jordan pointing out the fact out ends up in prison.

Israel got on extremely well with Egypt’s dictator, Mubarak, for thirty years, Mubarak receiving his annual “assistance” payments from America so long as that continued to be the case. Egypt’s flirtation with democracy was brought to a quick and deadly end shortly after its first elected president dared make a few brief statements angering Israel. Through a combination of covert activities by Israel and the United States, a new tyrant was installed in Egypt, again a man with whom Israel has good relations, a man doing Israel such favors as building a section of wall between Sinai and Gaza which extends a metallic skirt deep underground.

Israel’s long-existing list of governments which it wanted the United States to topple – including Iraq, Syria, and Iran, Ariel Sharon having been quite open at times about his murderous demands in the name of “democracy” in the Middle East – were all governments which did not toe the line with Washington, preserving for themselves some portion of their own legitimate national interests, something not accepted by Israel. That really is the key fact for any government’s having been listed, not any lack of democracy, because Israel simply has some of its best relationships with non-democratic (and extremely corrupt) governments.

Well, the principles applying to Israel’s major neighbors apply also to its closest and smallest, Palestine. That’s why Israel still props up Mahmoud Abbas as “president,” a man who has not faced an election for years and has no basis in fact for his title.

Abbas also is a rather Stepin Fetchit type of personality, someone Israel finds useful even though they almost never talk even to him.

Hostility to democracy in its neighborhood is why Israel, early on after an observed clean election in Gaza, sent troops charging in to arrest properly elected representatives, a totally illegal act.

That’s why Israel openly threatened the head of Hamas with assassination, a totally illegal act.

That’s why Israel did assassinate some Hamas officials, totally illegal acts.

That’s why we had the Nazi-like blockade of Gaza declared, Nazi-like because in its early period it actually included a calorie count of the minimum necessary calories to sustain life, that count controlling the level of allowed food imports. You could not buy a candy bar in Gaza.

That extreme measure, once it was known to the public, came under US pressure, and it was eased, but the Palestinians of Gaza still sit in many ruins from Israel’s bombing because they cannot import many basic building materials. And I don’t think anyone with an open mind believes Israel has any right – beyond might – to even impose any blockade.

It is absolutely savage, and no one who is not a partisan of the genuine terrorists, the Netanyahu government, can accept it.

By the way, not all readers may be aware but recently, for the third time I believe, Israel sprayed herbicides on large swaths of Gaza limited arable land.

Imagine, in that crowded place with many, many children, spraying herbicides? America’s arrogant use of Agent Orange in Vietnam is still causing birth defects and deaths all these years after the war.

Israel previously used this horrible technique of spraying herbicides, multiple times, on Bedouin in the Negev region they wanted to force away from where they lived.

That’s getting awfully close to Nazi methods I think all decent people can agree.

John Chuckman



“How stunning architecture like the Guggenheim in Bilbao breathes new life into tired cities”

It just ain’t so.

Bilbao, if it is indeed considered great architecture, is an example making just the opposite point.

It is like a daunting fortress dropped from the sky with no relationship to its surroundings.

Even your photo demonstrates the opposite of your claim.

There’s no life at the place. I’ve yet to see a photo showing any life around it.

The truth is, of course, that this is not great architecture.

It is a monumental sculpture which has no relationship with people who come near it or with the city in which it resides.

It is simply a monstrous memorial to a wealthy family.

It almost reminds me, in its “tone,” of the kind of monstrous buildings Hitler had planned for Germany’s future.

John Chuckman



“Britain could join US in Syria air strikes against Assad without parliamentary approval, Boris Johnson says”

Lovely statement.

Britain has reached a new low since the mass murders of Tony Blair.

Syria has attacked no one.

Its government is one of the better ones in the region.

Its minority of Christians support Assad, who has always protected them.

The country is fighting desperately against gangs of armed thugs, collected, trained, supplied, and paid by America and Israel and Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Oman plus lots of past help from Britain and France.

Since when does an honorable country or an honorable statesman support attacking a country like Syria? That opposes every principle of rule of law and human decency.

Welcome to the world of the Neocon Wars. Fifteen years of bombing and killing anyone you don’t happen to like. Like hateful little boys crushing butterflies or smashing birds’ eggs underfoot, just because they can.

All that death and horror and destabilizing armies of refugees created by just this very thing.

Why? Because America and its nasty Middle East colony want Syria treated like Iraq or Libya or Yemen.

A total disgrace for every person of conscience on the planet.

While smaller in scope, these wars are ethically and morally indistinguishable from those of Mussolini or Hitler.

I consider how much things have changed, and not for the better, since Lyndon Johnson failed to get most NATO countries to join with his insane crusade in Vietnam, something which turned into a holocaust killing three million people, achieving nothing.

Fifty years later, most are on board for an equally insane round of barbarism which has already killed a couple of million and sent millions running from their homes.

Two mindless bouts of mass murder and destruction just to get something you want and only decades apart.

John Chuckman




Just total non-think.

Good God, civil war cannot happen in contemporary America.

Neither can any meaningful rebellion or uprising.

Americans are literally buried under countless layers of police and military and security, all with the most advanced weapons and intrusive security mechanisms.

Perhaps, silly stuff like this just proves where the brains of some Americans are stuck.

The best part of two centuries ago.



Response to another reader’s bizarre comment about how I’ve missed all the change happening in America:

And you need a brain transplant.

Virtually nothing real has happened. Trump’s election was a pathetic illusion of change.

As anyone can see, he is now married to the Neocons and the military/security establishment, exactly like Hillary or Obama.

He is pushing aggressive tactics in Syria, Iran, and against Russia.

Israel is as happy as a kid with a new toy under Trump. It appears to get anything it wants and suffers absolutely no reproach for its countless brutalities and injustices and its total disregard for the rule of law.

Trump has not created one meaningful change for the American economy. We only hear a lot of blubbering about the terms of trade with some countries. Tearing up this or that treaty. Believe me, trade wars are not a route to prosperity.

He has not made any serious cuts in the outrageous levels of government spending, outrageous at many levels but especially in the non-productive and risk-generating expenditures of the military/security complex.

And, remember, all of that spending is with non-existent funds, just more debt piled on debt.

Congress is still bought and paid for. Completely.

Your rights are disappearing daily. Everything you write or see is now stored as data with the NSA.

And the total armed establishment controlling your society – my original point you managed to miss completely – is beyond anything ever seen before in history.

The total of military, armed security, secret services, and police forces at all different levels means Americans are virtually frozen in place by immense force.

A colossal set of forces, including all those city police ready to shoot anyone at the drop of a hat. They now kill more than 1,100 Americans every year, three per day, and they send 50,000 to hospitals every year, mostly with no consequences for themselves.

Well, P.T. Barnum said it best, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


John Chuckman



“Marine Le Pen seeks to exploit Champs Elysees shooting amid fears killing could influence election”

“Terror fears” have been fueling politicians in the West for 15 years, so pointing a finger at Le Pen is hypocritical and quite dishonest.

God knows, Theresa May made a huge deal out of a mentally ill man with a record of violence who stabbed people in London.

It was the kind of unfortunate event which has happened in cities all around the world for centuries, never being given any political interpretation, until now, when certain governments want to instill fear regularly in support of their own brutal international policies.

That killer in London was no more a terrorist than my little pet dog.

And just so for the police killer in Paris. He had a long record of violence towards police, apparently having served long years in prison.

He was not a terrorist. He was a sick, violent man. All societies do have them, you know.

And papers like The Independent and The Guardian have expended countless words ginning-up needless fears of terror in support of British government policy.

So, it would be nothing new for Marine Le Pen to gain some support from this manufactured constituency.

I do hope she wins, not for fear of terror but for some intelligent and bold policies for France.

Hollande has been an utter disaster.

Paris’s past genuine terror attacks relate more to his slavish groveling after American policy in the Mideast than anything else. Young men seeking revenge for what was done to their homes and families.

Hollande was always right in there along with the pathetic David Cameron doing America’s dirty work in secret while pretending for the public that he was fighting terror.

The dirty work is simply the self-proclaimed, God-like right to decide who rules in other countries, an arrogant and violent idea that is about as far from democracy and decency as you can get.

The only governments genuinely fighting terror right now are Syria, Russia, and Iran.

And the terror they fight – mercenaries like al-Nusra and ISIS – were created and supplied by America and its allies (Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman with help from Britain and France) for the purpose of destroying a beautiful country which just does not happen to march to America’s commands.

John Chuckman



Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‘barred from standing in Iran’s presidential elections’”

Ahmadinejad is in many ways a good and decent man, but he has a penchant for poking fun at sacred cows, and it was this tendency which got him into so much controversy previously.

Insanely exaggerated accusations were leveled at him previously. There was even a deliberate mistranslation of his words put out and repeated in the press many times to the effect that he threatened Israel’s future.

He did not.

But additional controversy and phony attacks are the last things Iran needs now with Trump’s people ratcheting-up Israel lobby-inspired accusations against a country which has faithfully kept its international agreements.

Israel is after blood, both in Syria and in Iran, and all sense of integrity has vanished suddenly from Trump’s administration with the Syria missile attack based on a fake event.


Iran has always been in Israel’s sights, not because it is a threat to Israel but because Israel wants to be the unquestioned power for a thousand miles around, and bought-and-paid-for American politicians just keep saying ‘Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!”

John Chuckman



“Did you know that On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a U.S. Navy intelligence ship, was attacked in international waters? The attack killed 34 U.S. servicemen and wounded at least 173. And we still give billions per year to the aggressor”

There is no question of Israel’s responsibility in attacking the USS Liberty, of course, but I’ve often wondered whether there was some kind of complicity by Lyndon Johnson.

He was a very dark and devious man. Played dirty politics his entire career, including his very first election in Texas which he won by vote fraud. And he sure wasn’t reluctant to see people killed, launching, as he did, the mindless Vietnam War in which an estimated 3 million Vietnamese were killed eventually, a true holocaust.

I’ve never understood the way he just shut everything down right after the attack – called off emergency responders and made no big diplomatic storm over the event and made no great effort to make Israel pay for what it had done, pay in any way.

It was the chance of a lifetime to put Israel in its proper place, a small nation with defined borders. Instead, his response allowed Israel to grow into a Frankenstein monster. His is great burden of guilt for Israel’s next fifty years of brutal abuse.

It doesn’t make sense, especially considering his volatile temperament. I think his reasons have never been examined, but I know there were reasons. He had a motive, if nothing other than a huge secret effort to buy him off by the Israel Lobby.

It has been speculated that Israel’s knowledge of Johnson’s complicity in President Kennedy’s assassination was used to shut him up. This is distinctly possible, however, while we know the Warren Commission’s version of the assassination was a complete fantasy, we do not know just what really happened. Johnson was from the beginning a highly plausible suspect, but we do not have the necessary proof.

Israel’s motive for the attack is quite clear. They wanted to turn their armor in the south to head north, something they had been advised against.

So, they shut down the American intelligence ship. This, of course, also shut down reporting of Israel’s atrocities in Sinai, which the ship’s gear would have picked up.

Israel was in such a mad rush to turn the armor around, the army just machine-gunned all the Egyptian prisoners of war they had in Sinai. Hundreds of them.

But for Israel, this was from the beginning a war of conquest. It was carefully planned, and Israel knew it could win against the disorganized Arab states that it had deliberately provoked a number of times leading up to the actual conflict.

Of course, fifty years later, we all still live with the hideous results, seeing millions live with absolutely no rights, no citizenship, no votes, constant abuse, and even the degrading insult of having additional homes and farms stolen periodically.

Moshe Dayan, the victorious general of the Six Day War, made numerous statements to the effect of Israel’s having to make the Palestinians feel miserable enough, they would leave.

Well, Israel certainly has done its part in making millions miserable, but they greatly underrated the courage and stamina of the Palestinians, who are not leaving.

Here are some details of the event:


John Chuckman



“Prince Harry was right to talk about his mental health, but the media’s obsession with ‘stigma’ isn’t helpful”

There is no “treatment” for what Harry has.

It has nothing to do with “stigma.”

It really has nothing to do with the loss of his mother.

Harry has demonstrated on many occasions a serious mental problem.

In fact, if you read history, you’ll know some mental problems run in the Spencer family gene pool.

Despite her obvious charms, his mother’s instability is what really killed her, her drive for recklessness and almost hysterical behavior out of the public spotlight.

Readers may enjoy:

P.S. Do we know who his father was? Nothing of Prince Charles’ physical or emotional make-up is to be seen in Harry, things we very much see in his brother.

John Chuckman



“Boris Johnson Urges Russia to Stop Supporting Bashar Assad’

The UK government just keeps throwing crap everywhere, hoping some of it will stick. It is a method adopted from America, one of the world’s most hypocritical governments and one whose members actually wear hip-wader boots when they walk through the streets of Washington, so deep is the layer of crap covering it.

Remember, Britain is the country that teamed up with America for the totally illegal invasion of Iraq, killing about a million people and creating horror for a generation in what had been one of the Arab world’s most advanced societies.

I didn’t hear any criticism from Boris Johnson or Theresa May about their war-criminal prime minister, Tony Blair, did you?

This is the country, too, which under that grotesque joke of a leader, David Cameron, supported outfits like Al-Nusra and ISIS and Al-Qaeda while pretending to do just the opposite.

It’s all a kind of big, dirty private-schoolboy joke which helped kill over 300,000 people, create millions of refugees, destabilize Europe, and did much to destroy one of the region’s most beautiful and historic lands.

Ditto for Libya, a place whose leader gave his people everything from free schools to good water and peace. He was summed up by America’s leading psychopath, Hillary Clinton, with her memorable line, “We came, we saw, he died. Ha, ha, ha!

And then, after so much help in killing and creating refugees, British leaders like Boris Johnson have the gall to talk about Assad, a man respected by most of Syria’s people and a man who almost set a standard for tolerance of other religions in an intolerant region (certainly including Israel).

The Christians of Syria support Assad while the Christians in Britain and the United States try to kill him and destroy a peaceful land, throwing the Christians of Syria to the wolves of the packs of killer thugs who are supported and supplied by Britain among others.

It is all quite stunning if you think about it.

And just who are some of the other players in the British charade in Syria? Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Israel – well, there is a remarkable list of free countries with high values for tolerance indeed. A human and democratic rights gang of thugs, supported by America so that it can get what it wants.

And what does it want? To be rid of a decent leader Israel hates. Israel of course wants to hang on to the things it has stolen, like the Golan Heights. It also wants a region around it in which every country accepts its ugly values of conquest, theft, killing, and endless abuse of millions.

The US also wants to run a pipeline or two through a country that is not its own, pipelines opposed by Assad’s government. What does Saudi Arabia want? It wants what the US and Israel want, ever since 9/11, having been extremely careful that what it says and does is not offensive to America and its colony for fear of being blamed for the twin towers.

America’s other tyrant-allies in the region have similar motives. They are extremely rich and privileged and unaccountable rulers, all of them, and they do not want what they regard as the rubbish of democratic values, human rights, and religious tolerance anywhere near them – not even a hint.

Of course, critically-minded readers might note the record in the trail of wreckage America and Britain have left behind. Isn’t it shining democracy and good government we see in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Somalia and Yemen and Egypt? No? Why something must have gone terribly wrong because surely that was the intention in all that killing and destruction?

Boy, that’s some cause you support there, Boris.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Russia could support independence for Scotland and the end of British rule in Gibraltar? It certainly would be nothing more than a parallel effort to Britain’s secret savagery in Syria.

But we’d hear the screams to high heaven about Russian interference in Western affairs. Well, that’s the kind of totally hypocritical view you marry yourself to when you join up for America’s imperial march to control the globe.  It much resembles Napoleon’s Grande Armée with stirring speeches about enlightenment while you set about conquest and pillage.

Violence for selfish ends supported by lies and abuse of every description, all in the names of peace and freedom and democracy – that’s America today. Move over, George Orwell, your brilliant stuff in 1984 has been surpassed by a new and far more shameless brute force than Big Brother and the Inner Party.

John Chuckman



“Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump ‘both unstable bullies’

I do not agree with the professor’s analysis.

We know too little about Kim Jong Un to make such statements.

I also very much believe that it is the military running North Korea.

There is almost never a picture of Kim without senior army officers around him.

We really do not know whether he rules in fact or whether he is a figurehead much like Queen Elizabeth.

As for Trump, the bully part isn’t what is important.

The important part is his unprincipled and cowardly turning on a matter of global importance.


One cannot help thinking the undoing of Trump was the heavy influence of Ivanka, his undoubtedly smart and capable daughter, who happens to know little in world affairs and who just happens to be married to a closet-Neocon.


John Chuckman



“Syrian regime has ‘at least 2,000 tonnes’ of chemical weapons hidden away, says Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat”

Well, if there is dog crap to find, The Independent will find it.

It is, if you will, a perverse form of investigative reporting frequently featured.

Certainly, what most people think of as investigative reportage long ago disappeared from The Independent.

No one knows or cares who this clown of a general is, Assad’s giving up his poison gas weapons was absolutely genuine, as every informed person knows.

It was done under a crisis situation, with both the United States and Russia signing off on it. Russia did the direct supervision, removal, and destruction.

Assad himself and Putin both had the strongest incentive to do things right with Obama threatening a “no-fly” zone, a gimmick America has used time and time again to basically seize control of the air and start bombing at will pretending it is responding to bad guys.

And just the very idea that anyone could jerk Putin around this way is proof of the general’s brutal ignorance or deliberate dishonesty.

How anyone who has followed current affairs, anyone with a brain, and anyone with no propaganda motive, could imply that about Putin is laughable.

Here is the supreme statesman-leader of our time, without question, and this goofy, runaway general, hoping to make himself important in exile, claims nonsense about him? Speaks for itself.

And, please, just once, wouldn’t it be right to discuss all the poisons the United States has sent to Syria over the last five years via Turkey – where some of it was actually caught at the border by guards, guards who got themselves in trouble with the secret service, doing too scrupulous a job – and Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton oversaw a project in Libya – another well-run country America destroyed – removing some of the murdered Gaddafi’s weapons, including poisons like Sarin, and shipping them around the Mediterranean for smuggling into Syria.

She was ready to repeat in Syria the ugly play done in Libya, as was her mass-murderer boss, Obama.

Unlike the asinine general’s daydreams, we absolutely know this to be true from the world’s last genuine investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh.

By the way, here is another reliable independent reporter’s story on what happened at Idlib:

In this account, Israel is involved, as it has been covertly the whole time in the project to destroy and partition Syria. That’s what the phony civil war is about, what Israel wants in its region. Good reason for killing 300,000 people don’t you think?


John Chuckman


“Tom Friedman has a ‘brilliant’ Syria plan for Trump: use ISIS to force Damascus into a power-sharing deal with al-Qaeda”

Friedman is one of the greatest blowhard phonies of the age, sometimes as unintentionally hilarious as a fundamentalist tent preacher, alternately bawling and beaming, trying desperately to sway souls for Christ.

He frequently trips over his own lack of logic, resembling an awkward kid tripping on his own shoelaces, while churning out his endless stream of propaganda for the Pentagon and Israel, the two entities he holds tightly to his bosom.

But churn it out he does, literally small mountains of dog shit in columns, lectures, and books.

The establishment has fittingly recognized his amazing output by giving him three Pulitzer Prizes. For those not familiar with the Pulitzer, it was created by an American newspaper baron whose name it bears. It is awarded in a number of categories each year, but journalism and books are the best known.

In general, as with all such annual prizes, certainly including the Nobel Peace Prize and Hollywood’s Oscar, it represents some mixture of annual marketing promotion for an industry or organization to gin-up its sales, self-congratulations by the members of an industry or organization, fun annual parties, and opportunities to make political statements to the world, largely propaganda statements.

The prizes all have rather dismal records, the Peace Prize frequently going to murderers and frauds, the Oscar going often to unwatchable films whose subject happens to be something Hollywood wants to crow about. Quality is only accidentally present is winners, although much of the public naively believes all such prizes inherently mean quality. That’s why we see blurbs in books or articles along the lines of, “As Pulitzer Prize winner so-and-so said.” This is always a cheap trick to inflate the authority of the writer being cited rather than letting the reader draw his or her own conclusions.

The Pulitzer is right in there with a terrible record of having been awarded in journalism several times to outright frauds for invented story series, frequently for undistinguished efforts (“It’s my turn!”), and then to someone like Friedman who represents a powerful continuing force in American journalism, the so-called Israel Lobby, members of which own America’s major broadcast networks and major old-line newspapers.

Its record in books is not a great deal more distinguished, mediocre works frequently having won while original, interesting, or highly critical work is ignored. Books about America itself and what a great history it has and what a great place it is seem to get secret bonus points at the start of the selection.

In Friedman’s case, the New York Times, a paper which likes to style itself as the nation’s paper of record, has always, always supported every war and intervention of the national government. It has a long record of cooperating with outfits like the CIA and FBI, and several times it is known to have suppressed stories some smart reporter stumbled upon – famously, the Bay of Pigs invasion preparations. Several times, members of CIA or those entangled with CIA have been discovered on staff, creating a little scandal, but one suspects most were not discovered.

The paper has also taken secret tips from a frequently blundering FBI to go after individuals with no evidence at all – famously, nuclear scientist Wen Ho Lee, wrongly accused of giving top secrets to China, but there are many other examples including the man, Richard Jewell, wrongly accused of the Atlanta Olympics bombing. And then there was the woman it went after viciously, inappropriately revealing her identity in a rape case, who was accusing a member of the Kennedy clan of the rape.  It only recently was revealed that every single story on the Middle East concerning Israel in any possible way is dutifully sent by the New York Times to be passed by the Official Israeli Censor before being published.

The best description of the impossibly-pretentious New York Times ever given is “the house organ for America’s power establishment.” It runs enough sound and interesting material on non-controversial and non-political subjects to hold a reputation for quality. It also, remarkably, in the insanely-confused morass that is American politics, is regarded as “liberal,” something impossible for a genuine liberal to even understand.

Supporting every colonial war of the post-WWII American empire is anything but liberal, but the New York Times pretty consistently supports Democrats, and in America, that is somehow regarded as liberal, the party somehow having escaped the nickname it deserves, the War Party. Johnson, Clinton, Obama, and Mrs. Clinton – mass killers every one of them.

Anyway, that provides some context to understand why Friedman has been kept aboard for what seems like ages, pounding out rat shit propaganda and periodically being awarded another “Pulitzer.”

Here are several past pieces on Friedman – despite his awards and the pretentiousness with which he is treated, his bloated nonsense actually makes him a pretty easy target.  Readers may enjoy:

John Chuckman


“WHY Did The United States Really Topple LIBYA – Same Reason They Want To Topple ASSAD?’ 

It was all best said by Lord Acton long ago.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The United States’ establishment is very near the last stages of that inevitable process.

Israel and its greedy expansion against all rules of law and respect for human rights, by the way, are directly or indirectly responsible for virtually every horror in the Mideast for fifteen years. Some they handled directly, many the US handled for them.

What is mistakenly called “international terror” is nothing but the work of desperate young men trying to strike a blow back for what has been done to their homes and families.

Oh, there is another form of terror, and that is the one America deliberately uses in place after place to destroy governments it doesn’t like. Mercenaries who just happen to be Muslim or pretend to be.

Outfits like ISIS and Al-Nusra, etc, all were created under American auspices and have been supplied by America directly or by American allies like Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Oman – all with covert assistance from Britain and France.

They are tools to get what you want, and when you have secured what it is that you want, the tools are quite disposable, as we see here and there. The hired mercenaries often end up killed themselves.

You could think the Mafia actually ran America’s foreign affairs, but the Mafia is an amateur outfit compared to the American establishment with its supporting armies of CIA and the Pentagon – all with their filthy work nicely blessed by a meaningless corporate press.

The entire horror of massive refugee armies, nearly destabilizing Europe, is caused by the same thing, as America bombs half a dozen countries and sends rag-tag mercenaries to kill in many of them. The people run for their lives, and America, who caused their plight, refuses to even take them.

But, of course, Israel really is an American colony in the Mideast. It is no more meaningfully independent than Texas, and it serves a number of American imperial interests in the region, much the way the old corrupt Shah of Iran used to do. And most of its leaders are dual nationals.

John Chuckman



“Gabbard: ‘We need to learn from Iraq’”

Yes, indeed.

But just as stupid people do not learn from experience, arrogant and greedy and violent people also do not learn.

“Arrogant and greedy and violent” is pretty much a good concise description of today’s American establishment.

I really do not see how that can change in a country whose government has been called, accurately, the best that money can buy.

I like a lot of what Tulsi Gabbard says, but I feel confident in declaring her another Ralph Nader.

Those are not the kind of people who have even a remote chance at power.

John Chuckman



“‘Nodding like bobbleheads’: Putin slams NATO’s support for US violation of intl law in Syria”

“Nodding like bobbleheads”


A vivid image of the situation.

It is striking and at the same time pitiful that Europe behaves this way over a double violation of international laws and norms.

And I’m sorry to say, Canada’s Justin Trudeau is right in there with them, head bobbing around and mouth making stupid sounds, a handsome bobblehead without a thought of his own.

His father, Pierre, was not such a man, but then Justin is not in almost any detail his father’s match.


Response to another reader’s comment on being disappointed in Trudeau:

Disappointed is an understatement.

Remember (his father) Pierre Trudeau’s “just society”?

Remember Pierre’s refusal to drop views which were independent of the American power structure, as in the case of Cuba?

Remember Pierre’s insistence on a nation of laws, as in the case of the FLQ?

Justin Trudeau is an immense disappointment who seems to possess little of his father’s best qualities.

He seems to stand for nothing.

Pictures cuddling pandas are charming, but their meaning is as lasting as having your shoes shined.

He gave up on vote reform without a real effort, the single most important domestic reform he could have done.

He dilly-dallies about other important matters.

He has made some terrible appointments, notably as with the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, a tedious old-line Canadian Ukrainian with a mentality stuck in 1963 and a personality totally unsuited to represent the best of our country in the world.

She’s the ethnic mental-emotional equivalent of someone from an old Italian peasant-origin family where the Duce is still revered.

He had a very good man in Dion and let him go? Why? To appoint an intellectual and emotional midget whose prejudices are in keeping with the American establishment’s new brutal efforts to push Russia to the brink in getting its way to burn down half the Middle East. Her husband is a reporter for what has been called the house organ of America’s power establishment, the New York Times.

Justin Trudeau’s only merit was helping say goodbye to Stephen Harper, but that goodbye is beginning to seem no goodbye at all, much as is the case with Trump’s turning, we might as well have the proven killer of thousands of women and their families, Hillary, running the empire.

John Chuckman



“Bashar al Assad: Syria chemical attack is ‘100 per cent fabrication’”

This is entirely possible.

Photos of the phony White Helmets show them handling Sarin victims without gloves and head cover.

You simply cannot do that.

One pin-point drop of Sarin nerve agent on your skin is fatal.

Of course, we’ve also seen other faked scenes from the Al-Qaeda-associate and covertly supported phony NGO called White Helmets, as ones of a little dusty-faced child in the back of truck at the height of the Aleppo campaign, an image proved fraudulent later.


Readers may be interested in this story on the gas attack:



Response to another reader who wrote:

“Can’t our reporters even pretend to be objective?”

You are kidding, aren’t you?

Classical journalism is dead.

The corporate press does nothing beyond echoing government claims and reporting every rumor which tends to do so.

The truth is, apart from being in bed with the establishment, corporate journalism is too broke to do the costly thing of real investigative reporting.

The economic model supporting the old press has collapsed under developments on the Internet, such as important advertising revenue having been lost to others.

Truly, for anyone to expect to find real reporting in today’s corporate press is about as hopeless as waiting for Jesus to return.

One must read the corporate press just to get a sense of what is being “put out there” and then compare with a diversity of other sources.

It still isn’t perfect, but it is a fool’s errand today to expect to find honest reporting on any international relations topic and even many domestic political topics in your old regular newspaper or television broadcast.

John Chuckman



“Syria Is All About the Petrodollar, Assad Is the Victim of a False Flag from the CIA”

Mostly nonsense.

Syria is a key part of a long-term plan to create a new Middle East.

It’s been in the works for years at the State Department in coordination with CIA and Israel, its main beneficiary and long-time advocate-lobbyist. The arrogant people running Washington, of course, do not announce such things to mere citizens, the people who vote and pay the costs in taxes and bear any consequences, which, in this case, absolutely includes the whole phenomenon of “international terror” – just angry young men trying to pay back for what’s been done to their countries – plus massive armies of miserable refugees created.

But we’ve had several indirect or cryptic references over the years, including George Bush’s Condi Rice referring to “the birth pangs of a new Middle East,” her gracious way of describing the screams of thousands dying and being made homeless.

America’s permanent establishment government, within the elected government, is busier than ever trying to extend American authority to every corner of the globe. There are many reasons for this, but they very much include the Neocons with their philosophy of “if you have the power use it to get what you want,” words with which Hitler would have had not the least quarrel, having gained an upper hand.

Plus, there has been a dawning awareness that America’s relatively carefree years of global dominance, built on the fortunate event of every competitor and potential competitor having been flattened in WWII, are drawing to a close as new, extremely serious competitors in everything rapidly emerge. It is the natural reaction of some of the more aggressive and greedy among us to simply strike out in every direction, hoping some of what they do can stop the process of natural evolution or at least slow it down.

What we have seen happening in the Neocon Wars and the phony CIA-induced Arab Spring (you always give a cheerful name to a dirty project, just as the example of “Patriot Act” being used to cover measures to suppress citizens’ rights) and in such recent events as the CIA-induced coup against a democratic Ukraine – a blatant effort to box-in and threaten Russia – plus all the public relations hype around a “resurgent” Russia, as it merely responds normally and cautiously to extremely provocative acts right next door, is simply aggression, and on a very broad front. There is no other word suitable to describe it although America seems able to come up with a whole corps of hacks like Nikki Haley or Samantha Power or John Kirby to try telling us that war is peace and slavery is freedom.

Israel, which is de facto America’s colony in the region benefits by having all the independent-minded leaders eliminated and having a kind of cordon sanitaire created for hundreds of miles around it. But you will never hear that said in Washington.

Israel, in turn, is expected do whatever the American establishment’s future bidding in the region is. It will serve as a kind of enforcer for the American empire. Once, this role was taken to some extent by the Shah of Iran, whom the U.S. heavily armed, after Washington assisted in creating a coup to end Iran’s democratic government in 1953. But the Shah bungled the job, generated a revolution by his brutality, and then he went and died.

Well, no chance of that happening in Israel with all those layers of hogwash about biblical homeland and thousands of years wandering. Yes, biblical homeland and thousands of years wandering for a European people, the Ashkenazi, who native language is a variant of German and who date back, by actual DNA tests, about nine or ten centuries in Eastern Europe. Besides, they come with a kind of naturally fanatical version of the Pretorian Guard in the sizable settler-ultra-Orthodox crowd.

And, bottom line, a great many Israelis come from the United States and maintain dual citizenship, a state the U.S. was once loath to recognize. People go back and forth all the time creating a web of attachments and privileges and access to important institutions. No one is better “connected.”

Israel could have itself done much of the dirty work in Middle East, but only at the cost of achieving an even worse reputation in the world than it already has as a pariah state with almost no regard for law and international norms and even rules of war.

No, the big part of the murderous job had to be taken on by America.

But even America could not afford, reputation-wise, to just go invading directly, country after country, as it did in Iraq. That outright aggressive invasion produced a great deal of negative publicity and lingering ill will.

So, it developed a system of using rag-tag mercenaries, giving them arms, supporting them covertly in many ways, and often ending up by demanding a “no-fly zone” from the UN, which sounds harmless but every time gets turned into an opportunity to bomb a country with no opposition and look like you are only responding to “bad guys.”

It’s all a terrible set of events allowing the CIA and Pentagon to play God in country after country, and, of course, playing God gets addictive, so we even have a faction ready to be extremely hostile to Russia.

Americans do not realize how much power these agencies of government have acquired for themselves in the process. So, the dirty works of empire also affect the homeland in many ways from an immense network of spying and limits of all kinds imposed to the distribution of military equipment to internal police agencies and the arming of outfits like Homeland Security (another one of those sunshine names for a nasty reality).

The establishment couldn’t care less about the effects on normal Americans, just as it could not care about the two million or so they have killed in the Neocon Wars over the last decade and a half. The message could not be clearer from the behavior of the national government: you do not matter. We matter, and the security agencies which support us and extend our reach matter, and our dark allies abroad are important, but you are not.

Some thought this was the one crucial area in which Trump might make a difference, but the futility of that hope is crushingly apparent.

America’s Bill of Rights has effectively been legally neutered, and you, the average American, think you still have rights which in fact you do not have anymore.

It all reminds me of science fiction scenarios about how robots – or the owners of the robots – will treat the general population of humans in the future when artificial intelligence has effectively taken control of jobs and professions and responsibilities everywhere.

Old East Germany and its Stasi seem primitive and almost comic-bookish compared to what is emerging in the US, what in fact has largely emerged.

“We the people” has become “We the herd.” The establishment – the wealthy individuals and corporate senior people, whose tools the Pentagon and the CIA are along with the corporate press – is engaged in an effort to control just about everything. Today, it effectively rules in perhaps a more intense way than the Old Order in France did before the Revolution, but it is all hidden from direct view, and even scrutiny, of the public.

Two centuries of revolutions and democratic and human-rights principles and struggles of every kind are pretty close to being wiped out in America, while America’s establishment relentlessly works to control the world.

John Chuckman



‘Israel’s intelligence minister said Tel Aviv was given box seats for Trump’s missile attack, which “restored” US prestige in Middle East’ 

Well, Netanyahu has spent his life demonstrating he likes killing and threatening people.

I’m sure he enjoyed the show, just like the ghouls who sat on lawn chairs up on the heights near Gaza when they watched and cheered as Israeli planes bombed women and children the last time Israel attacked that giant refugee camp-outdoor prison.

We do have a number of sick and frightening people in power in various countries of the world, but this creature from Madam Tussaud’s Chamber of Horrors, Netanyahu, tops them all.

Most people in the world, I feel sure, understand this.

But he and his nasty little colony are protected night and day from criticism and even from the law by the same folks who pulled this ugly stunt in Syria.

He is one of the earth’s monsters free to steal, kill, and imprison without any consequences.

And he is protected by the kind of people who give chemical weapons to rag-tag mercenaries to use on civilians to create an excuse for still more killing. How low can a great nation fall?

John Chuckman



“Russia responsible for Syria chemical attack, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says”

For those who care, here is a distinguished former British ambassador’s views on the gas attack and what Trump has very foolishly done.

You will never see a clearer, more concise assessment on an international situation.

This is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand:


John Chuckman



“After the Syrian air strikes, I can no longer get behind a President I admired”

Me too.

In the one area I very much hoped for some advance and change from Trump – change in America’s unprecedented new aggressiveness in the world – he has just proved himself a waste of space.

He has set a world land-speed record for buckling to the demands of America’s unelected inner-government and doing virtually the opposite of anything for which we had reason to hope.

In effect, in foreign affairs, we might just as well have mass-killer Obama still signing the orders for bombings and coups and drone kill lists with his big boyish smile.

Obama is responsible for the deaths of at least half a million in his term of office during the Neocon Wars and the phony CIA-induced Arab Spring plus incalculable damage in the creation of millions of refugees and vast destruction of societies.

Or we might just as well have the psychopath, Hillary Clinton, a woman with a record of damage and hatreds beyond telling. Her role, just at the Benghazi fiasco, has never been discussed, but thoughtful people can piece it together from scraps of information.

She, assisted by her dead ambassador, was running a dark operation to collect weapons from the murdered Gadhafi’s Libya, where they had been spread all over the place owing to the US having dumped carloads of them in support of the same kind of rag-tag mercenaries America runs in Syria today.

The Libyan rag-tag bunch’s job was getting rid of a decent third-world leader the US and Israel simply hated, a man who gave ordinary Libyans everything from free education to good water supplies and peace.

Hillary was also collecting some of the murderous mercenaries. Both these things – weapons and mercenaries – were being transshipped around the Mediterranean to create the horrors we see in Syria. In the process, her ambassador was killed by some of them, who simply saw him as a more accessible and attractive target than Assad. Or perhaps they were angered by some of his demands. When you play with murderous thugs anywhere, all bets are off as to predictability.

Those weapons’ transfer virtually certainly included amounts of Sarin gas from the dead Gaddafi’s stockpiles, which he had maintained as a counterthreat to Israel’s nuclear arsenal, and I think we all know what happened with those transferred poisons. In Libya, Syria, and others places, dear “women’s candidate,” Hillary, killed thousands of women and their children without the blink of an eye or the shedding of a tear.

The records of those two horrors, Obama and Hillary, plus the previous monkey-brain murderer, Bush, made a fair number of us hope for some change. Trump here and there gave important clues – not formal campaign promises, but revealing personal reflections, such as asking why the whole Middle East was on fire or why America didn’t leave it to Russia to clean-up the horror in Syria – that suggested to many we could possibly see important change.

But that has all disappeared, just vaporized, its last outburst being the administration statements about Assad’s future and Syria very shortly before the insane false-flag gas attack conducted by America’s own supported mercenaries and Trump’s insane missile attack without a shred of evidence supposedly in response and the insane shrieking, self-glorifying claims of Trump’s Nikki Haley at the UN.

Some Russian press today call the United States the most unpredictable nation in the world, and they are absolutely right.

As for Trump’s other, domestic issues – his dumb wall and his ranting about migrants – I have always regarded those parts of him as a waste of space.

We know progress with great powerful states comes very slowly, always, but the hope here was that this iconoclastic billionaire just might be a serious agent of change after fifteen years of pointless wars and the birth of a new Cold War. You need a man of Trump’s tough, egocentric type to stand against the collective, entrenched monsters at CIA and the Pentagon, but he has failed us all, failed completely.

I fear for our future, and the planet’s, now that America’s blood-lust is up, and we see virtually no strength anywhere to oppose it. Certainly, pushovers like May and Merkel and Hollande in Europe offer nothing. And the UN has been reduced by the same blood-lust to a toothless debating society.

Russia and China offer the only real hope for getting through a long and dangerous period ahead, but I think, for many reasons, this is truer of Putin’s Russia more than Xi Jinping’s China. And that fact explains just why a new Cold War against Russia has been launched. America’s insanely ambitious and greedy establishment – perhaps best personified by the glaring image of Hillary Clinton and her regular talk of “taking out” this or that person or place – cares nothing for other nations’ views and policies, so long as they do not conflict in any way with its march towards global domination.

As I wrote, above, concerning the dark events at Benghazi in 2012, “When you play with murderous thugs anywhere, all bets are off as to predictability.” And just so, the United States.



John Chuckman



“US’ Airstrike in Syria: Trump ‘Needs a Swift Victory to Resolve’ Domestic Issues”

I just do not believe Trump is effectively in charge. The only other explanation for this bozo attack is that Trump is mentally unbalanced, changing his policy daily in response to passing whims, but I do not believe that to be the case, despite his tendency to behave clownishly at times.

He’s been reduced to the same figurehead status as Obama, signing off on official papers to order things pretty much decided by others, others not elected to anything but enjoying immense power and privilege. Of course, all the contrived but ceaseless attacks he has endured since being elected and the important staff he has had to let go signaled exactly the same fact.

Even if there were a question of Assad’s forces being responsible – which for many strong reasons cannot be not right – wouldn’t it be necessary to at least check out some details before attacking people with fleets of missiles?

Of course, it would, but that logic seems not to apply to the American empire, just as the logic does not apply of asking by what authority America can attack anyone who has not first attacked it. This is the act of a global bully, not a nation of rules.

And we have an additional technical fact to consider from Russian military sources which say missile strikes of this size and kind require preparation time pre-dating the ostensible excuse for the strike, the gas attack at Idlib.

Figureheads or not, Obama and Trump were and are legal, elected authorities, and I certainly hold them completely responsible for the deaths and destruction their military and CIA have produced.

It does seem, with each passing year, that John Kennedy, despite his overall meager political achievements, stands taller as the last president to resist these dark forces and exert his Constitutional right as elected leader, but, of course, for that he paid a very great price.

It seems to have escaped the attention of any press in the West that this was an unwarranted attack on a sovereign country, in effect, a war crime.

Of course, it had long escaped the attention of the press in the West that Obama’s over 300,000 killed, millions made into refugees, and destruction of a beautiful country were great war crimes. We have only empty sentimentality over his boyish smile and earnest pretense of liberality. Thinking people know you cannot have liberality and mass murder co-habiting.

We’ll, of course, not hear anything from the UN, supposedly founded to oppose such ugliness, because the UN has been reduced over recent years to a hollow shell of itself by American manipulations and threats, even the resort to reneging on its treaty obligations to pay dues until it got what it wanted.

The shabby false-flag business of chemical weapons being used by Assad is just a tiresome repeat of something attempted a number of times, going back to Obama in 2012. What a low place for a great country to be brought down to: supplying thugs with poisons, allowing them to kill innocents, and using it as an excuse for still more killing and destruction.

But that is exactly the logic of today’s American empire, married as it is to creating a Middle East acceptable to the ugly demands of its brutal colony, Israel. The whole effort so far has cost at least two million lives and created enough refugees to destabilize Europe. What a proud achievement it has been.

Oh, yes, Nikki Haley, we’ll remember when you undoubtedly blubber again in the Un to defend this behavior, America is certainly “the moral conscience” for the world.



John Chuckman



“Trump flipflops bigly on Syria”

The United States no longer makes any sense from day to day.

One day, they talk reasonably about Syria and Assad.

Virtually the next, they are threatening consequences and war.

What happened in between?

Some of America’s and its allies’ rag-tag army of mercenaries – aka, the opposition to the legitimate government of Syria – launch yet another attack of a deadly poison gas.

Of course, they blame the Syrian government, but how could that claim be any more outlandish?

Assad has no motivation for such an act.

Indeed, he has the strongest motivation to avoid such behavior.

Chemical weapons, while always horrible, are actually, on a whole, not terribly effective. That is, unless you want to launch them in great masses. Many leaders in the Middle East maintained a stockpile of them precisely as their only possible counterthreat to Israel’s illicit nuclear arsenal, knowing full well such use was self-destructive, but its threat nevertheless provided a diluted form of the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine maintained for decades in Cold War Europe.

There are far less provocative and consequence-laden ways to kill seventy people. Assad’s army is fighting for national survival, and risking nearly useless attacks which arouse outrage in the world would plainly be stupid, and the fact is Assad is a very smart and capable man, unlikely to even think of such acts.

After all, we have the entire history, going back to 2012, of Obama and his “red line” over the use of chemical weapons, and we know that was all a stage play to declare Syria a no-fly zone, leading ultimately to the kind of air bombardment with which he destroyed Libya, a peaceful and well-run country whose only fault was having an independent-minded leader who did not accept every directive sent from Washington.

That was all avoided in Syria, largely owing to some deft statesmanship by Putin. Syria disposed of its entire arsenal of chemical weapons.

But from that time to the present, chemical weapons have been used numerous times on a small scale. Sometimes, these have been substances not difficult to manufacture at home, such as chlorine gas, and sometimes these have been sophisticated horrors like Sarin nerve gas.

The various incidents, under American pressure, have never been honestly investigated by appropriate international authorities, and only vague and suggestive charges of responsibility appear in the American-dominated Western press, the whole matter much resembling the phony American-pressured investigation of the muddle-headed shoot-down of MH-17 in Ukraine.

Suddenly, we have a really serious incident, involving we think a sophisticated product like Sarin, and it comes right on the heels of American statements and initiatives concerning Assad’s future and concerning reduction of American direct support for some of these terrorists.

Was it a deliberate provocation by the terrorists to knock Trump off his position of only the day before? If so, the Sarin came from someone, a source like the CIA or Israel, which, of course, means those two ugly actors were not on board for Trump’s altered policy in Syria, something I think we all suspected.

Both of those two ruthless entities, CIA and Israel, are perfectly capable of extinguishing scores of lives to get what they want. We have seen such acts from them many, many times.

And remember, with regard to Israel, right now it has announced several times by senior officials it might have to invade Lebanon yet again, including the Nazi-like statement that civilian areas will be attacked. If it does so, it will add thousands of new victims to the tens of thousands of victims of its past several invasions and brutal attacks on Lebanon. Such a country as Israel is proved entirely capable of promoting an act like the gas attack in Syria.

And, of course, the army of zealous psychopaths at CIA, the well-financed creeps who have generated horror after horror in the Middle East, provide the bones and sinew of America’s never-ending quest to control just about everything on the planet. We know they have been involved in Syria up to their armpits for years.

We also know that key players at CIA have attacked Trump relentlessly, afraid he will upset their carefully-laid plans and operations. They were involved in everything from the phony nonsense about secret deals with Russia to that utterly laughable “dossier” which just happened to be put together by an old associate at British Intelligence, Britain being hands-in-glove with America’s long-term efforts to topple Assad and balkanize Syria.

Of course, since Israel is effectively America’s colony in the Middle East – all the rest of the stuff about biblical homelands, etc. being pretty much sentimental hogwash to bolster what really was going on, a gradual build-up of the colony and the gradual dismantling of all opposition to it in the region, including the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the maintenance and subsidy of long-term, brutal (but American-friendly) dictatorship in Egypt.

Dictatorships in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, etc. are just fine because they, too, are American-friendly, offering no opposition and even offering support in return for favorable treatment by America. The endless stuff about nasty dictators like Assad is just complete hogwash. What matters with Assad – and what mattered with Qhadaffi or Hussein before him – was that they did not automatically and completely support America and its colony, having their own natural national interests at heart.

So, there has been a long-term marriage of interests between CIA and the leadership of Israel, and I am sure they are more tightly bound together than most of us can possibly imagine.

Having your own national interests at heart is actually something not allowed in the contemporary American empire. It leads to many ugly things, including coups like the one in Ukraine or the intense new hostility towards Russia with the launching of an entirely unnecessary new Cold War fraught with incalculable risks. And so, too, in Asia, where great new hostility towards China has suddenly appeared.

We live in a nightmarish world today, and it is only going to become increasingly nightmarish because both the United States and Israel face some serious structural problems threatening their future predominance, problems which cannot be avoided, only delayed. The power establishment in both places, always working in some unity, has demonstrated, time after time, ruthlessness and unwillingness to compromise. There is absolutely no recognition of the legitimate national interests of others, except for the odd public relations blurb with no meaning.

Lord Acton uttered one of the truest thoughts in human history, and it is unfortunately forgotten time and time again: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

America’s hegemony in world affairs is definitely moving towards a kind of extremely dangerous absolutism, and Israel depends on it completely.

John Chuckman



“Syria chemical attack: Bombing continues in Idlib as Assad regime denies killing 72 people with toxic gas”

Denies killing?

Of course, he does.

What a shabby way to twist a simple fact. He killed no one, and the people actually responsible for such horrors, the mercenary armies of thugs dumped into Syria, are given credibility for saying he did.

It is American- and British- and Israeli-supported rag-tag mercenaries who did this.

And you never stop the dirty game of suggesting it was the legitimate government – a government which just happens to be seriously disliked by Israel, America, and Britain – that did such horrible acts.

Shameless and disgusting.

These ugly mercenaries have now killed people with illegal poison gas weapons on a dozen occasions, and you just keep pushing the lies that started several years ago under dear, smiling Obama, who just happened to want an excuse to impose a no-fly zone, the imposition of which would have allowed him to begin reducing Syria to the human rubbish pile he made of Libya.

Now that it appears the US has reduced its support of Syrian opposition terrorists – although the extent is not at all clear – I think we can expect more of this savagery from the hired thugs wrecking Syria.

Things are not going their way, and they will become more desperate.

“Fake news” is no joke, and it is found in the corporate press at least as much as it is the independent media on the Internet. This article is an excellent and important example.

John Chuckman



“Jehovah’s Witnesses targeted as opposition to Russian Orthodox Church and, by extension, President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to unify population behind one religion”

You have it wrong.

It’s not about all being unified under one religion, although undoubtedly a great majority of Russians feel that way. Russian Orthodoxy has a powerful following after all the years of Soviet oppression.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a nuisance sect even in our own society.

Strangers come knocking at your front door, telling you in effect have it wrong in your religion and you are going to hell if you don’t change.

In Russia, they have to be concerned about the kind of terror and coup activity the US has employed in so many places, as in Ukraine.

We know the American establishment hates Russia – if for no other reason than it has the ability to obliterate America – and we know that cover organizations such as fake NGOs and George Soros’ outfits have been used by the CIA in their ongoing work of fomenting coups and disturbances.

Today, we see the fraudulent White Helmets still at work in Syria, and America fulsomely praising this branch of Al Qaeda whose real functions are cheap propaganda and dirty work. Recent photos of the White Helmets supposedly assisting victims of the gas attack at Idlib show men with gas masks but no protective gloves or total head cover. The phoniness of the photos is crushingly obvious. One pin-point of Sarin gas touching your skin guarantees death. The nerve agent is that powerful.

This is the kind of ugly world America’s boundless push for control has created for us all.

There is a genuine security concern under the circumstances, far more real than some of the “terror” threats we go on about in the West. Look at the way Britain foolishly deemed a man with a record of violent and unbalanced behavior as a terrorist, going on and on about nothing but a madman with a knife.

I’ll bet many of us would like to be free of crackpots such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking at our doors, but we let them go on with their harassment because we feel no security threat from them. Given America’s obsessions, Russia has another point of view, and rightly so.


John Chuckman



‘Last week, US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley made the preposterous claim that United States served as the “moral conscience” of the world, adding that she would strive to make the body an “effective tool” for promoting American values.’

Moral conscience of the world? America? That is beyond puke-worthy.

Imagine the representative of a country which openly conducts an industrial-scale operation of making people “disappear” using kill-lists and junior Nazi-helpers at computer consoles playing computer games with live human beings, having the gall to talk about moral conscience?

One is reminded of the priests and bishops of the Holy Inquisition, burning countless people alive while chanting scripture and thinking they were doing God’s dearest work. An ideologue can never see the pathetic limits of his or her ideology as it is applied to create the most appalling abuses, all while singing their own praises.

But this is America, the genuine unvarnished reality, a greedy, murderous force in the world always reciting hypocritical slogans about the wrong-doing of others and its own purity of intent.

Together, in the long set of Neocon Wars and in the unwarranted War against Serbia, American politicians killed at least 2 million people, created millions of refugees, destroyed several advancing societies, and generally caused a great deal of human misery.

In Vietnam, America slaughtered about 3 million people. In Cambodia, it was responsible for de-stabilizing a neutral government and causing the rise of the Khmer Rouge who proceeded to slaughter a million more.

In Indonesia, with the fall of Sukarno, mass slaughters began and were encouraged by the State Department. At least half a million a people had their throats cut and their bodies dumped into rivers by mobs. The State Department kept the phone lines busy through the night communicating lists of suspected communists to be fed to the slaughter.

In Rwanda, when the horror that was to kill about a million people started, America almost instantly knew about it. Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright wanted no references made to it. They wanted official silence on the subject at the beginning for fear there would be pressure for American intervention, which of course might have saved countless lives. Real heroes, those two.

No, America’s precious armed forces have never been in the business of stopping evil since WWII. Indeed, quite the opposite is the case, they are in the business of creating it, creating it in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and still other places.

And America’s nonuniform army of psychopaths, sometimes called the CIA, has busied itself with scores of interventions into other people’s business, including fomenting coups against even democratic governments as in Iran, Guatemala, Chile, Ukraine, and other places. And, of course, it runs Obama’s industrial-scale program of extrajudicial killing of mere suspects in many lands.

So, in all the great and genuine genocides after WWII – not the kind of minor killings often today idiotically called genocides, but genuine huge slaughters intended to wipe out a whole class of people – the US has had a center-stage position.

There is, of course, no justice or decency in the American empire’s affairs. Absolutely none. It is relentlessly brutal, vicious, and demanding.

But it is the pretense by various American flacks, like Nikki Haley (or her hideous predecessor, Samantha Power, who supposedly represented a more liberal-minded mass killer) that really is so stomach-churning for honest people. Their words are like advertisements from hell.