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John Chuckman



“We have ‘taken back control’ from the EU – only to give it to President Trump”

Well, if you wanted an example for teaching how to write something utterly meaningless, Mr. William Wallace has obligingly provided it here.

Taken back control?

America runs Europe now, just as It runs Britain. You have no significant freedom of action in foreign policy at all, and you haven’t had for decades.

Do you see Obama’s tanks roaring around Europe pretending to oppose a “newly aggressive ” Russia?

Do you see billions of dollars’ worth of American-imposed sanctions helping cripple Europe’s economy?

Do you see Europe struggling with the massive human migrations American violent policy in the Mideast has generated?

Do you see Britain stuck with paying tens of billions for a new set of American Trident nuclear submarines which cannot even be used without American authority?

Do you see Britain hamstrung buying the costly and badly-designed F-35?

Independent editors, where do you get such writers from? Simply lame.

John Chuckman



“The Left Is The New Right”

I’m sorry, but this is a really dumb idea currently being widely propagated on the Internet.

What is Left In imperial, pounding-fist America?

Hillary Clinton?

George Soros?

Only a person who confuses slogans with substance identifies such people as Left.

They are the wealthy establishment, some of its very heart, and the establishment really has no Left and no Right, only its own narrow interests, often murderous and manipulative interests.

A genuine Left simply does not exist in America, and it has no history. There was a brief time during the Depression that America had a Left, but it faded away with rising prosperity and war and the coming of world empire. And while it existed, it was under constant assault from J. Edgar Hoover – a ferocious man approved by president after president.

As for America’s origins, the Left simply did not exist. Early America was a kind of hinterlands aristocracy, one with boundless greed for expansion westward, real estate speculation with a market of newcomers, and a great and vibrant slave industry. George Washington, far from in any way being a self-sacrificing idealist, was right at the center of such efforts with a reputation for hard-nosed dealing. Even his war service was profitable for him.

America’s “Great Emancipator,” the most beloved president who is much sentimentalized in popular lore, was in many ways a hard man. He worked impossibly hard for his father, a man he came pretty much to hate, on a hardscrabble farm and he became through his own determined efforts a lawyer, eventually quite a successful one, effectively a corporate lawyer for interests like the growing Illinois Central Railroad.

Such connections led to his candidacy for president in the newly-emerged Republican Party. He fought the Civil War, not over slavery, as he himself told us, but over a harsh notion that a state could never be permitted to leave the United States. He created the united and war-forged industrial power that became today’s metropolitan center of world empire.

Today, I think America’s so-called Left could be typified (or is it parodied?) by Michael Moore, multi-millionaire director, a man styling himself as a kind of humble everyman shuffling around in a beat-up baseball cap, but whose actual political choices have run to Hillary Clinton and General Wesley Clark.


John Chuckman



Silly French Finance Minister, speaking, by the way, for a French government literally dead on its feet, much resembling a tired waxworks tableau about to be replaced at Madame Tussaud’s.

Why on earth not?

There have been tons of criticism of Merkel from inside Europe.

She has been pretty close to a disaster as leader.


Response to a comment about how Trump’s criticizing the EU was not how friends act to a country, it is an enemy act.

No, it is not.

And the EU is not a single country, not even close to being one.

You might think someone from Britain would understand that, the country having just agreed to leave the EU.

The last time a state of America’s Union tried what Britain is doing, there was a massive Civil War, which still, by the way, remains the bloodiest war America in which was ever involved, one with about double the deaths America experienced in WWII.

The EU has always refused to go far enough to become a country, always taking half-measures, as with the way the Euro was established with no strong central banking.

The EU is neither fish nor fowl but a kind of zoo organization where both sit side by side.

John Chuckman



This story of Christopher Steele and his dossier on Trump and Russia is as phony as it gets.

Steele, an ex-MI-6 officer now working as a private consultant, was commissioned for a large fee (said to have been £130,000) from a Republican opponent of Trump to dig some dirt out on Trump. My guess would be the extremely sleazy Ted Cruz who had more campaign funds than he knew what to do with.

After Trump won the nomination, payments were continued by a Democratic source. Gee, I wonder who? Perhaps a dishonest candidate who won the Democratic nomination with dirty tricks, who also had more campaign funds than could be used sensibly, and who proceeded to spend $1.2 billion on a failed campaign?

After Trump’s election, Mr. Steele is said to have continued his work for free because he “was so concerned.” Have you ever heard of such wealth-connected operators working for nothing? Out of concern? It’s the equivalent of a top corporate lawyer claiming he worked away on a brief out of pure concern. It just does not happen. It is preposterous.

The public can be so gullible about such matters simply because most of people are honest, and security service people, including former ones earning big livings on commissions from sleazy politicians, are anything but. Many of them are even borderline psychopaths who enjoy throwing monkey wrenches into things, especially when they are paid handsomely for doing so.

Steele’s information supposedly came from “solid gold” contacts in Russia, but please remember that the politics of any large country includes wealthy or influential enemies of its current government. Would it be hard to find such people in America if you were inquiring about the Clintons or Obama? It would not. Such a statement about sources tells us precisely nothing, and we have no supporting evidence at all for this silly dossier just as we had no evidence for claims of Russia’s hacking the DNC.

Steele is said to have given information to MI6 and to have cut his communication with the FBI, to whom he had earlier supplied it, out of frustration with their inaction sometime before the election. Finally, he is said to have turned to the press, to the American magazine, Mother Jones.

For those who don’t know, Mother Jones is a kind of slushily-progressive publication in part supported by a foundation. It is almost certainly one of many publications secretly subsidized by CIA. Virtually any liberal or progressive publication in the United States since the Cold War has been secretly subsidized by them.

Such support arrangements are not even always even known to a magazine’s management. CIA used to secretly finance many progressive publications in the US, such as the old Saturday Review of Literature. It gathered information from them and used them for planting stories.

Other publications, such as those of the former Time-Life, were associated secretly to CIA through family ownership connections, in that case, Henry Luce. It was no accident when Time-Life immediately bought the Zapruder film of Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, and it was kept out of the public domain for years with suggestions, when it finally did surface, of expert editing.

So, we come around full circle back to the CIA associated with some of the original phony stuff about Trump, undoubtedly manufactured under Obama’s direction. This is what they do. They did it for the First Gulf War. They did it for the invasion of Iraq. They did it for the horrors in Syria. More than half a century later, they still are lying about the assassination of a president, as well as a host of other matters.

Please remember that much of what security services, such as MI6 or CIA, do is foment trouble for others, manufacture documents, and create deliberate confusion and dark operations. They are not harmless information collection agencies.

Steele is not some honest information broker handing over his findings a bit late. That is a completely disingenuous, and an unquestionably contrived, description of what has happened with this dossier.

The description plays to the publicity-created image much of the public have of security services like MI6 or CIA being honest public servants. They are not. They have never been. They were not created to be.

The reality is something far closer to a dirty trickster doing what dirty tricksters do, and for big pay.

Why else has Steele run away into the night?

John Chuckman



I actually doubt the author knows much about Martin Luther King, a man whose name has come to be used as a kind of cheap slogan by many.

Just to start with, comparing a non-politician to a politician is always a sign of shallowness in a writer.

“Why can’t you be more like Jesus?” you could say to Tony Blair, but what a waste of breath it would be.

“King’s dignity against Trump’s coarseness…”

I liked Dr. King very much and wept when he died, but studying his life in some detail certainly proved he was a human being and not a walking monument.

He did regularly have liaisons with various women as he travelled on the road, including women who in some cases were little more than the “I did it with a celebrity” type, society types, well-off white women, and others.

Hardly dignified.

There is a kind of deep connection between the two men nevertheless.

King was unquestionably a brave man, and he, in his last days, had switched from just being a civil rights leader to being an opponent of the establishment, especially where the murderous Vietnam War was concerned.

I do think that switch is what cost him his life. The establishment at that time was afraid with less tame leaders like Malcolm X (killed earlier) having taken over some of civil rights and the first thunder of the Black Power movement.

Suddenly, there was King speaking against an American War and lending his support to things like strikes by black workers, and that sent shivers through some. He was supposed to just be just a preacher leading rights marches, after all.

Not only were blacks about a quarter of the bodies they sent to Vietnam – out of all proportion to their share of population, which including just men is around 6% – but the double threat of Black Power and direct opposition to a major American policy and getting mixed up in labor strife was for them scary stuff.

I do believe that King’s assassination was no accident of one semi-retarded man with a rifle deciding to shoot him.

Now, Trump also very much disturbs the establishment, very much, or otherwise someone like Cornwell wouldn’t even be writing this thoughtless nonsense.

Trump has different aims than King, but they not entirely different. He wants to put an end to the insanity of the entire Middle East being in flames – having killed about 2 million in the Bush-Obama era – and to the US being in the business of overthrowing governments on a regular basis.

In its way, it is as radical as King’s stance on the holocaust of Vietnam, a place where the US eventually slaughtered about 3 million people.

And Trump has been threatened with assassination, a number of times by people who support the godawful Neocon Wars.

You know, heroism is about what a person tries doing despite opposition from powerful forces, and Trump may just prove something of a genuine hero.

He definitely has King’s courage, even if he lacks the eloquence, and that’s something the establishment fears too.


John Chuckman



“Julian Assange accuses Barack Obama of trying to ‘delegitimise’ Trump with Russia hacking claims’

Of course, Assange is right.

This is all really shabby stuff coming from Washington.

With the utterly failed Obama leading the charge.

It all serves no legitimate purpose, only pettiness and hiding Obama’s own many gross errors.

The retired Technical Leader of NSA Intelligence, William Binney, has said there is no evidence here. In effect, that is the word of God in such matters.

The NSA are the ones who know, not the FBI or CIA who do not have NSA’s technical capabilities and in fact depend on the NSA for such information.

The stupid report now being messaged into shape is a joke, exactly comparable to Tony Blair’s “dodgy dossiers.”

The initial version says nothing to anyone with a critical brain who can read.

When the Chief Executive tells you to produce something to support his careless words, you do it, if you value your job. It happened with CIA under Bush, and it happened with British Intelligence under Blair.

But it can have no validity.

Were there real evidence, it could be presented in a flash.

And it would be presented in a flash were there a shred of truth to Obama’s deceitful, self-serving claims.

As it is, they are just sitting around playing with words, trying to come up something that looks at all plausible just to please a foolish President who has made empty claims for his own vain purposes.

This truly is a telling set of events Obama chooses to go out with.

They painfully reveal what a blundering mediocrity he really is.

He hates Putin because Putin has bested him at virtually everything and effectively shown him up for empty husk that he is.

He also hates Putin because Obama has been one of the Pentagon’s most faithful servants ever as President. Indeed, the Pentagon just awarded Obama its Distinguished Public Service Medal for his role as Commander-in-Chief in a silly-looking ceremony with the highly aggressive Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, pinning on the medal.

Oh, yes, Obama can order troops and tanks around and threaten people, but he can’t keep pushing this nonsense. He convinces no one.

The DNC material was a leak, not a hack. And that means it was an insider.

Mad Hillary might like this stupid effort to validate her refusal to believe that nothing less than Satan himself could have caused her to lose.

But  these are dangerous games, and what the Obamas and Clintons are insisting upon only proves how unfit they were for such high office.

John Chuckman



“US Special Forces deployed at Russian border to defend Baltic states”

Defend them from what?

A real concern arises when “special forces” are used.

These guys are in the business of dirty tricks and assassinations and they organize and train trouble makers (as for example in the Syrian horror).

They do not fight invaders at a border.

Is Obama thinking about some sort of provocation? After all, his hacking charges are nonsense. His tanks and guns to the border are nonsense. So, what is he doing?

This is something to watch, carefully.

John Chuckman



“Vladimir Putin’s forces swept into the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula of Crimea in February 2014”

Your headline is simply ignorant propaganda.

What Russian annexation of Crimea?

There was a legitimate referendum in Crimea, and those voting to leave Ukraine voted overwhelmingly to do so.

The same great majority petitioned Russia for re-unification. Russia accepted.

Why is this regarded as being any different than East Germany’s having rejoined West Germany? It isn’t any different, except in the eyes of the American goons who engineered an anti-democratic coup in Ukraine intended to hurt Russia, a country displaying absolutely no hostility towards America or Europe.

Do your editors and journalists not know that Crimea has a Russian history going back to Catherine the Great?

That they are overwhelmingly Russian speakers?

That Ukraine only received Crimea as an internal administrative measure by Khrushchev in the days of the USSR?

Residents of Crimea have little history and little loyalty to Ukraine as a state. Nothing in the least odd or illegal about that.

All the more so after a coup in Ukraine against an elected government, and with the new coup-installed government almost immediately taking many measures against Russian-speakers, including trying to make their language illegal.

It was natural for large parts of Ukraine to revolt against such stupidly oppressive measures.

The only answer from the clowns running what’s left of Ukraine was to hurl the army against Russian-speakers in former East Ukraine. They were so incompetent in their efforts, despite overwhelmingly greater numbers and resources, that East Ukraine is de facto independent today.

The current government could not even manage to recruit and hold troops. They tried big drafts in Western Ukraine, but many or most of the men literally went into hiding.

As for the forces fighting in the East, quite a number left to go to Russia where they were welcomed as refugees.

Thus, the much larger Ukrainian forces sit at a standstill in the East, having achieved nothing but random killing and destruction.

By the way, some of the forces this ineffectual government has used in the East are not even proper government troops but weird right-wing militia outfits like the Azov Battalion. Some of these outfits could sure fool an observer into thinking they were Nazis, given their badges and flags and behavior.

It’s all a very bad, not-so-funny joke.

As is your headline for anyone with some knowledge.

John Chuckman



“Donald Trump criticised for lack of respect to intelligence professionals”

What a laugh.

The dirty-deeds gang at CIA can’t stand the idea that Trump doesn’t automatically put them on the highest pedestal.

These are, by the way, the very guys who gave you reports of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. The very guys who helped topple a democratic government in Ukraine. The very guys who never explained anything about 9/11 worth reading. The guys who still have never told us what surely is known of Kennedy’s assassination.

Trump is the straightest shooter as President we’ve had in a long time, and his reaction to this whole set of doubtful events (Russian hacking) and an even more doubtful report is precisely why he was elected and why we can look forward to some good things in 2017.

He says, “show me,” and if you can’t show him, you can hardly demand respect.


 Response to another reader’s fatuous comment defending the CIA’s record:

 That is the only instance you can think of where CIA was wrong [weapons of mass destruction in Iraq]?

Just shows how utterly uninformed you are.

The CIA never, for example, over decades, and despite truckloads of money spent, got the official estimates for the USSR close to right.

And there have been countless blunders and gross stupidities.

After all, as was once wisely said, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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John Chuckman



“Bill Nye’s Netflix series to dispel ‘anti-scientific claims espoused by politicians'”

In other words, Bill Nye is bending science to the service of propaganda.

If you have to preach about something, it isn’t science.

No one preaches gravity.

No one preaches thermodynamics.

No one preaches relativity.

But we do have lots of preaching about aspects of climate change or genetically-modified foods.

John Chuckman



Wars of Self-Defense?

Just where do you see any of those?

At least in so far as the world’s imperial power, the United States, is involved?

It has never really fought a “war of defense.”


The closest one being, but only on brief superficial examination, WWII.

But even that case – still rich with many sentimental associations, myths, and unquestioned assumptions – really was a special kind of covert war of aggression. It employed exactly the techniques Israel did in the Six Day War.

A combination of putting so many Pacific ships at Pearl Harbor as an attractive target plus a long and growing list of punitive and irritating measures against Japan by the Roosevelt administration pushed the Japanese to do what had never intended to do, attack the United States.

WWII set America up as a world power, smashing important competitors like Germany and Japan and draining the UK. Just as Israel’s Six Day War gave it the geographical basis for building Greater Israel.

But even if you, for some reason, reject the example of WWII, virtually every American War has been a War of Aggression.

War of 1812 – intended to capture Canada, which by the way was first invaded just before the Revolutionary War in an attempt to secure it for the American colonies.

Mexican War.

The Indian Wars.

Spanish-American War.

Seizure of Hawaii.

Rebellion in the Philippines.



Afghanistan (which never attacked the US).



The “civil war” in Syria.


The tiny war against Panama.

The First Gulf War.

Add in all the nasty little interventions and coups – from overthrowing a democratic government in Iran to overthrowing one in Ukraine – and you have quite a record.

American history only seems different to that of an historically aggressive country such as Germany because most of America’s foes were small or weak, not major states as the Germans faced, but it has been a relentless assault nevertheless, not different in intent or purpose to the raging storms of a Hitler or Napoleon.

Any other view is a myth from the grade-school textbooks in American elementary schools, where they just happen to recite The Pledge of Allegiance every morning, much as you would in an absolute state.

John Chuckman



Well, my God, why is this news?

Anyone who looks at The Guardian frequently knows it distorts everything it touches.

Those politicians and causes it opposes are literally buried under truckloads of shit.

Those that it supports receive glowing and frequent articles.

I would go so far as to say today’s Guardian is one of the world’s worst newspapers, at least among broadsheets.

I know, I know, there are all kinds of other bad papers – starting with everything Rupert Murdoch owns to the various tabloids – but The Guardian never stops pretending it is something other than what it is.

It claps itself on the back almost daily for journalistic excellence while dumping still more crap on many unsuspecting readers.

The hypocrisy to my mind only magnifies the lack of truth and balance and embrace of propaganda.

One of its key columnists, Jonathan Freedland, could likely compete with the New York Times’ oleaginous and consistently dishonest Thomas Friedman, Chief Spokesperson for the Pentagon and the Israel Lobby. I am not aware of Freedland ever writing a truthful column. They all have a purpose, and the purpose is not to inform.

On The Guardian and Freedland, readers may enjoy:



John Chuckman



“Why Obamacare won’t die a swift death”

But it is already half dead before the Republicans even get started.

You just don’t report its many failings to readers.

And the name of that nasty patchwork of quickie compromises enables you, the press, with every headline to, in effect, signal what a consequential President Obama supposedly is.

My God the National Health is named after him!

But of course, it is not. It is just a nickname, again promoted by the press.

And it has been unraveling since its inception, as a lot of smart people said it would then.

Obama has taken no serious steps to fix it, shown no leadership, but then Obama showed almost no real leadership – the genuine tough-minded leadership shown by great presidents to get what they want – in getting it set up.

He really is that poor a leader, and the same weak character shows in practically everything he has done.

John Chuckman



I am sorry, but this kind of approach grants Obama a partial victory.

No one needs to told that you need proof when you make big public claims.

Repeating that is tiresome and rather pointless.

The real problem here is not recognizing the fact that nothing really has happened, even if there was hacking, and even if it was by Russia.

No state secrets were involved. No violation of government security was involved. And indeed, no tampering with an American election occurred.

Only the private patter of a bunch of private people in a private political organization have been publicized. The same thing happens regularly when offices are bugged or wine-glasses held to the wall in an adjoining hotel room.

And it is no different, in terms of criminal or hostile acts, than what goes down all the time in gossip columns and tell-all books.

In the case of politics, what was made public was nothing more than what good investigative reporting might have achieved, but of course there is virtually no such reporting in America anymore.

What was made public is embarrassing to the actors involved. It comprises nothing of any importance except their careers.

Indeed, American voters effectively were better informed than usual in their voting, not deceived or lied to or cheated in any way, the kinds of things the mainline press worked tirelessly at doing to the same voters.

So, get over it. By playing Obama’s game, you give credibility to him he does not deserve.

His accusations are meaningless, apart from being false.

They are the noises of a spoiled child who doesn’t like losing.

And they echo the accusations of even uglier spoiled child, Hillary Clinton, who likely had promised this hopelessly ineffectual man a Supreme Court appointment if he worked hard to support her, and he did, and she lost.


If you want to see genuine interference in someone else’s election, look to what America has done for years and years and many times over.

And certainly America’s behavior has not involved just distributing some information. No, America distributes death and bribes and weapons, and does so on a grand scale.

Coup in Ukraine against an elected government.

Coup in Chile against an elected government.

Coup in Guatemala against an elected government.

Coup in Iran against an elected government.

Support for terror against an elected government in Syria.

And those are just a few highlights.

My God, America is the most hypocritical place on earth.

And all the noise and outrage over this puny non-event at the DNC only screams to everyone else on the planet more about America’s overwhelming sense of entitlement, and on all sides of its political spectrum.

Truly sickening.

John Chuckman



Exclusive: study shows half of Britons believe fascist views are on the rise in the US, UK and Europe

 Well, even if the poll is honest – and we’ve had so many recently which are not – it really comes as no surprise.

The press in Britain – including very much The Independent – has run a non-stop campaign of name-calling and innuendo and outright distortions about a whole list of political leaders and events.

These included Brexit, Trump, Farage, Le Pen, and others, complemented by the opposite kind of positive phony coverage for the likes of Hillary, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, and a whole list of failed politicians and movements.

It has all very much resembled the press yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

No analysis or honest effort to understand ever appears in print or on broadcast.

Party membership is a guarantee of nothing. Take Obama as the leading example. Here is a man who belongs to a political party once associated with Franklin Roosevelt, but that association has zero life in it now.

The Democrats gave the world a genuine holocaust in Vietnam (estimated 3 million killed by the US) for no other reason than geo-political shuffling.

That evil spirit has continued right down to Obama who is responsible for several hundred thousand deaths and immense damage in the Middle East.

He and Hillary have killed far more people than many infamous dictators, yet British press portray them as “liberal” and “decent” and “sensible.”

Ridiculous. Murder is murder.

People such as Trump or Farage have killed precisely no one. Nor have they started any imperial wars. Yet they are unfailingly belittled and criticized by an unbelievably unfair and unbalanced press.

So, with day-and-night negative advertising running, is it any surprise that many people believe the worst? Of course not.

You know labelling someone as a fascist is a cheap and easy thing to do, and if you own a newspaper or a television station you can have a lot of people – people who don’t have the time or inclination to inform themselves through a variety of sources – believing that we are in dangerous times.

But we are not, except for the deliberately created conflicts and atrocities of people like Obama or Hillary or Netanyahu – conflicts and atrocities and vicious behavior left completely unexamined by so-called journalism today.


Response to another comment:

 Yours is a common misconception when you call an institution like BBC “leftie” or “liberal.”

What in God’s name is liberal or left-of-center about supporting the invasion of Iraq? The invasion of Libya? The deliberately induced horrors of Syria?

The Saudi atrocities in Yemen? An entire new American industry in extrajudicial murder created by Obama? Supporting an obvious and destructive anti-democratic coup in Ukraine?

How about never looking into what Israel has done in Gaza and the West Bank?

Or supporting endlessly bloody and destructive people like Tony Blair or David Cameron?

Your labelling – and I find it a common approach among what I might call more libertarian people – is just as completely wrong and destructive as the mainline press’s false labelling of Trump or Farage.

The BBC is servile and bent, utterly bent, to establishment interests and prejudices. It is not liberal.


John Chuckman



After 8 years of almost complete failure in everything he has tried, Obama is determined to leave office like a petulant brat, making charges without substance.

This generation of Democrats – Obama, Clinton – is a pitiful lot.

They’ve done nothing for their own people.

They’ve started wars to kill tens of thousands.

They’ve introduced extrajudicial killing on an industrial scale.

And they lost an election, displaying nothing but poor attitudes afterwards.

Now, they are trying to “poison the well” for Trump.

Obama surely goes down as one of the worst presidents in history.

I do think, too, the Democratic Party, dominated as it has been by the Clintons and their money-connections, is now likely to go through quite a crisis.

Hillary, always a huge spender in elections, spent well over a billion dollars, and some of her donors want details of what was done with it.

They are not happy. Hillary, as always, made some bad choices.

Both of the Clintons face serious charges over their crooked Clinton Foundation when the investigations are through.

There are rumors that the Clintons have lawyers negotiating some kind of pardon from Obama before he leaves office, but that may not be possible.


Part of Putin’s words responding to Obama’s attack:

 “We reserve the right to retaliate, but we will not sink to the level of this irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy. We will take further moves on restoring Russian-American relations based on the policies that the administration of President-elect Donald Trump adopts,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement published by the Kremlin website.

 “We will not forbid families and children from spending the New Year’s holidays at the places they are used to. Moreover, I invite the children of all American diplomats with accreditation in Russia to New Year’s and Christmas festivities in the Kremlin,” the Russian president said.

Putin said he regretted that US President Barack Obama is ending his term “in such a way,” but that he extended his New Year’s congratulations to the outgoing US president and his family nevertheless.

“I congratulate President-elect Donald Trump and the entire American people!”

Putin is quite simply the greatest statesman of our time.

This is a remarkable response in its level judgment and display of good temperament.

After all, the man who created this unpleasantness is only one man and a man who has proved many times over that he lacks judgment and capacity.

Obama is simply a failure, from beginning to end, a failure who has chosen this sour note with which to leave office.


A last speculation on Obama’s intent in all of this petulant behavior.

It is quite possible Obama expected a Supreme Court appointment from Clinton as reward for his campaign efforts.

After all, there never has been any genuine friendship or admiration between the Obamas and the Clintons to motivate his campaign efforts.

And the Obamas bought an expensive house in Washington for his retirement.

So, if this speculation is true, Obama’s behavior quite literally resembles that of a small boy who has had his lollipops snatched away.

John Chuckman



“Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is the most right-wing in Israeli history”

Never thought I would agree with anything from John Kerry, a man I regard as pretty ineffectual and uninspiring.

But he is sure right here.

Indeed, his words don’t go quite far enough.

It is beyond right wing, it is a fascist government, full stop.

No matter which criterion you choose for defining “fascist,” Netanyahu’s gang of thugs fits it.

Killers. Thieves. Liars. Warmongers. Oppressors. Racists.


 Response to another comment about Israelis posting many phony comments:

And in doing so, they just keep demonstrating the hopeless nature of today’s Israel.

The government actually pays these clowns to spray graffiti all over comment sites, at so much a hit.

The level is of desperate, pimply-faced teen-agers.


Response to another reader comment:

 “Missed the boat” is the story of Kerry’s entire career.

Except for having married the widow of the Heinz beans and pickles fortune.


John Chuckman



“Israel is not abiding by Friday’s resolution”

Oh, my, what a surprise.

But anyone with a scrap of history knows that Israel has never complied with UN Resolutions. There are dozens of them from the past in which Israel stands in contempt.

And, as if by magic, it never pays any penalty for doing so. As we know, violation of UN Resolutions has been used as a justification by the United States when it wants to attack someone.

Israel also has never complied with the norms and protocols and agreements of many international institutions, any of them with which it did not choose to comply, again paying no penalty.

Not the Red Cross. Not the Geneva Conventions. Not regulations on atomic weapons. Not diplomatic norms and courtesies. Etc, etc, – it is a very long list.

This set of historical facts is what defines Israel, quite literally and with no exaggerated rhetoric, as a rogue state.

Nevertheless, the recent, totally-appropriate Resolution on settlements clearly stung this horrible man, Netanyahu, who likes to steal and kill, pausing occasionally to make speeches about peace and law and democracy.

It is very embarrassing to have a spotlight thrown on you as you creep out of your neighbor’s house carrying a big bag of stolen goods.

John Chuckman



‘We need to take action and we will at a time and place of our choosing’

It just does not come more completely brainless than this.

And, given his powerful position, more irresponsible.

Take revenge?

For what?

For someone’s assertion, unsupported by a scrap of proof?

An assertion by one political appointee at CIA who is not supported by any of the sister intelligence agencies or any physical evidence whatsoever? Even the otherwise pathetic John Kerry has backed off confirming this rubbish.

An assertion whose obvious motive is to get back at the winning candidate, someone you don’t like?

This sick man, Obama – a failure in virtually everything he has attempted as President from domestic policy to foreign relations, and a man who has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents abroad, too – is also trying to get back at the government which thwarted his bad intentions in Syria and in Ukraine.

That government embarrassed him before the entire world in his pursuit of ill-considered policies.

Of course, he is trying to get back at Trump because Obama knows Trump is going to quickly extinguish most of what he has done, his sad little pile of stuff, his so-called legacy.

Well, here’s Obama’s real legacy, making threats and calling names, threatening innocent people with an abuse of power. Of course, I think we can all agree that while profoundly stupid, this behavior of Obama seems almost elevated compared to his construction and oversight of an entire machinery for extrajudicial killing in many lands.

I am beginning to think Obama has gone mad, just adding to all the other deficiencies of his character and personality. Can he not see how ridiculous he is making charges and threats like this? Apparently not, which is a strong indicator of irrationality.

Here is a 2016 version of drunken old Senator Joe McCarthy waving handfuls of blank papers he calls lists and threatening what he calls traitors in the American government. Only the 2016 version sits in the Oval Office, and he has access to the nuclear launch codes.

This is deeply concerning behavior from a man in such a position.

And if the mainline press were not totally biased towards the war party of the neocons and its defeated candidate, the most corrupt and vicious person ever to run for President, it would be saying so, not giving credibility to blubbering insanity by covering it as though it were sound speech.

John Chuckman



“Putin’s friendly response to the expulsion of his US diplomats has a chilling subtext”

Only if you are feeble-minded, deliberately hostile, or mentally unbalanced.

What crap for a British paper to run. It could well have been written by the good old boys in Langley, Virginia.

Here are some spot-on observations from Craig Murray, a former British ambassador on these events:

“The very pettiness of Obama’s tongue out to Putin – minor sanctions and expelling some diplomatic families – itself shows that Obama is lying about the pretext. If he really believed that Russia had ‘hacked the election’, surely that would require a much less feeble response.

 “By refusing to retaliate, Russia has shown the kind of polish that eludes Obama as he takes his empty charisma and presentational skills into a no doubt lucrative future in the private sector.”


Response to another reader comment:

“Insofar as Putin and Russia are concerned you all appearing to sing from the same hymn sheet.”

Yes, and that’s a fact.

The Independent, despite being nominally British, literally functions as an American mid-sized newspaper.

It is larded with stuff from CIA and other American institutions. There is, quite literally, nothing independent about it, and remarkably little that is actually British.

We know for a fact from a retired CIA propaganda expert about the way CIA plays the American press as a musical instrument. This man referred to his contacts and outlets in the press his “mighty Wurlitzer organ.”

Outfits like the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CBS, and others have been caught time and time again running deliberately contaminated stuff. In a number of cases, CIA agents actually were employed on staff. Outfits like the old Time-Life and Reuters were well known as virtually controlled outlets for CIA sewerage.

All of this has only become worse owing to the intense consolidation of corporate publishing and broadcasting in the United States. There is not a major news source left in the United States which operates with even a modicum of independence or even authentic journalistic principles. Not one.

What amazes me is the way this power establishment octopus has absorbed, literally absorbed, British publications. We always expected this kind of performance from outfits like Rupert Murdoch’s The Times or the pony-club establishment’s Telegraph, but today it swamps newspapers like the inappropriately-named Independent or, most egregious of all, The Guardian.

The Guardian today reads as though the American establishment and the Israel Lobby controlled every story and editorial. It is quite eyebrow-raising.

British independence of thought and true liberalism and progressivism are represented only superficially by fluff items like the woes of a LGBT blues singer or tribulations of being “objectified.”

As for BBC, Tony Blair strangled its independence back in the days of the Iraq invasion and the terrible saga of the murdered Dr. Kelly.

John Chuckman



People who work to inform themselves all know this.

However, it is nice to have confirmation from the top.

Especially since our corporate press has deceived the majority of our population on this for years.


Response to another comment: “A gutless coward and flip flop who supported ISIS and still supports Al Qaida. A nasty bully…”

Yes, however, in a criminal court case it is common for the state to use a criminal to bring down another, perhaps greater, criminal.

Indeed, in North America, such “plea bargains” are everyday events.

A lot fewer bad guys would go to jail without them.

John Chuckman



The outgoing US President said Mr Corbyn is to the left of Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders. He also said the Democrats will not disintegrate like Corbyn’s Labour Party.


 Why in God’s name is The Independent quoting Obama about the nature of a British leader?

I would think a British paper would avoid doing so if only for the reason that Obama’s words intrude into Britain’s internal affairs.

It is none of his business, and even more so now that is leaving office soon.

I think this is called an effort at “poisoning the well.”

And isn’t that just so interesting coming, as it does, from a man who for weeks has made unsubstantiated accusations about Russia having interfered in an American election, of course echoing the voice of the record-setting sore loser he supported?

But a British paper should be ashamed also because Obama has been almost nothing but wrong for eight solid years – wrong about nearly everything from his bloody rampage through the Middle East and his industrial-scale enterprise in extrajudicial killing to his asinine stunt of flying around America in Air Force One at public expense to campaign for Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt person ever nominated by a major American political party.


John Chuckman



Israel has pretty much become an international joke, albeit a joke in very poor taste.

Its leaders – with men like Netanyahu, the mass killer, and Lieberman, the ex-bar room bouncer – resemble nothing so much as the leadership retinue from some ridiculously unimportant third-world country parading around in grand style and pompous self-importance. I am reminded of the late Papa Doc of Haiti and his retinue.

However, it is a bitter joke, and not a funny one, when you kill thousands, hold millions against their will for half a century, regularly freely steal what belongs to others, and pass laws which resemble something from the 16th century.

The very idea of these ominous clowns lashing out at others just because they were finally embarrassed by the international community, whom they scorn anyway, discovering them in one of their many acts of vandalism and savagery does indeed make a dark and bitter joke.

It all resembles Al Capone in court accusing the cops who arrested him of being crooked.

John Chuckman



Response to Another reader’s comment: “Did Muslims kill millions around the world? did Muslims started all these conflicts? did Muslims turn millions in to refugees?  Are Muslims occupying other people’s lands? did Muslims invade?”

People in general just do not grasp this basic fact.


Consider the “news source” you are reading.

Does anyone think it ever once ran a true story on Iraq or Syria or Libya or Iran or, indeed, Israel? Or on ISIS or al-Nusrah or al Qaeda?

Also on Bush or Blair or Cameron or Trump or Corbyn or Clinton or even Brexit?

There has been a continuous deluge of propaganda and misinformation for 15 years of the Neocon Wars.

The Independent, The Guardian, the BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Times, ABC, CBS – you name it, and it is the same, both in corporate and state sources in the West.

After all, there are only a very limited number of significant “news sources” in most Western countries today, owing to corporate mergers, and the propaganda specialists at CIA and the Pentagon play them like musical instruments.

Pretty hard to overcome such an immense created cloud of untruth.

But as soon as we have some glimmers of truths reaching the general public from either sources such as Sputnik and RT or from some of the better alternative media on the Internet, you can see for yourself the relentless attacks mounted against “fake news” and “Russian propaganda.”

It is, quite literally, a war, a word in phony words, and that is something the folks at CIA or the Pentagon or Israel’s various Ministries are seriously practiced experts in.

Further note.

The New York Times, which so many people regard as a definitive source on many topics, was only recently found out to be passing every single story that it runs on Israel and its neck of the woods by the official Israeli Censors before being published.

The Times even acknowledged the fact.

Well, the official Israeli Censor is certainly assurance of accurate reporting, isn’t it? The very folks who tightly keep and manipulate the truths of a half century of illegal occupation and abuse of 6 million souls.

John Chuckman



Retaliation for what?

The world’s once doing one, little, tiny thing right about Israel’s grotesque policies and laws around state theft of homes and farms?

What a bizarre view of the world and of ethics Israel has.

They steal other people’s homes and farms and pass criminal law to justify it.

And they simply can’t stand it if anyone notices what they are doing and says that it is illegal, which, of course, it is.

But it is the big, bad ugly world out there who, just for reminding them of the wrong they do, requires retaliation.

The foundation of modern Israel has been a nightmare none of us will recover from. It is a constant source of visible injustice and terror, but we are not supposed to say a word because – and this makes so much sense to any logical person – an entirely different people in an entirely different land in a different continent treated Jews horribly three-quarters of a century ago.

We must tolerate watching 6 million people held for more than half a century with no rights, no votes, no hope, and endless abuse. They, in fact, live a form of living death that I’m not sure isn’t just about as hideous as what was done in that other place by that other people long ago.

They suffer threats and restrictions and periodic outbursts of horrible violence at the hands of the thugs running modern Israel.

And, on top of it all, the miserable Palestinians can’t even enjoy the simple security of home ownership, the thugs deciding periodically to reach out and seize more.

Would any of us tolerate that kind of behavior in our own lands? Of course not. It is the absolute essence of the absence of the rule of law, genuine law, not the kind of sets of twisted words Israel regularly cobbles together and calls law.

I really do not think the old USSR at the worst period of its history, behaved in any more terrible fashion than what we see today in Israel, that supposed beacon in the Middle East as its apologists like calling it.

And this all done hiding behind the protective skirts of Mommy, Mommy in the form of a brutal, contemporary America, an imperial power which has killed at least two million people in the last 15 years or so of the Neocon Wars, wars largely inflicted for Israel’s benefit.