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John Chuckman


US National Archives Reveals the Story of KGB Agent Linked to JFK Assassination

Anyone who knows some modern American history knows Soviet KGB defector, Yuri Nosenko, was an extremely controversial figure. They know also that claims he made about the Kennedy assassination were no more reliable than other claims he made. Indeed, he was controversial in part because he could not, under CIA interrogation, supply details about KGB methods and operations which his rank of Colonel meant he should have known.

There probably never has been a defector who generated such fights and hostilities and disagreements inside a major intelligence agency the way Nosenko did inside the CIA, and it went on for years.

He practically tore the CIA apart internally during his defection with one faction regarding him as a KGB plant sent to “poison the well.”

The validity of any of his claims has never been established. And we knew the general line of his claims years and years ago.

So new stuff regarding him is not new and is of virtually no value.

If this release of material about Nosenko represents the quality of the newly-released Archives material as a whole, then we have made no advance at all on the Kennedy assassination.

But I would not expect anything else. The key material, if files ever existed and if they still exist, has never been released.

Those are the files that would tell us why the CIA has always lied about the assassination, there being a number of instances, even with our very limited information, where the lying is just obvious, as in the completely wrong Cuban Embassy surveillance photo taken during Oswald’s supposed trip to Mexico City. And as in the phony excuse about embassy telephone recordings being routinely recycled. Also, files on people in Dallas, Russian speakers, who befriended Oswald and are known to have had connections to the CIA, people like George de Mohrenschildt and Ruth Paine.

We might like information on the CIA’s James Angleton and his relationship to the program which saw Oswald and several other American servicemen temporarily defect to Russia in the 1950s. Angleton, by the way, was chief of one of the two warring factions in CIA over Yuri Nosenko’s credibility years later. Angleton also had other roles to play. After the mysterious murder of Mary Pinchot, Kennedy’s lover and closest friend, he was discovered rummaging around in her studio for papers.

Those are also the files that would tell us why the FBI, led from the very top, J. Edgar himself, rushed to the judgment of a man who had absolutely no motive, and no aptitude either, and virtually instantly identified him as the assassin. All with no evidence. And the files that would explain the FBI’s relationship with Oswald because we know from a number of snippets that there was indeed a relationship, at the very least as a paid informant, which by the way is hardly what a genuine communist, as Oswald was made out to be, of that day would do. And the files that would explain why the chief of the local FBI office destroyed key evidence immediately after the assassination. He burned a letter from Oswald and then lied about its contents.

That is the evidence that would explain the utterly mysterious behavior of the Dallas police investigation in everything from mishandling evidence to allowing Jack Ruby, a known gangster, to hang around the headquarters frequently. It was close to total incompetence from beginning to end, and I just cannot believe that record does not cover much darker matters. The policeman, Tippet, said to have been killed by Oswald, a claim contradicted by better witnesses who were ignored, we know was up to some pretty dark activities, ultra-right wing stuff, but we have never had any details.

But the key evidence remains that which would tell us why, if the simple official story of Oswald’s responsibility is true, that a murder by a quite ordinary man generated immense secrecy which endures to this day. There simply is no national security matter involved in one misfit suddenly buying a gun and shooting someone, even a President. No documents should ever have been classified, and the insipid and vague nature of much that has been de-classified in several releases only adds force to the point. Why were the FBI and CIA ever even involved?

Also, why it is that not one piece of conclusive evidence has ever been provided of Oswald’s guilt. All of the so-called evidence is weak, circumstantial, and even in some cases fraudulent, starting with the true purchase and shipping and ownership of the inadequate gun which from all circumstances appears to have been a planted decoy for police. And even ownership of the postal box involved is quite blurry.

While general facts of Oswald’s background were released, they simply do not add up to what we were told they add up to. Nothing has ever been explained about how a man, a man with a security clearance for special radar work, learns Russian in the Marines, pulls an obviously phony defection to Russia, stays a while and then returns to the United States (with a Russian bride!) at the height of the Cold War, is never put on a security watch-list, is able to readily obtain documents like a passport, and quickly comes to have a circle of quite well-off and well-connected Russian speakers as friends in Dallas. If you think the anti-Russian stupidity in Washington is bad today, you should look back at what it was like in the late-1950s and early-1960s, Oswald’s time for all of this activity. It was a howling madhouse in the United States, but it never really affected Oswald.

No, the new Archives release will yield nothing really worth having. That could almost have been forecast. I don’t know where the dark agencies of government put their most damning documents or how they file them in impenetrable filing systems or even if they indeed keep such material at all (there being, after all, the discouraging historical precedent of the Nazis who kept meticulous files on their crimes), but none of the documents released in Bill Clinton’s time and others, including these, explain either the crime or the need to have ever kept such stuff secret in the first place.

John Chuckman


BBC trounces taxpayer while belittling independent journalism

BBC is, indeed, a “state-run propaganda outfit.”

There have always been elements of that in its make-up, as George Orwell noted in his essays, but since Tony Blair’s time and the huge and murderous controversy around information from arms expert, Dr. Kelly, BBC has literally been reduced to an embarrassment.

I long ago stopped looking at their Internet site. I now do so once in a while just to see how they are manipulating a story.

They do it with everything from photo selection and word selection to outright lies and misinformation – all offered with smug self-confidence to reassure readers.

You sure could do worse than use BBC as study material in the craft of propaganda and opinion manipulation.

John Chuckman



Privacy, sad to say, never was never recognized by American Courts as a right, despite efforts of liberals to have it so.

And now it not only is not a right, it is quickly utterly disappearing.

There will be absolutely no privacy in anything in a couple of decades, at most.

The establishment wants it that way, and they are most assuredly getting what they want.

Americans will resemble cattle in vast herd, each with machine-readable tags stapled to their ears.


John Chuckman


Vladimir Putin says he may seek re-election as President of Russia in 2018

And every thoughtful person on the planet hopes so.

God, here is the most sensible and capable leader of a major state we have, a voice for stability, peaceful pursuit of economic growth, respect for all players, and an opponent of aggression and tyranny.

And we are lucky to have him at a time of threatening political midgets, absolute midgets – May, Macon, Merkel, Trump – and genuinely bloody tyrants – Netanyahu, Salman, Erdogan.
Response to another reader who said: The opposition in Russia is either the communist party or pro-western types, who many Russians do it even trust. Putin will always smash them at the ballot box.

I think that is a very astute observation, a fact ignored by many in their efforts to denigrate Putin.
Response to another reader who said: The Indy doesn’t like Russia, it’s owned by a Russian ‘Liberal’ and written by pro ‘rebel’ journos who I do not need to name.

The Independent, for whatever reasons, is also quite perceptibly under the Israel Lobby’s influence.

Not as badly as The Guardian, which has become almost an official house organ in Britain for Israeli interests, but still clearly influenced in its selection and slant on many topics.

Just go back to the months of filthy propaganda and Senator Joe McCarthy style attacks over non-existent anti-Semitism in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

The Guardian was even worse, but The Independent was plenty busy throwing mud.

Why does the Israel Lobby not like Putin when Israel itself appears to have reasonably good relations with him?

Because Putin’s Russia is quietly viewed as a threat to America’s current bout of hyper-aggression and determined global dominance. At present, Russia is the only serious deterrent to American absolutism, China’s military capabilities being not yet nearly as well developed.

Israel and its Lobby like a highly aggressive United States because it is seen in terms of protection and succor for Israel’s own smaller-scale hyper-aggression and effort to dominate its region.

The entire thesis of Washington’s Neocon crowd, people who have strongly influenced American foreign policy for the last two decades, has been that a hyper-aggressive United States is a good thing.

A typical statement of the American Neocons has been that if America has the power, it should use it.

The last 15 years of American-generated war and terror in the Middle East, involving the deaths of a couple of million and the creation of many millions of refugees, directly reflects Neocon influence.

One country after another has been bombed or overthrown or terrorized, none of them having threatened the United States.

The United Nations remains largely silent on the aggression because at the same time that America has bombed and terrorized these lands, it has worked methodically and ruthlessly at the UN to silence voices of opposition from the other 95% of humanity. The UN has been effectively neutralized through threats and bullying.

Why does the United States do this? Because it creates a cordon sanitaire around Israel and it assures Israel’s dominance in the region. It also eliminates independent-minded leaders there, creating something of a homogenized region unopposed to American intrusions.

All the renewed noises around Iran reflect precisely the same influence, and, given America’s recent history in the region, are quite ominous. Of course, Iran’s 80 million population – compare 18 million for Syria or 6 million for Libya – makes it a much more formidable opponent to take on.

Iran has completely complied with its international nuclear deal and is not a country which has launched any aggressive war, but that is not enough for Israel, a country which has broken every agreement in existence on nuclear weapons and which has launched conflict after conflict.

Israel wants Iran overthrown, and Trump makes ugly noises in response. The Israel Lobby’s influence on America’s Congress and other parts of government is genuinely frightening.

John Chuckman


US airstrike accidentally kills 16 Afghan police officers who were fighting the Taliban

The U.S. has “accidentally” killed police, villagers, families, and hospital staff in Afghanistan literally dozens and dozens of times since its senseless invasion.

Countless incidents over the years of its war against a people.

That’s the way America does things.

Three million slaughtered in Vietnam.

A million eliminated in Iraq.

We can go clear back to the use of atomic weapons on civilians in completely non-military targets in Japan, setting one of the ghastliest precedents in history.

That’s what the red stripes on the American flag really do stand for, the blood of other people, and lots of it.

John Chuckman


CIA Chief Claims Russia’s ‘Soft Power’ on Rise Due to RT, Sputnik
…you can win wars without firing a single shot

Pompeo is simply an ass.

You either have free speech or you don’t.

And that applies between countries as much as it does within countries.

Equating free speech, or competing ideas, with a form of war tells us precisely his mindset.

That mindset is called tyrannical.

John Chuckman


Washington Post Worries About “Islamophobia” After Somali Cop Kills White Woman
After a Somali police officer in Minneapolis shot dead a 40-year-old Australian in what appears to be a senseless murder, the Washington Post’s primary concern was to fret about “Islamophobia” and a “backlash” against the Somali community.

There is reason to be concerned, given the stuff you may easily find on Internet sites denigrating and insulting Muslims, including the innuendo in this very article.

I might note that that “white woman” stuff sounds like the Deep South, circa 1930, when black men were still being lynched for looking at someone the wrong way.

Did you know that Southern charm families used to gather and have picnics sometimes to watch a lynching, just as though they were going to a sports event?

However, in this case, no matter what his background, the man in uniform who killed an innocent woman, shooting her from his car without any idea of what he even was shooting at, has proven himself a good, solid American police officer.

This is what American police do, after all.

American cops kill more than 1,100 Americans each year, far greater than the toll by any group of terrorists you care to name, and they get away with it, all the time.

And the numbers seriously injured and the numbers merely abused and threatened are many, many times the number killed.

America simply is an extremely brutal society, and it tolerates such behavior, day-in and day-out.

In a way, American police show us exactly why the American military is such an obscenity abroad. And, after all, the military is a large source of recruits for the police.

John Chuckman


Emmanuel Macron says anti-Zionism is a new type of anti-Semitism
French President tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that France will ‘not surrender’ to anti-Israel rhetoric

Macron is pathetic.

What he is saying is untrue and dishonest, and all honest people understand that.

It reminds me of some American politicians in the past, with campaigns heavily supported by apologists for Israel, going around the United States actually saying, “There’s no such thing as a Palestinian.”

Macron’s is a line taken directly from Israel’s playbook provided to all those strongly under its influence.

Indeed, Israel has made major lobbying efforts to have that statement converted into criminal law in many countries of the West.

Fortunately, the intense efforts have not yet resulted in new Orwellian laws in most cases.

But Macron’s Newt Gingrich-like statement shouldn’t surprise. He has already proved himself a milquetoast, faithful to America’s empire, and, of course, Israel is America’s outpost in the Middle East, its colony.

So, the one pretty much requires the other.

France has never displayed less dignity and grandeur than in recent decades with leaders the caliber of Sarkozy, Hollande, and now Macron.

Its historic identity as the country Ben Franklin spoke of, “Every man has two countries, his own and France,” a country long regarded as an important home for human freedom, is pretty much lost.

De Gaulle would be ashamed of the total inability of recent French presidents to show any independence from the United States. The last time France acted as anything like its old self was when President Jacques Chirac refused to join America’s criminal invasion of Iraq.

This kind of meaningless language from Macron reminds me of his effort to beef-up the Bastille Day parade for Trump’s visit to France.

As though that displayed France’s strength or independence. Just empty show. Vapidity in fancy costumes. Hollywood.

Response to another reader who said:
All Jewish people are not Israelis and not all Israelis are Jewish. I can see nothing wrong with peaceful opposition to a nation state, with whose policies you don’t agree.


And I believe in the quiet privacy of thought, virtually everyone understands this principle.

But the fanatics and shabby special interest-serving politicians and those with no regard for genuine human freedom say otherwise in every forum they can enter.

John Chuckman


“Three Years Since MH17 Crash: What is Stopping the Truth From Coming to Light?”

Well, if it’s any consolation, it’s far, far more than three years since John Kennedy’s assassination.

And it’s also a good deal more than three years ago since 9/11.

Yet neither of those watershed events was ever adequately investigated or satisfactorily explained.

We are talking, of course, about events with some of the same actors standing in the wings.

John Chuckman


“Christian conservatives don’t support Donald Trump despite his vulgarity – they support him because of it”

A truly silly piece of analysis.

Christian conservatives support Trump for the same reasons anyone else does: he offers some things they very much want, and if they get those things from him, they don’t much care about all the other noise.

Christians can be just as hypocritical and cynical as any other group. They are not in any way different from the rest of humanity when it comes to basic impulses motivating them.

My God, American Christians always mostly support war and the death penalty, apart from matters like opposing abortion.

I remember the near-lunatic Franklin Graham – inheritor of a Christian goldmine ministry from his father, Billy – actually preaching earnestly after 9/11 about wiping out America’s enemies with atomic weapons!

Then we have others, such as Pat Robertson – who controls a minor financial empire of “Christian” assets, a man and who publicly blamed all the horror of terrible disasters like a hurricane on homosexuality in America!

Any association between the attitudes of Jesus, so far as we can understand them, and American fundamentalists is completely coincidental.

American Christian fundamentalists also, many of them, have a strong streak of xenophobia and America First. Sounds like Trump, does it not?

Readers may enjoy:


“This is why, when it became clear that of all the countries in the region, it appeared the Saudis were the most closely linked to 9/11…”

A false assertion.

The author clearly is reinforcing a tiresome theme of certain parts of the American establishment. People like New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a world-class phony.

The Saudis were paying bin Laden solely for keeping his activities out of Saudi Arabia.

The payments had nothing to do with 9/11. Nothing.

The Saudis had no motive whatever for attacking America.

Indeed, to this day, we do not truly know that bin Laden himself had anything to do with 9/11.

After 9/11, American asked the then-Taleban government of Afghanistan to extradite bin Laden.

They asked for some evidence, providing evidence being a normal part of international extradition.

America refused, and soon invaded.

And you know what? America has never since supplied the world with a scrap of real evidence that bin Laden was involved with 9/11.

His guilt is just assumed, being repeated like a mindless mantra from our corporate press.

By the way, readers will be fascinated by the following article. I make no claim for its accuracy, but it is interesting and tends to support a far more powerful motive than the Saudis would have had, America’s imperial wars through the Middle East led off by the dark operations of security services.

John Chuckman


“Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley and the Pope Enjoy a Russophobic Threesome”

Yes, but it is not just Russophobic bile. How about Israelophilic bile?

Nikki Haley might just as well be serving as Ambassador for Israel. Her comments at the UN are nearly insane at times. Her focus, when not on Russia, is regularly a country whose population is the size of Ecuador’s.

She insists it is a victim of widespread unfairness, always ignoring the facts of its criminal behavior and total disregard for the United Nations, except as a venue for making self-serving speeches.

Lindsey Graham is cut from the same cloth.

Mention the word “Israel” in Congress, and old Lindsey jumps to his feet and starts blubbering. Talk about money for Israel in Congress, and old Lindsey jumps from his chair to say he wants it doubled.

The Pope is simply a hopeless man, sometimes seeming fairly nice but always quite inept. His record back in Argentina with the murderous military Junta was nothing of which to be proud, a record of no real ethics or principles but his own survival.

The Vatican, for years now, having been pummeled by the US and Israel in private over historical anti-Semitism, has been unbelievably wishy-washy on Israel’s criminal behavior. This Pope is no improvement. If anything, the opposite.

You know, that is no accident, the shared attitudes towards Russia and those towards Israel.

While Israel is reasonably friendly outwardly towards Russia, at the core, Israeli leaders can only see Russia as something of a huge stumbling block.

The Neocons – a group of influential lobbyists for Israel at the heart of today’s Washington power establishment – want a strong and hyper-aggressive America. That is because they regard that as best for Israel, for its thriving, expanding, and flourishing.

They are the big pushers for all the Middle East wars, and their views are coordinated with those of Israel, for certain.

So, there is an inherent conflict in American-Israeli-Russian affairs because a powerful and assertive Russia is seen as the main opposition to what the Neocons endlessly advocate and work diligently towards, a hyper-aggressive America pushing right up to the gates at Russia’s border while busy supporting and supplying destructive wars all over the Middle East.

The views of these three, but especially Graham and Haley, reflect that down to every comment they make.

Interestingly, some have speculated on Nikki Haley’s being secretly promoted by Neocon operators in Washington. She is not-very-bright and at times quite an embarrassing representative for America, but she has the basic Israel and Russia theme down pat, and that is what counts.

Lindsey Graham, as I’ve written, was almost certainly the target of a past Mossad honey trap. He is a fairly well-known closet gay, and that does not go down well with the fundamentalist part of the country he represents.

So, Mossad likely has compromising photos of him which keep him tied to Israeli interests like a monkey on a string. And, indeed, the way he jumps around and makes noises for Israel in Washington much resembles the activity of a monkey.

This strong suspicion is supported, too, by recent reports about a very senior politician like Graham not being able to get to the bottom of American security service surveillance of which he has become aware.

In all three cases – the Pope, Lindsey Graham, and Nikki Haley – what we see is a politics devoid of genuine ethical or moral concern. And this politics devoid of ethics or morals is the dominant one in Washington today, regardless of political party. They all serve the ruthless American imperial establishment in its wars and aggression and never give a genuine thought to either the welfare of their own people or what is really in the best interests of the world’s people.

The Pope is just a useful idiot-savant servant, much like recent heads of the UN or other international agencies the hyper-aggressive United States has got at. They all provide a semblance of international order and support for imperial America, and they all raise no difficult or embarrassing questions or objections as did some past leaders.

Is it any wonder in what a mess our world is?

John Chuckman


“Moscow Points Out Faults in US Version on Damascus Dropping Sarin Bomb in Idlib Syria”

Note that when a Director of CIA asserts anything, thoughtful people only listen to learn how facts are being twisted, not to learn any facts.

We know, since Director Helms’ testimony after Kennedy’s assassination, that lying under oath is something the CIA is allowed. He said so. So even in affairs of great internal importance, the CIA can lie if it believes it serves its purposes.

Moreover, we know that the real activity of great parts of the CIA – the operations division – is not collecting facts about the world to inform the American government but sowing discord in disliked countries and manipulating internal affairs in other countries.

CIA is a “dirty tricks” and manipulation outfit, much like Mossad, although they tend to minimize that big part of their job in their public relations. They do everything from manipulating the elections of others and giving pay-offs to cooperative foreign politicians to organizing coups and assassinations and dealing in drugs.

Nothing prevents their carrying the same set of assumptions and attitudes over into the internal affairs of the United States, except a law forbidding their internal operations.

But we know to a certainty that that law was ignored in the past – for example, CIA long opened any domestic letters and parcels it wanted to – and the truth is, if you are permitted to lie under oath and you manipulate things as everyday work in other countries, any mere law cannot control your behavior at home.

There can be little question that the same tricks employed abroad come to be employed in domestic affairs.

We had the example just a short time back of Obama’s CIA Director, Brennan, lying again and again in public about Trump and Russia and that stinking, phony “dossier.”

John Chuckman


“Trump’s crusade against Qatar isn’t about terrorism”

And what thinking person on the planet ever thought it was?

“it’s revenge for a failed business deal”

Rubbish, that’s just as uninformed an idea as the first one about terrorism.

Let me enlighten the writer who knows extremely little about the subject he discusses: Qatar’s problems are about Qatar’s relationship with Iran and Israel’s tireless insistence on hurting Iran.

Qatar, on more than one front, appears to be coming to a reasonable relationship with Iran, in large part owing to their shared natural gas interests.

But “a reasonable relationship with Iran” is something which does not compute in Tel Aviv.

And if it doesn’t compute in Tel Aviv, it doesn’t compute in Washington, the virtual servant in Middle East affairs of the Israel Lobby.

And, in recent years, it doesn’t compute in Riyadh either, Riyadh having bent over backwards after 9/11 to become a loyal American-interest supporter and virtually a secret ally of Israel.

John Chuckman


A study by University College London (UCL) PhD student has uncovered that the fear of crime is perpetuated by the opinion of others and in most cases doesn’t correlate to the actual likelihood of experiencing crime.

Well, it is interesting to see another angle of analysis taken on this, but the finding is definitely not new.

I noted decades ago that people, especially in America, develop inordinate fears of crime from local news on television which almost always seeks out sensational items to feature, sensational items about violence or danger always having the effect of increasing your viewing audience and the intensity of its level of involvement.

News on what local city council is doing about rubbish collection, genuine local news, just does not affect ratings and advertising rates the same way.

If there is nothing local of a sensational nature to broadcast, then something is selected from another place, either a neighboring town or city or a more distant place.

The net result is a steady drizzle of such stories into the living rooms of otherwise comfortable and safe middle-class people.

In an extremely safe – judging by the actual stats – small-size city in the United States, I heard some ridiculous statements at times, as from a couple in a nice, safe neighborhood who felt they had to accompany their grandchildren to the playground about two blocks away.

It was ridiculous, but it was extremely serious for those people. The only explanation was paranoid feelings induced from local television news broadcasts, and of course these feeling reinforce each other among neighbors.

I think it is also true that some individuals are more susceptible to paranoid and fearful suggestions, just as some people are more easily hypnotized than others or more susceptible to various superstitious appeals.

As it happens, the psychological mechanisms are exactly the same for so-called terror. I say “so-called” because the distinction between violent crime and terror is one that largely cannot be made. It’s just that adding the word “terror” somehow makes violence, in the eyes of many ordinary people, “doubleplus” frightening.

Terror for most people is virtually non-existent. The statistics tell us clearly that, in the scheme of things with innumerable violent crimes and terrible events, it is an extremely rare thing to be hurt by terror. But people hear about it all the time on news broadcasts, constantly having their fears reinforced.

Governments understand this and deliberately use the phenomenon for their own purposes. There is no question that America’s government exploits fear of terror constantly to buoy up support for its wars in the Middle East, wars which in fact have nothing to do with fighting terror.

Indeed, people might well ask how it even could be that you can fight against a method or a concept, such as terror, with real guns and bombs, but that basic question has long been lost in all the smoke and noise of numerous real wars whose targets are real people and real possessions, not the thoughts or plots of demons.

America’s Middle East wars actually use covertly-organized mercenary forces – rag-tag armies of people spouting all kinds of nonsense to disguise their purpose – organized to resemble what terrorists might be expected to resemble, to get their way in places like Syria or Libya. Of course, those wars also generate the periodic backlashes of vengeance or anger which are mislabeled “international terror.”

The ugly publicity from all of it – whether the work of mercenaries like ISIS or Al-Nusra employed by America and Israel and Saudi Arabia in Syria or the periodic outbursts of angry young men trying to strike back in places like London or Paris – is used as kindling to feed the fires, to keep the wars going, to keep the mood hard for “fighting terror.”

It’s a clever but extremely evil game of power.

John Chuckman


The G20 proves it. Because of Donald Trump, the world no longer looks to America for leadership
The US President was out of step with almost everyone and didn’t seem to care

Actually, it’s about time that the world grew up.

America’s “leadership” has been, in large part, a disaster.

There are many reasons for its failures, but the bottom line really has to do with Lord Acton’s immortal dictum about the corruption of power.

It is silly to blame only Trump for bad American policies and bad results. I think his abrasive personality and contrarian views on some currently popular issues are in effect adding the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, and that is likely a good thing.

Look at the Neocon Wars in the Middle East, years of pointless wars which literally have killed many hundreds of thousands of people and created millions of refugees.

These wars both exploited mercenary terrorist armies like ISIS – a Western creation – and resulted in huge grievances and desires for vengeance. Those are the only two causes of everything our press and our exploitative politicians call international terror.

That set of horrors was not the work of Trump.

It was the work of Obama of the boyish smile and Hillary of the immortal description of the murder of a leader who did nothing but good for his people, Libya’s Gaddafi, “we came, we saw, he died. Ha ha ha.”

Those two and their party created conflicts in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and other places. They also created the dangerous new tensions with Russia through the aggression of creating a coup in Ukraine. Their party, the Democrats, have been the War Party for a long time. Remember who started the genuine holocaust in Vietnam?

Of course, Obama and Clinton’s filthy work in the Middle East was built on foundations laid by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld. Today, no one American party has the monopoly on making war. They have become just two branches of the American Imperial Party which feels free to attack anyone who differs with it.

It is well past time that Europe and others decouple themselves from such “leadership.” The world needs more voices, more views, more diversity of policies.

A world dictatorship is at least as bad as a national one, and I don’t recall anyone ever advocating or praising national dictatorships.

John Chuckman


“The Fraud of the White Helmets
Hollywood buys into yet another lie”

As far as Hollywood praising the White Helmets, I offer two points.

One, the writer Truman Capote once famously said that actors, in his experience, were most not very smart people. He said, sarcastically, that “the dumber they were, the better actors they were.”

And I do think there is a touch of truth in that.

Two, please remember that Hollywood, each year, throws a big dinner party to collect funds for the IDF.

Many millions of dollars have been raised over the years for a military force which suppresses millions of people day-in, day-out, often abusing and killing, as well as supporting the outright theft of farms and homes time after time.

The Syrian horror is indeed an Israeli project. They want to keep what they’ve stolen from Syria, and they want to get rid of an independent-minded leader in the region (just was done with Libya and Iraq}. America helps here to build a cordon sanitaire for Israel.

The Saudis play a big role in the project because ever since 9/11, the Saudis have feared an American invasion in reprisal for their secret support of bin Laden.

Out of that fear, they have done a huge policy turnaround, now always supporting the United States and its colony, Israel. Israel and the Saudis are today virtually allies in secret where once they were once enemies.

Well, it is just a fact that no project Israel favors is scorned in Hollywood, a place with many supporters and lobbyists in it.
Response to a reader:

The Oscars are just a Hollywood promotional and merchandising scheme for its products.

Any relationship between the Oscars and artistic merit is purely accidental.

Countless times worthy films have been overlooked.

Countless times really poor films, or genuine pieces of propaganda, have been awarded a prize.

In addition, except for the one silly category of “best foreign film,” Hollywood literally excludes the products of countries representing the other 95% of humanity, countries which include many important film-making industries.

John Chuckman


Whose BUK? Dutch Researchers Discuss MH17
Who took down MH17? With their thousands of hours of research, they probably know more of the Malaysian airliner disaster than all journalists put together. And yet, Dutch MH17-experts Max van der Werff and Marcel van den Berg each come to different conclusions.

An interesting discussion.

However, the quote, “He declared the holes in the fuselage looked like the holes of machine gun fire,” concerns me.

I saw some very early photos of the crash site, and I would have sworn that the holes in the cabin were from cannon-fire. They were all shaped the same way and as round as if you poked the surface with a pencil.

There was also a photo of one of the pilot’s seats. It too had a couple of these unmistakably very round holes in its frame.

I simply can’t believe that fragments from a missile warhead – BUK or any other – would make these kinds of holes.

Then there is the mysterious fact that after making the pilots’ families wait a long time for the remains to bury, the family was ordered not have the sealed coffin opened, to bury it as is. At least, that was a story at the time, suggesting something about the wounds was being hidden.
Response to a reader who said:
“The Dutch handling of this mass murder will be forever their shame.
Bottom line is the junta in Kiev is responsible for this crime.”

Yes, the investigation is a shame for the Dutch, a people I have always admired for their abilities and national ethics.

But now – as with so many other things in the Western world, such as the UN and other international organizations – the Dutch are under the thumb of America.

In a widespread effort to bend the Western world to its will, the US has applied great pressures against many lands and organizations in recent years.

Much as with its horrible Neocon Wars in the Mideast, potential critics such as leaders in Europe have remained silent.

Indeed, more than that, they have absorbed the ugly consequences of America’s wars of aggression in the form of armies of refugees.

What a sad end to a long and worthy history for the Dutch.

My guess is that the United States picked the Dutch for this dirty job precisely for the reason of the respect in which they were held by many such as myself.

And they made them an offer, in classic Mafia style, they could not refuse.

John Chuckman


“Why I’m glad Ivanka Trump is now leader of the free world”

We’ve had enough of Ivanka.

She is tiresome and, in roles like this, totally inappropriate.

Her “principled intervention” in Syria, as you call it?

Sorry, but that is a downright stupid statement.

We know from Seymour Hersh the facts of that phony event.

So, she was advocating to her father in complete ignorance of facts, which is not promising.

Furthermore, all well-informed people know Assad got rid of his chemical weapons in an international agreement signed off by both Russia and the US.

She should have known that.

Well-informed people also know the realities of the Syrian horror.

It is a phony mercenary-terror operation by the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia with a couple of others and secretly assisted by Britain and France, both while they make phony claims of fighting ISIS.

It is an operation to secure Israel’s stolen Syrian properties and to eliminate an independent-minded leader in the region, one well-regarded by his own people.

So, she acted in triple ignorance.

That is promising?

I’ll just add, she married Jared, an exercise, surely, in bad taste.

John Chuckman


Donald Trump behaving like a dictator by leaving underqualified socialite daughter to fill in for him at G20

Ivanka, no matter what talents she may possess, is a poorly-informed person who pushes herself into areas where she has no understanding, and, of course, she is only able to do so because of her abrasive, pushy father’s patronage. Any native talent she may indeed have is not discernable in what we have seen from her so far.

No thoughtful person respects that.

Ivanka actually should understand enough herself, in just a general social and political way, not to do some of the things she has done, but she clearly does not, and clearly neither does her father in putting her forward repeatedly.

The Ivanka phenomenon is almost a direct barometer of the general decline of public respect for expertise and of the ignorant clamor for spokespeople to offer opinions on issues regardless of how little they know. It might almost be called a CNN or official Washington spokesperson phenomenon, both institutions being examples of sheer ignorance regularly heard. Nikki Haley, for example, a high-level appointee and career politician, possesses this quality of pushy, insistent ignorance in spades.

Again, Ivanka’s basic judgment may be questioned concerning her husband, Jared, who has only proved himself an exploitative – as with his genuinely smarmy pitching American residence permits to Asians who invest enough in his family company – and pushy individual, also clearly lacking basic understanding of areas where he nevertheless intrudes.

John Chuckman


“Tony Blair was not straight with the UK public over the Iraq War, says Sir John Chilcot’

“Not straight”?

Isn’t that a bit like describing the months-long construction of a vast tapestry of lies as an instance of having “misspoken”?

Or a savage mass-killing as an unfortunate incident?

Such as politics, as Orwell so well knew.
Response to another reader’s comment:

Quite the contrary to your assertion, criticism – good thoughtful criticism, that is – is one of our rarest and most valuable assets.

Great critics have included an illustrious list from Samuel Johnson and Voltaire to Graham Greene and George Orwell.

Only trouble is that people often don’t listen to them and often do not understand.

Your comment is proof of that.

John Chuckman


Scientists discover new subatomic particle at Large Hadron Collider laboratory
Physicists hope findings will help explain a key force that binds matter together


We really do live in an amazing time for science.

Huge dedicated machines.

New technologies emerging regularly to make even better ones.

And many hundreds of thousands of clever people able to work full-time on their science – truly an era unlike any previous one.

John Chuckman


Black and minority teachers face ‘inherent racism’ in UK schools, report warns

I just do not believe this.

It is such an easy route for a mediocre or terrible teacher who happens to be black to take by blaming racism for their perceived inadequacy.

When people demonstrate their abilities in any field, the louts are shut up.

Obama showed this in politics. People like Oprah showed it in popular culture.
Response to another reader:

“gets disrespected” is mighty poor English, substandard.

Speak like that in a classroom and, indeed, you could create a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Response to another reader’s comment:

Yes, there are serious problems in the US.

A huge number of black students never graduate.

Many of those who do graduate, do so with a curriculum designed for easy graduation.

The violence problem in the schools is terrible in major cities like Chicago or Detroit.

School performance levels in every all- or largely-black neighborhood are poor, as measured statistically.

In many cases, schools that were once – decades ago, before ” white flight” from changing neighborhoods – good academic schools have become poor to terrible.

Interestingly, a favorite approach of school boards in American cities is to rename such schools as this-or-that “academy” often with slogans and literature around excellence which simply does not exist.


Response to another reader who said “Most people give favourable treatment to members of their own ‘tribe’ and discriminate against non-members”:

Unfortunately, yours is largely a true observation.

But it is an extremely unpopular one today.

We live, in our societies, with many untrue assumptions.

And the corporate press just works overtime to reinforce them.

The Greek legend of Diogenes remains a powerful truth today.

John Chuckman


“29 Years Ago the US Navy Blew up 290 Iranians Aboard a Civilian Flight From Iranian Waters
The naval captain who killed 66 children was decorated “

Response to a reader who cited America’s atomic bombing of Japan as another American atrocity:

Yes, and comparatively few are aware of the details of this true American war crime.

The Japanese had made a number of efforts to communicate through third parties their willingness to surrender well before the bombing.

America deliberately ignored them all.

The only condition reported in these Japanese efforts was that they be allowed to keep their Emperor.

America’s only response to anyone was that Japan must surrender “unconditionally,” an unreasonable demand which amounted to rubbing Japan’s face in the dirt with their defeat.

This also must be put in light of the fact that American bombing and fire-bombing of Japanese cities had left, in the words of an American commander, not one primary target in the country left standing and a hard time finding even secondary targets.

After all, psychopath Curtis Le May was in charge of bombing the mainland, and no one could slaughter and kill better than that “natural-born killer” could.

His later achievements included an absolute holocaust in North Korea in which an estimated 20% of the population was destroyed (See: ) plus, later, a detailed plan, when he was in the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs, for a first-strike, all-out nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. Presentation of the plan left President Kennedy feeling sick at his stomach.

America’s insistence on abjectly humiliating the defeated Japanese is a quality we still see today in many of its dealings in foreign affairs. Total dominance. Full-spectrum dominance. Tanks right on Russia’s border. American warships pushing into Chinese waters.

Of course, the secret purpose of the atomic bombings – and, by the way, a series of a dozen of them was planned for a dozen Japanese cities since America had manufactured that many bombs – was to intimidate Russia, especially concerning Europe. The Japanese sadly only provided a stage opportunity for the US to carry out its mad play.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not in any way military targets. These bombings were vast atrocities on completely civilian populations. The idea was: we’ll show the Russians how completely ruthless we can be, and of course America succeeded in its goal.

The story was put out that the bombing was to save the many American lives it would cost to invade the mainland, but that was propaganda to make the people committing the war crime feel better and to gain public sympathy. Clearly the invasion of the mainland could have been avoided just by accepting the proposals coming from Japan through “international feelers.”

The great irony is that in the end, after committing two vast atrocities and completely humiliating the Japanese with their unconditional surrender, the United States did allow the Japanese to keep their Emperor, the only step required well before to end the war.

Concerning the main topic of this article, America’s military shooting down a civilian airliner, readers should see:

John Chuckman


On this July the Fourth – as the official anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence is called in America – readers may find this analysis interesting: