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John Chuckman



“Trump and trade tariffs: big lies founded on small truths”


In all things, Trump’s thinking works at a gut level.

It’s “my side wins,” always, as his dominating theme.

All the words about workers or about anyone else are just that, words, some of them thrown out there like crumbs flung to pigeons for his trailer park-gun meet base of political followers. He is cunning.

And they very much believe him. He does have a faction that sees him as a heroic general on a white horse, rattling his saber for them.

The image is especially gripping when it comes to matters like his wall or migrants or Muslims or gun control, but his blubbering about American workers gets some of the same reception.

Those are the core matters sustaining his support, which tells you a very great deal about him.

Ideas and principles of almost any kind are simply irrelevant.

That is why he is so dangerous. He does seem quite capable of starting a catastrophic international trade war with his “boyz” rooting for him every step of the way.

In the case of NAFTA, I don’t think Canada’s Trudeau knows completely what he is up against. Factual arguments mean nothing. Trump has told his people in effect that great piles of value were left on the negotiating table originally, and he’s here to reclaim them.

His position as head of the immensely more powerful partner plus his personality type really does mean he will push things that hurt Canada and Mexico. It’s that simple, and I don’t see how it can be avoided.

It provides a model for all his coming acts, and that model extends beyond just trade and economic issues. The same set of attitudes may well give us real war, as with Iran when he abrogates a treaty every expert worth listening to says is working perfectly.

And then there’s China, that immense rising power. He has ignored them over agreements with Taiwan. He has ignored them over their historically supported claims to the South Chins Sea. He has pressured them over North Korea. All that and more on top of the first shots over the bow in international trade with tariffs.

This is a very dangerous man, but then he does not function alone. The American Deep State is getting much of what it wants – whether globs of money and new authorities for the Pentagon and CIA or more ratcheting up of the threats against Russia – and it seems ready to back him now.



John Chuckman



“Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy

“Better to live free for a day in a Britain full of rogue killers than to live a thousand years as the slaves of Brussels”


“Stay focused Brexiters – Russia is not the enemy”


I agree strongly with the headline while some of the author’s individual arguments leave me cold.

The EU, as it operates today, is a rather sad organization, one with great potential unrealized.

It could have been so much more, but it has failed in many ways, from admitting far too many marginal members to taking what should have been good steps – the introduction of the Euro – but doing them badly.

Its bottom line fault has been listening far too much to the voices from Washington. Washington regards it in only two key ways. As a potential future serious competitor which must be kept under its influence (and it is effectively occupied with NATO) and as a natural ally – marrying vast resources to powerful industry – of Russia, something it works relentlessly to prevent.

So, weak leadership in the EU keeps things as they are. And, of course, the US is always quietly at work to keep it that way.

It would be nice if Britain were able to extricate itself cleanly from this poorly-run show while at the same time avoiding becoming a 51st state.

But I increasingly think that is impossible. God, look at Theresa May doing Washington’s dirty work right now. I do fear Britain will become weaker over the long term as an “independent” state.

As an independent state, its negotiating position with Washington only becomes poorer, and we see today a supine national government to Washington’s interests. And Washington’s demands for subservience have only been strongly growing over the last twenty years.

During the horrific and pointless crusade in Vietnam, a British Prime Minister, a Labour leader, was able to say “no” to Washington’s demands for troops. During the horrific and pointless crusade in Iraq, a British Prime Minister, also Labour, was unable to say “no.” And events in Syria have seen Conservative Prime Ministers become completely supine in demands for a savage war by hired terrorist proxies.

A choice isn’t easy with only one’s imagination being able to see Britain as in any meaningful sense independent if it leaves the EU, but with, at the same time, full recognition that the EU’s leadership and organization are seriously flawed.

As for Russia as an enemy, well, that is, as they say, a “no brainer.”

Fifty years ago, we would all have been delighted with what Russia actually has become – business-oriented, modern, open, democratic – but America cannot accept any new competitor from rising. Just look at its present activities in international trade.

It is a terrible American-induced atmosphere in Europe of “hate Russia” and “let’s prevent Russia’s doing business in Europe” that is stupid, pig-headed, and dangerous, but don’t those words exactly describe America’s general behavior in the world today, in trade and everything else?


John Chuckman



“Never Forget, 50 Years Ago the US Slaughtered 500 Unarmed Men, Women, & Children”


Well, yes, but, first, it is important to realize that it was only one of a number of massacres, some small, some large. The others weren’t witnessed and photographed.

There were also many Individual atrocities. I once met an American deserter in Toronto who had raped and then blasted with his rifle a Vietnamese girl. My understanding then was that kind of savagery was not unusual among young conscripts far from home and unhappy about being there, ignorant young men from far away, holding absolute power over the people they likely blamed for making them be in such a “hellhole.”

More importantly, the fact is that the entire war was an atrocity.

America killed about 3 million Vietnamese and did so in their own land, a place America had no business even being. It used all kinds of pretenses and lies to put itself there.

America left the place a horror of bomb craters and death, with vast deposits of Agent Orange and other poisons left to kill and maim for decades to come. So, too, countless land mines left to blow off peasants’ legs when they tried reclaiming their farms.

And the secret bombing and incursions into Cambodia – all totally illegal – destabilized a neutral government, allowing monsters to come to power, monsters who killed another million people while the United States watched and picked its collective nose.

So-called “heroes” of the war, men like John McCain, represented nothing so much as America’s desperate wish for something worthy or heroic to be discovered out of the dark horrors for which they were responsible.

America’s government, too, encouraged the thought of there being something positive or worthy. After all, it had been utterly humiliated in being defeated by a nation of peasants, after using every form of destruction they could think of, short of nuclear weapons, which indeed had been seriously considered.

McCain was a war criminal, shot down while bombing civilians in Hanoi. The rich creep never even properly thanked the humble Vietnamese man who saved his life. He had landed in water and would have drowned.

His fellow prisoners also said he received special treatment, and some say he cooperated with his captors. The Vietnamese knew perfectly well who this life-long spoiled brat was, the son and grandson of American Admirals.

His entire life story is one of a fairly shabby man with an ugly temper, never very able in anything he tried, who bullied everyone to make his way up under the influence and reputations of his father and grandfather. Later, of course, his status as “hero” catapulted him into politics, a field in which he frequently disgraced himself.

America’s Vietnam War was a true modern holocaust, killing about 4 million people in total including what happened in Cambodia.  Many died horribly with new American weapons and ghastly practices such as large-scale use of napalm and carpet bombing.

There were also horrors like the CIA’s Operation Phoenix which murdered somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 peasants in an effort to destroy social cohesiveness in the country. Night-crawling special forces went out to villages in the dark, under CIA guidance, and literally used large knives to cut the throats of residents such as mayors or other officials.

My Lai was terrible, but it was only the tiniest part of this deliberately-created hell.

None of it served any good purpose. It just reflected immense America arrogance and the brutality born of immense power. Its only purpose was to hold America’s artificially-created foothold in Asia, South Vietnam, a place itself run by ugly dictators.

American presidents lied countless times about what they were doing, and what they were doing was indistinguishable from some of the work of the Nazis themselves.

You see, there is nothing in slogans about democracy or freedom that saves a people from sinking into the most depraved behavior, and that is the real lesson of the Vietnam War, but it is ignored to this day.

John Chuckman



“Putin tightens grip on power”


God, The Independent is packed with garbage about Russia today. It resembles an all-out propaganda assault.

Putin remains extremely popular, and greatly admired, in Russia, and he is about to be reelected.

It is hard to see that as “tightens his grip on power,” unless you are in the habit of using words with little sense of meaning.

He will be reelected, and with a majority any British or American politician can only envy, regardless of the clownish efforts of Theresa May and Boris Johnson and the British corporate press, very much including The Independent and The Guardian.

Your big spread on the chemical agent, Novichok, a nerve agent indeed first created by Russians, is loaded with innuendo and you have permitted no comment there.

Here are some fundamental facts about this material, whose very presence in Salisbury is the only known evidence for accusing Russia of attempted murder.

It exists in several jurisdictions in the world, very much including some former Soviet Republics, and notably Ukraine.

It is not some totally unique substance either. Several such binary nerve agents exist, including a comparable one stocked heavily by Americans called Sarin.

Apparently, a formula for the Russian-discovered Novichok was actually published in a book, a book published by a Russian dissident scientist Vil Mirzayanov, about ten years ago.

Experts have told us that any competent large chemical laboratory can synthesize the stuff. It is not truly exotic science.

Apparently when Britain’s own chemical weapons experts at Porton Down, a big facility just miles from Salisbury, were asked to confirm that the chemical was of Russian manufacture, they declined to do so.

Their verbal formulation is “of a type developed by Russia” – the exact weasel words used.

So, on the basis of such “evidence,” the Prime Minister runs around much like a chicken missing her head and Britain’s Foreign Minister, the ever-erratic and often buffoonish, Boris Johnson, publicly charges Russia’s President with murder.

It’s astonishing and unacceptable to any thinking and informed person for international affairs to be subjected to such an earthquake on the basis of these extremely foolish people Britain has in charge of government.

I say “foolish” but what I really mean is “dishonest.”

The world is seeing a Conservative government repeat the utterly shabby behavior it saw from the Labour government of much-detested Tony Blair in the run-up to the Iraq invasion with his phony dossier and the mysterious death of weapons expert, Doctor Kelly.

Of course, this all really just reflects American pressure and an effort to throw still more mud at Russia, to influence Russia’s election, and perhaps to upset Russia’s FIFA World Cup events.

Americans have done badly in their dark and murderous efforts in both Syria and Ukraine. A great chess player has them in a place they very much do not like being. After all, this is America, the most powerful nation of all time declaring what it wants to happen. How dare a place like Russia thwart its will to run everything and everyone?

Just terrible and irresponsible.

It is interesting, too, that Europeans have been left to lead the charge this time. Trump gives vague statements of support, but so far, we’ve not heard anything like Boris Johnson’s libelous and shameful accusations, and we all know Trump is not a man to shy away from blubbering libelous and shameful accusations. He makes them all the time.

This brings to mind that one extraordinary question journalist Megyn Kelly put to President Putin, about why he thinks Trump is always so deferential towards him. That question holds the captivating suggestion that Putin has embarrassing information about Trump, information which he quietly holds in reserve. I doubt it would have anything at all to do with the idiotic stuff about Russian-Trump relationships, but it would be some damning personal stuff, perhaps along the lines of Trump’s now-publicized affair with a porn star not long after he was married. Perhaps worse.


AFTERWARD: There’s actually more to add, since Iran, under international supervision, a while ago demonstrated it is possible to synthesize Novichoks from commercially available chemicals.

John Chuckman



“Senior British politicians continue to lead in the buffoonery sweepstakes heading into the weekend”

“Boris Johnson Accuses Putin of Murder”


It would puzzle any clear-thinking person, but you have to look back on Boris’s career to realize this kind of stupidity is not unusual for him.

His has had many rocky experiences and said many controversial and, indeed, untrue things.

And, from the start, he and Theresa May had real differences. They do not particularly like each other.

She only appointed him because her own hold on the Conservative Party is less than firm, and she needed support from his faction.

He only serves under her because he has strong ambitions to take her place one day.

I do suspect he is viewed by many Conservatives as too erratic ever to enjoy enough support towards achieving his ultimate ambition.

But he proves his loyalty to her leadership – something in doubt in the past – by this kind of echoing of her insupportable charges. He tries even “going one better,” in keeping with his reputation for the unexpected and even outrageous.

He’s actually a rather pathetic figure.

John Chuckman



“’Of course’ Russia will expel U.K. diplomats as spy poisoning fallout ramps up, Lavrov says

Russia’s foreign minister declined to specify how many or when they will be expelled”


Here is an actual a headline in today’s Globe and Mail: “Russia threatens to retaliate against UK and its allies, putting natural gas supplies in danger”

That is factually wrong and irresponsible, but of course the very fact that it is there, for thousands of pairs of eyes to glance over, even if they read no farther, is propaganda of the first order. It certainly is not journalism.

I am sorry to see a major Canadian publication assisting in the dirty work of the State Department and its partner, CIA.

The headline literally could have been written in the Langley, Virginia, Headquarters of CIA.

The very last thing Russia would do is confirm American propaganda that it is an unreliable supplier and business partner. It is literally obtuse to say otherwise.

Russia makes every effort to demonstrate just the opposite. It is open and wants to do business with the world. If you study the words of Putin and Russia’s Foreign Minister, Lavrov, and compare them to words from the White House and State Department, any thoughtful person cannot help seeing a great contrast.

Russia never calls names, maintains a temperate tone, talks of “partners” and projects, and welcomes discussion. Almost the opposite is true from Washington.

Since the first sales of natural gas into the EU years ago, the State Department and CIA have worked hard to prevent such business from developing, a natural marriage of Russian resources and European heavy industry, much like Canadian softwood and American construction.

I am keenly aware of these matters since I was in the petroleum industry and attended conferences where American operators were working, going back to Reagan’s time, arguing against allowing Russian gas into Europe.

The entire decades-long effort is based on backward Cold War thinking, has no basis in fact, and serves only as a way to suppress American competitors.

The Pentagon has adopted a slogan of “full spectrum dominance everywhere,” and that is what we see in all such efforts. Nothing about Russia itself, but something very much about American bullying and arrogance.



John Chuckman



“’Of course’ Russia will expel U.K. diplomats as spy poisoning fallout ramps up, Lavrov says

Russia’s foreign minister declined to specify how many or when they will be expelled”


Yes, that’s a standard response in all countries, to expel the other side’s diplomats in response.

Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But this whole matter in Britain has reached absurd proportions.

Theresa May has solicited support from France and Germany and others.

First, three or four people repeating unproved and implausible accusations carries no more weight than just one person doing so.

Second, if May has sent these other leaders material samples and documents, why has she refused Russia’s fair and logical request for the same? Outrageous.

This material is available in a number of states, most notably some former Soviet Republics like Ukraine, whose coup-installed government hates Russia and would do anything to hurt her. Nerve agent is widely viewed as the poor man’s answer to nuclear-armed neighbors.

Certainly, that would include supplying a bit of this to a third-party security service.

What is intended here, sadly, is simply miring Russia, influencing its presidential election, and perhaps poisoning the atmosphere for Russia’s FIFA World Cup events this year.

Just foul stuff. If May had any genuine proof for her assertions, I wouldn’t argue against her at all, but the simple fact is she does not.

And she comes out of a terrible American-induced atmosphere in Europe of “hate Russia” and “let’s prevent Russia’s doing business in Europe.” Stupid, pig-headed, and dangerous, but don’t those words exactly describe America’s behavior in the world?

Fifty years ago, we would all have been delighted with what Russia actually has become – business-oriented, modern, open, democratic – but America cannot accept any new competitor from rising. Just look at its present activities in international trade.

John Chuckman


“The corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy. The rest of us shouldn’t”


Sorry, Bernie, I once liked you, but I certainly do not anymore.

You have demonstrated a degree of phoniness that puts you right in there with Washington’s ugly mob of unpleasant, grasping politicians.

You allowed Hillary Clinton to cleanly get away with election fraud in the primaries, and, then, you turned around and supported her.

Just whom do you think better serves the rise of oligarchy in the US than Hillary Clinton?

Countless $300,000-a-pop speeches to major investment houses? In bed with the heads of Google and Microsoft and Facebook and Amazon, who indeed are the new face of corporate oligarchy in America?

Not only that, but your record on supporting America’s unnecessary imperial wars is not much to be proud of.

And, despite the humble pleadings, you haven’t done badly for yourself economically, like all of America’s major politicians. Your net worth, gained during office, would make millions of Americans drool.

John Chuckman



The hellish situation of the Rohingya in Bangladesh is like nothing on earth. Aung San Suu Kyi should be ashamed

I am sure that’s true.

But, my God, we have so many disgraceful situations in our world.

Israel’s concentration camp in Gaza.

The shameful, bloody destruction of beautiful Syria by America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain and France and their phony-jihadi mercenary armies.

No one says anything.

There are no ethical standards anymore in the world. There are almost no heroes.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to attack Aung San Suu Kyi, though. She has never amounted to anything but an American imperial pawn.

She never stood for anything, she never displayed any heroism, just like so many of the Nobel Peace Prize winners in a world totally twisted by American imperial drives and influence.

Just like the poor UN, an institution virtually gutted by the US so that it can carry on doing all things the UN was originally created to prevent.

John Chuckman



“Nerve agent in our midst is haunting, dangerous — and divisive

“Deterrence, investigation by independent watchdog crucial to defeat skeptics”


There is a national secret service whose motto is “By way of deception.”

It is the same country which we know, as documented in a book just published, that has conducted 2,700 assassinations. 2,700 assassinations.

A grim toll indeed.

Now, it so happens that the same country has a very deep resentment over Russia’s defense of Syria. Russia, in assisting an ally fighting genuine terror, has not only spoiled this other county’s dream of a smashed and broken Syria but disturbs its claims to an even larger slice of Syria than it already illegally holds.

An operation like this one in Salisbury is perfect for casting dark clouds over Russia and further marginalizing it in Europe. And who cares about an old ex-spy, a convicted felon, or any others, such as his daughter, who happened to be around? Certainly not an outfit that has conducted 2,700 assassinations.

The plans for Syria were for its government to be overthrown and the country to be broken into pieces, and a long time and a lot of resources were spent on trying to achieve that. As it happens, both Britain and the United States were partners in Syrian dirty work which also included Saudi Arabia and France.

This same country which has assassination as a minor industry also has nerve agents, and it could easily obtain samples of any it does not have. We know that to a certainty because in 1992, an El Al transport plane crashed near Amsterdam.

The clean-up was nasty indeed because the plane, against all of international flight rules, was carrying a big load of the chemical components for just such a nerve agent.

So, the nerve agent used in Britain certainly could have come from places other than Russia, including from Ukraine, which holds some supplies from its Soviet past. Ukraine was forced to give up its Soviet nuclear weapons after the fall of the USSR, but nothing prevented it from keeping nerve agents, which are widely viewed in the world as the poor man’s deterrent against neighboring states with nuclear weapons.

Of course, Ukraine itself could be responsible – its coup-installed government literally chokes with resentments towards Russia – but that government has proved so incompetent in all its military and economic moves – from causing its own provinces to secede over unjust laws to shooting down a civilian airliner and to putting their own economy into a tailspin – that one has some doubt in their ability to carry any scheme off. But supply material? Sure, gladly.

The likelihood of this or some other variation of events is far greater than May’s implausible assertion that a clever, highly-skilled chess player like Putin waited years to poison an old spy just before his own national election. And that he had it done in such a truly sloppy and suggestive way with signature chemicals?

After all, Russia’s secret services also have or can obtain different nerve agents. They wouldn’t have to use a known Russian version. Suggesting that they did, much resembles the FBI’s past implausibly finding passports conveniently after a terrorist operation. The whole idea is almost ridiculous, but there’s Theresa May pushing it for all she’s worth.

John Chuckman



“Nerve agent in our midst is haunting, dangerous — and divisive

“Deterrence, investigation by independent watchdog crucial to defeat skeptics”


International confirmation? But Theresa May refused even Russia’s reasonable request for a sample of the material to analyze or even copies of pertinent documents before charging ahead with reprisals and many reckless statements.

And we have a recent history in a Europe totally under America’s thumb of its leaders making dumb statements and imposing dumb sanctions all because America spent $5 billion to create a coup in Ukraine and Russia made reasonable responses to the genuine threat.

We even know the amount of money spent on the American operation because the then State Department’s big-mouthed Victoria Nuland, was overheard bragging about it. This was in the same charming diplomat who famously bellowed, “F–k Europe!”

The example of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 downed over Ukraine is highly instructive. I have studied the matter fairly closely, and there can be no doubt that the incompetents running post-coup Ukraine shot it down, either in error or deliberately thinking it something else.

But what do we get as an investigation? Other interested parties were kept out of the investigation and even evidence submitted by at least one was suppressed. The country whose airliner it was, Malaysia, was excluded from the investigation.

A NATO ally (Holland) assumed control, didn’t even collect all the evidence from the site, and after spending an inordinate amount of time – in such cases with black boxes recovered and other evidence, it usually takes only a short time to reach a conclusion – we get a vague, accusatory statement, not a proper scientific report, not a proper document of any kind.

So American influence on NATO countries virtually makes honest investigation of anything impossible, even mass murder, if the politics of the event do not suit the United States. That is the sad state at which we have arrived today.

Just imagine a Russian-installed government imposed in Mexico? American tanks and jets would be in Mexico City in days.

But Putin clearly has not behaved that way at all over the Ukraine coup, although his military could easily have been in Kiev in short order.

He has shown restraint from the beginning even though a staged coup in a country with a long common border was about as provocative as it is possible to be. He has always been willing to talk, and he participated in creating the Minsk Accords early in 2015, with Ukraine, France, and Germany, as a formula for peace. But somehow the conditions for implementing the Minsk Accords never does seem to arise in Ukraine. I just wonder why that is?


John Chuckman


Trudeau says Canada will not be ‘bowled over’ by U.S. in NAFTA talks


I have no idea what Trudeau is trying to say.

He has been so ineffective in so many things, and, in general, when people brag or bluster about what they are going to do, it is unconvincing,

Trump blusters constantly – and the truth be told he has demonstrated himself a coward many times as well as frequently incompetent – but in this matter, he automatically commands a strong position, leader of the world’s most powerful economy, and it doesn’t take someone of exceptional abilities to prevail.

Indeed, his very unpleasant qualities of ignoring other people and what they say, of rudely making fun of them, and of being fixed and contented in a fairly rigid identity as hyper-patriot are here sources of strength for the American side.

Trump’s whole point in opening any of this up was to say America was getting cheated, and he wanted to grab back a good deal of the benefits he sees as taken from American workers through the treaty. It is a trailer-park, NASCAR, gun-meet gut level of argument, not a set of rational arguments.

I am not terribly hopeful.

Why I describe Trudeau as I do, despite his clear charms, you may see summarized succinctly here:



John Chuckman



“U.K. to expel 23 Russian diplomats over spy poisoning

“PM Theresa May says Russian state is guilty of attempted murder of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and daughter” 


The woman has no basis for what she is doing.

If she did, I wouldn’t disagree at all, but she absolutely has none.

The material used is in the hands of a number of countries.

I’ll just mention two of them, Ukraine and Israel – both being governments that dislike Russia and would love to embarrassment it. Israel has done so many such dirty tricks over the years (reliably reported fact: 2,700 assassinations) that comes as second-nature. The US and others also possess this nerve agent.

It absolutely defies logic that Russia would wait 12 years (after his release from prison) to poison this man and just before a presidential election.

And if they wanted to do this with nerve gas, their secret services could readily obtain some from a different source.

And if there is one generality to be said of Putin it is that he is logical, of high intelligence, and an extraordinary strategic thinker.

What can be said of Theresa May? She’s made botch after botch, especially with regard to the various facets of Brexit.

And her own members and cabinet have been so divided over her, many times it has been reported she is likely to be dumped as leader.

Well, this kind of showboat effort shuts up the critics and gives her day after day of headlines.

It also ties directly into all the recent past anti-Russia campaign led by the US but doggedly followed by May.

It also serves as interference effectively in Russia’s election.

John Chuckman


“Trump ousts Rex Tillerson as U.S. secretary of state”


I am no fan of Rex Tillerson, however anyone can see he is one of the more rational and least extreme of Trump’s appointments.

His dismissal at this time is cause for great concern.

We have the ugly situation in Korea Trump has created.

We have many noises from Israel about an invasion of Lebanon.

And, most concerning of all I believe, is Iran. Trump, under Israel’s sway and against the advice of all major leaders, appears to be preparing the ground for renouncing the nuclear agreement with Iran, something every expert tells us they have scrupulously abided by.

And, even worse, that renunciation may just be an opening ploy to attacking Iran. There is no doubt what Netanyahu wants, an attack, something he previously spent a great of money on with detailed planning before he came to the conclusion that Israel alone simply could not carry it off. And, as we can all plainly see, Trump is pretty close to being totally influenced by Israel in everything concerning it.

A war with Iran – a nation of about 80 million – would be extremely serious. It is completely unnecessary and would represent deliberately-calculated aggression by the United States and Israel, and it could well suck in many other states as well as initiating new waves of reprisal terror in the West.


John Chuckman


“Rex Tillerson was disastrous for the US. Mike Pompeo may be worse”


“Rex Tillerson will go down as one of the worst secretaries of state in US history.”

In my view, that is a completely insupportable assertion.

I could easily come up with alternative, more worthy candidates for the title, starting with Hillary Clinton, who, for example, the great Seymour Hersh told us oversaw the movement of limited quantities of nerve agent from the murdered Qaddafi’s stocks to the plug-uglies trying to topple and divide Syria.

Tillerson was important because he was one of Trump’s only intelligent and relatively decent appointments. A lot of genuinely horrible people have been appointed by this president.

I believe the event actually deciding the Great Orange One’s decision was Trump’s apparent intention to renounce the immensely important Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Every sensible Western leader has advised Trump not to do this.

Every world expert on such matters has said Iran scrupulously abides by the terms and kept their word.

I am fairly certain Tillerson was on the side of reason.

But Donald Trump at this time appears almost under the spell of Netanyahu who has always detested the agreement.

I fear greatly we are seeing the opening moves for war with Iran, something which will be a terrifying and pointless event, only exploding our already unstable world into more destruction and more hatred.

John Chuckman


“Russia demands access to nerve agent in ex-spy case standoff


“Moscow must explain use of Soviet-made poison by midnight, U.K. prime minister says”

Sound and fury signifying nothing…except for dislike of Russia.

May is a willing servant of the American establishment.

Britain, and France, both assisted the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in the dirty work of destroying Syria. Weapons caches from France have been discovered there, and a lot of British bombing was of government infrastructure, not ISIS or al-Nusrah.

You see, for just for Putin’s legitimate efforts in Syria, fighting hired terror, he is hated.

That’s the upside-down nature of today’s world, as America works towards “full-spectrum dominance everywhere,” an official Pentagon contemporary slogan.

A number the ex-Soviet Republics in fact have the “Russian” nerve agent, very much including Ukraine with its coup-installed government which hates Russia.

Moreover, Russia has asked for a sample to analyze and been turned down.

Russia also has asked for the documents on the whole business and been refused.

This all stinks to high heaven.


In fact, just the lurching suddenness of all this render’s May’s words extremely suspect.


Response to another comment:

Just appalling.

“Pure evil”?

You have no basis for saying that, other than your prejudice.

Many states have this material, including Ukraine and Israel, both of whom would be happy to see Russia thrown under a dark cloud.

“By means of deception…” happens to be someone’s motto.


Response to another comment:

Including at present.

They (Britain) have been directly involved in the dark plot to destroy Syria from the start, yet they always lie about fighting terror.

Well, the true nature of terror in Syria is actually simple.

It consists of gangs of cutthroats – paid and supplied and assisted in various ways – in the work of destroying Syria, a beautiful land that had been at peace.

The cutthroats are not jihadis, they are mercenaries posing. The original Toyota pick-ups ISIS ran around in were paid for by the Saudis. Wounded members get treatment at hospitals in Northern Israel. US helicopters have been seen moving them around.

Various caches of weapons have been discovered by the Syrian army – American, Israeli, French. Facilities in former terrorist-held areas for working with chemicals have been discovered.  It’s all an appalling fraud.

The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and originally Turkey were the “secret club members” trying to achieve Syria’s overthrow and division. Britain and France have secretly helped from the beginning.

By the way, a small amount of murdered Qaddafi’s nerve agent was shipped by the US to some of these scum by way of Turkey. Sy Hersh, one of our greatest investigative reporters, told us the story a while ago. Hillary was in charge of the operation. It’s use? To create a pretext for US bombing. And they are still trying to use the same filthy trick.


Response to another comment:

 Well, she (May) got her headlines, didn’t she?

That’s what it’s all about.

She is, of course, in no position to threaten Russia.

But she faces opposition on a number of important matters from her own members and cabinet.

This kind of melodrama shuts them up. Makes her sound like a leader in the headlines.


By the way, many people are just naturally appalled by assassinations, no matter who is responsible.

And that’s a good thing – their being appalled – but in truth people are rather selective in the cases they are concerned with.

Why? Our corporate press (including CBC) does not keep us adequately informed about many things. It does little investigative reporting. It glosses over many horrors.

Just recently, a book was published based on talks with a good number of former assassins for Mossad or Shin Bet.

Israel has conducted 2,700 assassinations. Yes, that’s 2,700. Once Ariel Sharon wanted the military to shoot down a civilian airliner that carried Arafat.

Well, it didn’t happen, but Arafat was killed later by polonium-laced toothpaste


Response to another comment:

Another meaningless statement: Putin is concerned only with weapons, not Russia?

You simply don’t know what you are talking about.

Putin has transformed big parts of the Russian economy.

Russia has become a real world heavyweight in grain exports. Once, it imported.

And unique in that, its grains are non-GMO and without other undesired qualities. They will command premiums on world markets.

He has built some amazing structures in Russia, including a number of really important bridges. Russian industry is turning out interesting new products, such as civilian airliners and hi-tech trains.

Russia’s hi-tech has become very important, and indeed those remarkable new defensive missiles wouldn’t be possible without it.

Russia is very engaged in robotics, artificial intelligence, and other important frontiers-of-technology areas.

By the way, Russia spends around $50 billion on its military per year. The US spends $700 billion, more than the rest of the world together.

You know, it’s really a good idea to know the words to the music before you stand up to sing.



John Chuckman


“How we made 2001”

2001 remains a remarkable film, but then Kubrick was a remarkably talented man.

Close to everything about the film is flawless, especially the casting. Very convincing set of actors, including, as it does, actors who would be regarded as “relatively unknown.”

Keir Dullea was so perfect for his role. His looks, his voice, his manner all suited beautifully. The scenes near the end in which he rapidly ages are still quite gripping, too.

His assumed-unheard discussion in the space pod with Gary Lockwood is just great scene.

It is interesting that, although he appeared in other pictures, Dullea never became a became a more familiar screen presence.

Kubrick, I think in part because of his intense attention to details (such as doing his own editing), made a fairly small number of films, all worth seeing but not all as enduring as 2001 or his early, wonderful anti-war film, Paths of Glory, the best thing Kirk Douglas ever did and again a film with the most exquisitely suited casting.

Kubrick’s strong anti-war feelings left him as not an overly popular figure in American establishment circles.

I noted that on his death, the New York Times – called, accurately, the official house organ for America’s establishment – did a much less impressive obituary for him than it did for Akira Kurosawa, Kubrick being as great a figure, in my view, as Kurosawa.


‘Kelly asked the Russian leader: “Anytime he [Trump] says anything about you, it is extremely deferential, never a harsh word for you, although if you look at the way he speaks about members of his own party, of his own staff, never mind other political leaders, he frequently, personally insults them. Why do you think he’s so nice to you?”’

A deep and interesting question.

If you glance at Alt-Right Internet sites, you will quickly see that Megyn Kelly is about as hated as Muslims or Mexican migrants or talk of gun control.

She is regularly pounded by abuse, truly nasty abuse.

Well, here’s why, she’s quite smart and can ask tough questions. And that crowd, while they would never say so openly, likes smart women about as much as it likes black players protesting at the NFL.

I had no idea because I do not watch television news anymore. I quit years ago.

And if I did watch it, I would avoid the networks she has worked for because I am familiar with their long history of dishonest journalism and propaganda – Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, you name it.

But, here and there, even in the most controlled environment, something of substance does slip through, and I think this is an instance.

It is a very interesting hypothesis because, while I always dismiss the tribal rants in the U.S. about Russia and Russian interference and Russian influence over Trump – each of those things having its own American fan club, so to speak – this could well prove a matter of substance.

And, of course, if true, it would go against the interests of the most vociferous Trump supporters, the Alt-Right, the people who daily pour scorn on the Democrats and on the Special Prosecutor for daring to question or suggest anything about Trump’s integrity.

American politics literally are a madhouse today. Americans all shout about Russians, but all for different reasons. None of them has any facts behind the shouts. The only entity to gain from it all has been America’s Deep State which hates Putin because he is such a superb and able opponent.

The Deep State itself may even be protecting Trump because it knows he is vulnerable, and it can extract anything it wants from him. Yes, the pretty obviously phony Trump dossier was much talked of, but that was a political document from the start, paid for by conniving politicians.

But, as I’ve said before, the best propaganda and disinformation contain some truth. Perhaps, just so here. And, interestingly, the ex-spy from Russia, Sergei Skripal, who is said to have worked with the British ex-spy and author of the phony dossier, Christopher Steele, has had a serious attempt on his life, using nerve agent which allows all the press to immediately point at Russia while ignoring so many possibilities

If Megyn Kelly’s suspicion is right, it only points again to the extraordinary ability of Putin to behave as a statesman, not play to the crowd of the moment and to think strategically about what is best for his country.

He’s simply extraordinary.

For more on the poisoning of a former Russian spy, see:

By the way, for those who might want to better understand Putin’s “new weapons” speech, here is something interesting:


John Chuckman


“Newly Revealed Russian Weapons Systems: Political Implications
“Putin’s speech was the first step in bringing a sense of reality to a deeply delusional Empire”

Some essential facts dominate the Russian-American relationship.

One, Americans, as a whole, have never really experienced war. They think they have, just as they think they are the very bravest and best, but the facts say otherwise.

In WWII, America lost about 300,000 people, a number which was just a bit more than one-half of a percent of total losses in the war. Russia, in the form of the USSR, lost 27,000,000 people.

Now, every other aspect of the war was commensurate with those numbers. The US has never had anyone occupying any small portion of its territory. Russia had the entire Western part of the country occupied with all the devastation to a society you would expect – buildings destroyed, people starved, natural resources damaged, theft on a grand scale, and oppression.

Indeed, Russia, of course, experienced that occupation twice, once under Hitler and earlier under Napoleon. Even a far more modest third time if you count the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk which ended WWI for Russia.

War on your home territory is indeed a terribly harsh thing. The only time America experienced it was with its Civil War of the first half of the 1860s. And America still goes on sometimes about that experience in its books, movies, and politics. Yet it completely lacks the will or imagination to try understanding what war has meant to Russia.

Of course, total American losses in that war, rated as America’s greatest by far, were only about 600,000 people. I say “only” because when it comes to desperate war, most would regard such losses as slight. More people than that, nearly twice the number, died just in the terrible Siege of Leningrad.

All of America’s many wars – and when you have many wars, it automatically tells you something about the mindset of a people and their government – since WWII have been inflicted on others. They were indeed all essentially colonial wars serving to impose America’s will upon others, from Korea and Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

None of them represented a response to any real threat to the United States and none of them represented any real principle other than the principle of the world’s most powerful state telling others what to do and how to govern themselves, despite all the propaganda and slogans accompanying each one of them.

And none of them contributed much of anything to the understanding of Americans about war. America’s losses in Vietnam, for example – despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth at the time – amounted to a pinprick in real war terms. And when the gnashing got bad, the Pentagon simply changed the way conscripts were taken and did a much more thorough job of controlling “the narrative” of the war, gaining practice in the kind of propaganda that now accompanies all of its unjust wars.

America lost nearly 60,000 while it was busy killing an estimated 3,000,000 Vietnamese and turning large parts of their country into an unbelievable hellhole of landmines, bomb craters, and residue of Agent Orange and other horrors. It also contributed decisively to the loss of more than 1,000,000 Cambodians.

So, when I see the images of Americans anguished at the Vietnam Memorial, while never doubting the personal anguish of the people photographed, I know that experience does not sink down into the fabric of American society and its political institutions. Otherwise, clearly, such wars would have stopped happening, but they have not stopped happening.

The horror of Syria – reflecting practices and experiences in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and other places – is built on an entirely new approach to destroying others. There is minimal exposure of American troops – even though today they are highly-paid “professionals” and not citizen-soldier conscripts – other than in flying supersonic planes to bomb cities and places with virtually no modern defenses. The fighting on the ground in such imperial wars is done by mercenaries (in Syria) and by local groups whose grievances have been exploited (as in Afghanistan). All of it is smothered in disinformation and rivers of propaganda.

So, there is an unavoidable and vast gulf in understanding between these two countries concerning war. And America’s Deep State, the people who really make the war-and-peace decisions, are not much influenced by public views. The American public is pretty well kept poorly informed about the nature of many of these events.

It is also kept in a hyper-Patriotic state with all kinds of nonsense and manipulation. Just look at all the noise and attention about a few football players modestly exercising their supposed rights of free speech. You would think they were guilty of burning the flag and starting an insurrection on national television. America’s press works overtime to keep all such meaningless hype going, and they are greatly aided by a President today who is a genuine ignoramus.

There is a tremendous amount of news and public affairs programing in the United States. But all of it just represents variations on a theme, not genuine differences in point of view or interpretation. Thus, many Americans like to think they are well-informed. For example, the flagship paper of the American establishment – what has accurately been described as its official house organ, the New York Times – is a big publication, bristling with some entertaining and informed articles on a variety of matters. Those give it reputation and authority.

But on matters of state, all the intelligence and critical thinking disappears and a well-defined and quite predictable line is applied. So, we have what seems to be an expert and critical publication, in fact, serving as attractive packaging for narrow official views and disinformation when it comes to matters of state and world affairs.

Just the single example of the fact that the New York Times passes all of its articles concerning Israel over the official Israeli censor before publishing, a fact it long hid, tells you everything you need to know about the paper’s journalistic integrity. All of the major American media – press and broadcasting – function that same way when it comes to the things that really matter for public understanding of crucial issues.

All the recent resentments in Washington over Russian media reflect precisely the reaction of the Deep State – or the establishment, whatever term you wish to use for the people who really run America – over even the possibility of an alternative story being offered to the long force-fed American public. That doesn’t automatically make Russian media either more or less “true,” it just means there is fury over anyone’s even daring to try telling a story from another point of view.

And the American press’s approach to important affairs is exactly matched by the two political parties. They could be described as two branches of a single American imperial party. There are differences on domestic social matters that keep people thinking they have choice and keep plenty of noise going.

But on the life-and-death matters of wars and terror and coups and even the American political process, they are identical. Imagine calling a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a real political choice if you care one bit about America’s obscene series of wars in the Middle East or its behavior towards Russia and China? Or its careless disregard for countless millions with its induced coups and interference in the affairs of others? Or its sinking to the lowest morality possible with its giant systematic extrajudicial-killing operation? Or its virtual complete destruction of individual privacy and rights inside America, areas where the domestic has a bearing on the international?

No, that’s why the American establishment is insulated from its own people to a great extent and enjoys great freedom of action in terrible matters. And that’s precisely why Putin had to make the dramatic speech that he did concerning Russia’s defenses.

His words were partly predicated on the real threat the American establishment is at least studying the possibilities of direct intervention in Russia (as it has on a number of occasions in the past), a threat which is given great additional force by all the aggressive wars and coups we’ve seen from America n the last two decades. He had to cut through all the thick cotton wadding in which America society is wrapped and reach the people making decisions, its establishment. And he succeeded.

John Chuckman


Google Admits Working for Pentagon’s Drone Murder Program
Just an innocent private IT company? Yeah right, it’s part of the military-industrial complex, profiting from empire’s endless wars and up to its elbows in blood

“Do no harm or evil,” or words to that effect, was Google’s early motto.

I very much liked it, and I liked Google in its earlier days.

But it became obvious from many activities some years ago that Google was in the hip-pocket of the American military-security complex.

You could see it in many things, like Google maps, and in the speed with which Google was able to bring on huge, new projects.

This latest revelation comes as no surprise.

But it is profoundly disappointing that a company once embracing that motto is now engaged in America’s industrial-scale extrajudicial killing project.

America does many shameful things abroad with its unnecessary wars and dark plots and coups, but this organized-murder project is especially repulsive.

Of course, it openly violates every decent human principle America claims it stands for.

How can it be otherwise when you just openly murder people by the thousands, people convicted of no crime, people given no rights or legal help, people against whom there is no legal evidence at all? No judge and no jury. And, in the effort, you even kill many others besides the (the innocent) people you aim at?

It reminds us so sharply of such dark things as the Argentine junta’s program for “disappearing” people decades ago. Here was a state kidnapping its own citizens, drugging them, and flying them in planes to drop in the ocean. They killed thousands that way. Never even informing grieving families that anything had happened to their loved ones.

It reminds us also of the murder industry that is part and parcel of modern Israel. A book was recently published about Israel’s 2,700 assassinations. Yes, that’s right, 2,700 assassinations, apart from all the invasions, wars, and attacks. The book’s facts were gathered from some of the security service assassins themselves, former members. Again, this organized mass murder involved all victims guilty of nothing under law.

I suspect the American program was developed in consultation with Israel. At any rate, it clearly is a riff off of Israel’s work. After all, the entire enterprise of the Neocon Wars burning and bombing through the Middle East, the propaganda nonsense of a War on Terror (as though you could fight an idea or technique), large-scale kidnapping and torture, Guantanamo, and a galaxy of “black sites” are direct outcomes of America’s dark relationship with Israel.

We know today that all of America’s large hi-tech and Internet companies work with outfits like CIA and NSA, suppling them everything from technical assistance to a constant flow of information on their customers. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and others – they are all in the business, as we’ve gradually learned from various bits of information.

Even so seemingly benign a concept as Wikipedia today serves as a platform for an immense disinformation and propaganda war. It’s easy to observe. Full-blown articles on certain topics appear regularly, and their tone and intent are unmistakable. They read as though written in Langley, Virginia.

It’s all unethical, of course, but who expects ethics from a gigantic American monopoly of any kind or, indeed, from the government of the United States itself?

America holds to its principles only in the sense of a theme song or jingle for a weekly television show.

John Chuckman


“Sergei Skripal: Who might have ordered poisoning of Russian double agent and why?
“Analysis: The Kremlin has been accused over suspicious deaths many times, but there is also the issue of Russia’s security agencies, with reports of turf wars, unclear boundaries of responsibilities and freelance operations”

Just carry on with your silliness. Always ready, with absolutely no evidence, to suggest Russia whenever there is a mysterious death. I’m not saying it is impossible that a Russian would be involved, but why be so unimaginative right from the start?

Well, I actually do understand. It serves the ongoing program of stirring up public suspicion and hostility towards Russia that is orchestrated by the military-security thugs in Washington. All of Washington’s right-thinking European followers are expected to march along behind, echoing the script.

There are so many candidates for attempting to kill the ex-spy, and especially now that we know a nerve agent was used.

Sergei Skripal was associated with the UK ex-spy, Christopher Steele, who was paid large sums by Democrats to create the phony Russia dossier against Trump.

So maybe Hillary is a candidate? Perhaps John Podesta? Both are ruthless and unscrupulous political operators we know from WikiLeaks material.

Christopher Steele, I’m sure, also is not happy with the way his caper turned out, causing him considerable embarrassment and perhaps future high-end political contracts for manufactured dossiers.

And, of course, someone in the Democratic Party almost certainly had young Seth Rich murdered for leaking the material WikiLeaks published, which we know to a certainty from experts was not the result of a hack by Russia or anyone else.

You’ll find few scruples or ethics, despite public playacting, in a place like Washington which runs an industrial-scale extrajudicial killing operation and has busied itself for years bombing people, killing millions and causing millions to run for their lives.

Israel also has a stockpile of nerve agent, and Israel’s secret service would not hesitate to do something like this to cast an international shadow on Russia, a country it deeply resents for upsetting its plans in Syria.

For perspective, it is rather important to remember that a book has just been published about Israel’s 2,700 assassinations, some of the assassins telling their stories. Political assassination literally has been a significant industry in modern Israel, a business much like the 1930s mafia murders-for-hire out of Detroit by the Purple Gang or Murder Inc.

Of course, there’s also the US and UK. The UK has a facility at Porton Down, not many miles from this event in Salisbury which does contain such awful stuff and more.

Maybe the ex-spy cheated on his wheeling and dealing with Britain or the US? It has happened many times in the world of espionage.

Then there’s all those countries and bizarre actors involved in creating the Syria horror, too. Some of them have nerve agent.

We know the US took some of the stocks of nerve agent from the murdered Qaddafi and had them transferred into Syria for use by the phony jihadi terrorists such as ISIS and al-Nusrah – who actually are paid mercenaries covertly serving America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, assisted by Britain and France – as a provocation, giving Obama an excuse to send in the bombers while blubbering about red lines.

That operation was run under Hillary Clinton, and the whole fiasco at Benghazi with the death of an American Ambassador was related to it, part of a program for transferring cutthroats and weapons from chaotic Libya to Syria in an effort to overthrow its government too.

And the US has tried this ploy with poison gas in Syria a few more times, too, recently. Almost seems like a lack of imagination, but it could just be forgetfulness over the fact that Syria’s armed forces have no chemical weapons.

It seems a trifle brutal to attempt this several times, with each time some innocent civilians being killed horribly by US-supplied terrorists. Any excuse to kill someone you hate, right?

John Chuckman


“12 Standing Ovations for Nikki Haley at AIPAC’s UN Hatefest”

Well, I am glad the organization likes its representative.

Ms. Haley is pretty much a full-time propagandist for a special interest group and not much of a representative for either specifically American or broader human affairs issues.

She has said some simply outrageous things from the point of view of about the other 95% of humanity.

And she has consistently made ugly charges undermining the UN, an organization the world very much needs.

But that’s what propagandists always end up doing, being destructive.

Just imagine a world where every country behaved just as Israel does.

Each holding millions against their will and with no rights.

Each regularly stealing the property of those other people as the spirit moves.

Each ignoring countless international laws and agreements and a huge number of past UN Resolutions.

Each maintaining a totally illegal stockpile of nuclear weapons.

Each having illegally assisted in the proliferation of nuclear weapons as Israel did with Nationalist South Africa.

Each invading every single neighbor they have over time and invading some of them two or three times.
Each supporting horrors like the fake-jihadi mercenaries trying to destroy Syria.

Well, it would be a very long list, and I won’t set every point down.

But you get the idea.

This would be a world of utter chaos, perhaps resembling the hellish mess Israel helped create in Syria.

Would anyone want that?

If it is such a hellish vision for the world, and it is, why then is it okay for Israel to carry on exactly this way?

John Chuckman


Marine Corps leader warns that China is ‘weaponizing capital’

This just has to be one of the dumbest comments I ‘ve ever read from a high-ranking person.

The Marine simply has no idea what he is talking about.

But then Marines are not noted for their intelligence.

When a country accumulates large reserves of another county’s currency through the normal operation of trade, then using some that currency reserve to purchase assets is completely normal and the expected thing to do.

China’s reserves of US currency would not build up so heavily if they could buy American products in return for what they send America, but America simply makes too few things, at competitive prices, for that to be possible.

China today is the world’s manufacturer. It makes almost anything anyone anywhere wants for a competitive price.

The US enjoyed that position for a while after WW II when all its competitors were flattened, but it can never regain it again, no matter what Trump and the Marines say.

The world today is buzzing with competitors in many, many things, competitors who do things better and cheaper than America does them. And more of them are just going to keep coming. That is just a fact and a fact that is not going away.

It’s especially ridiculous to hear any American talking about normal direct investment as though it were an evil, both because the statement is economically obtuse and because this is what America itself has done for so long abroad.

Time to grow up, America, and deal with the realities of the world, not indulge in childish fantasies that it can be 1954 again.

You never solve any problem by pretending it is not there, but so many Americans do this about international trade, not recognizing that America is noncompetitive over a whole range of economic activities and not recognizing what a different world it is, one brimming with competitors, compared to 1954.

A good start for America might actually be to trim itself down, getting rid of the bloated, unproductive ball-and-chain it drags around with its military and security agencies – all of it at outrageously high cost – and stop listening to ignorant economic views from Marines.

John Chuckman


Are we seeing signs of a Democratic wave in the primaries?

Well, yes, but…

The Republicans know that Trump could be reduced to a big awkward bird with a broken wing in the 2018 Midterm elections.

So, Mike Pence and other key Republicans are out doing all the grandstanding they can to secure campaign contributions and favorable high-end press coverage in time for the 2018 Midterm elections.

Pence is appearing at AIPAC making all the promises he can think of, and that is the best-organized and most effective lobby in the country.

Like it or not, American politics are based on money, and, as some have said, America gets the best government money can buy.

Trump’s whole promise on moving the American embassy was predicated on this, too. He has enjoyed in the past terrible press, but the embassy move was intended to change that.

It is not a matter of prejudice, but simply a fact, that Jewish Americans, sympathetic to Israel, own or control all the big, high-end American press – both newspapers and broadcasters.

Now, the administration is even talking about an earlier-than-expected opening for the new embassy.

Possibly, with Trump attending.

This pattern in American politics goes back to 1948, when Harry Truman knew he was losing.

He did not feel inclined to recognize the self-declared state of Israel.

But he was lobbied relentlessly to do so. His own memoirs tell us that.

He relented on recognition, and the election literally turned around for him after a good injection of funds and favorable press treatment.

That set the example for American politicians ever since.

And Trump’s current circumstances strikingly resemble those of Truman.

So, all the monetary and press support that can be gathered will be gathered.

And you cannot overestimate the importance of that in 2018.

Plus, the Democrats appear to have a rather low bank balance.

John Chuckman


‘Mars is the only solution for the survival of humanity’
In his book, Michio Kaku has made shocking predictions which uncannily echo what Stephen Hawking had said once

You know, high intelligence, which both these gentlemen certainly possess, does not save you from believing some stupid things.

We’ve had many examples through history.

Isaac Newton, one of our greatest scientists, regarded his work on theology as his greatest achievement.

Yet his massive work on theology is of interest to no one today, excepting antiquarians and biographers.

Albert Einstein, another of our greatest scientists, rejected quantum mechanics, making his famous quip about God not playing with dice.

Today, we know quantum mechanics are a fundamental part of our understanding of the universe. With each passing month, we see new projects and gadgets based on that understanding.

Beliefs involve the emotions, not just intellect.

And great intellects are perfectly capable of being led astray by emotions, almost certainly what has happened in the cases of Hawking and Kaku.