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Handle Iran?

I’m not aware of anything in need of “handling.”

Iran minds its own business. It has attacked, or even seriously threatened, no one.

The people concerned with “handling Iran” are themselves the people who’ve attacked others and occupied their territories.

The U.S. occupies two countries (including a long stretch of Iran’s border) threatens a third daily (Iran), and has begun making noises about a fourth (Pakistan). It keeps a huge fleet off the coast, and it apparently has the CIA working with a terrorist group in Eastern Iran, trying to start trouble.

Israel has attacked every neighbor it has, some more than once. It still holds millions in abusive occupation. It has broken every international law and convention you care to name. Its arrogant prime minister hurls threats and practices bombing runs.

Who is the real threat here?

We have the solid information from someone high in the American intelligence establishment, risking his or her position to see that we are informed, telling us clearly that Iran’s weapons program no longer exists.

But even if it did have a weapons program, so what? Israel has nuclear weapons – obtained in part through theft in the U.S. years ago. Iran is almost surrounded by nuclear powers.

We lived with MAD in Europe for decades. Today Europe is a peaceful, thriving place.

The only thing that would change in the Middle East with Iranian weapons is a new balance of power, removing Israel’s absolute veto over its every neighbor and the technical advance of any other nation in the region.

Israel’s last half century is a complete dead-end. It has no peace. It has earned a worldwide reputation as a rogue state. Clearly something new needs to be introduced to end this abusive, go-nowhere situation.

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