Poor al Qaeda has no imagination at all I guess.

All they have to do is mass produce their underpants – they could get them done cheaply in China – and label them as Stansfield’s or Fruit of the Loom.

Then flood the market with them at discount prices. Tens of thousands of unknowing guys wearing explosive underpants on airplanes.

But then we do have the word of a former British Foreign Minister, as well as several other well-known figures, that there is in fact no such thing as al Qaeda – the term is a American one used as a catch-all for “bad guys.”

But we do know the CIA exists and we know that it has done and does a lot of stupid and expensive stunts.

This entire farce is just another example of someone at Langley hitting the keys of their “great Wurlitzer,” as they are wont to call their set of contacts in the media for planting stories.

“This is a good site.”

Good for what?

Confirming your prejudices?

“Karl Marx: everything happens twice. The first time is tragedy. The second time is farce.”

The person commenting seems unaware that here Marx sounds like the late wit, Oscar Levant, all cleverness and style with no real meaning.

And how very odd to see Right Wing extremist quoting Marx.

Of course, you didn’t get the quote quite right, but that’s okay.

Anyone educated in modern science knows that Marx had it completely wrong.

You can never repeat the same set of events.

The ancient quote – variously attributed – had it right: Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice.

One simply cannot avoid the mental image of a man blowing off his own “vitals.”

It could well be that the CIA contrivers of this silly story intended that as a little inside joke.

Any clever twelve-year old could come up with several more damaging ways of doing harm to the West than fizzling underpants on a plane.

Please don’t forget that in the first Gulf War the United States government commissioned an ad agency to come up with the nonsense about Kuwaiti babies being ripped from their respirators.

That was to make people feel good about B-52s dropping 30-ton loads on poor Iraqi peasant recruits huddled in sand piles on the desert. The numbers killed – tens of thousands certainly – were never released, and their bodies bulldozed into mass graves.

Of course there were the brave American jet jockeys who while they strafed retreating Iraqis outside Kuwait City gave us such memorable moments as our hearing pilot chatter along the lines of, “Wee, this is like shootin’ fish in barrel!”

And of course all of that was the direct result of the U.S. giving a deliberate false signal to Saddam to go ahead with his wishes. It doesn’t get more cynical and brutal.

“Good of Obama to put his Nobel Peace Prize down for a minute so he could order a revenge assassination.

“I’m sure liberals are outraged at this Bush war mongering.”

No, it is not liberals who are outraged; it is all decent, ethical human beings.

You clearly exclude yourself from that group and try kicking up dirt with pointless talk of liberal versus conservative.

No, the distinction couldn’t be more clear: it is ethical, civilized people versus savages.

And Obama never had to put his Peace Prize down because he has demonstrated that he is in the complete control of the Pentagon/intelligence agency/Israeli Lobby from day one.

The most disappointing man in memory for certain.

He never deserved that prize. Its award was an act of futile hopes in Europe.

Does a double-agent underwear bomber require two sets of underwear to use depending on which side he is at any time?

“Now we know why they check children and the infirm, I wouldn’t put it past al Qaeda to use a bomb diaper or depends.”

Don’t you just love that “I wouldn’t put it past…?”

But then again, here’s a further development of my idea for a line of men’s explosive underwear to be sold to the unwitting at discount.

You could have a factory in China do a knock-off of Pampers or Depends complete with secret explosive formula.

Horrors, just imagine some poor souls like actors in a Depends ad – someone with the sweet smile of June Allyson – suddenly having their groins flash and smoke and fizzle?

What an evil plot.

Well, there’s just one answer for it: never use another Pamper or Depends diaper without taking it in for X-rays first.

Would Medicare cover the X-ray costs I wonder in the interests of health and safety?

This is a threat surely that outweighs all of Israel’s illicit arsenal of nuclear and chemical weapons, wouldn’t you say?

The great threating shadow over our generation, exploding underpants and diapers!


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