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A good first year only if you choose to ignore the lying, the many incompetent acts of ministers, the refusal to take responsibility for election fraud, the effort to suppress those – such as the former Chief Statistician – who will not accept manipulation, and a number of others.

This is the most dishonest man ever to hold the office, and he has set a new low standard for political dirt.

Well, the editorial putz who wrote this piece has good reason to say otherwise, hasn’t he/she?

After all, you endorsed this shabby man.

“The G+M has outsourced its editorial writing to the conservative party.”

A brilliant comment, right on the mark.

Only one slight correction, I believe the editorial-writing consultant is a figure from the East Texas Republican Party: our Conservative Party now is a wholly-owned subsidiary of that group, showing not one moment of independent thought.

It is no wonder the Globe no longer features the words of Junius as its motto:

“The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures.”

I can always respect an honest person whose political views are different to mine, but the kind of anonymous Republican frat-boy who writes this kind of public relations swill is beneath contempt.

There is absolutely no analysis here, only praise for a chief magistrate mired in dishonest practices.

“Check out the NYT.

“Posts must make a relevant, well thought out point, and advance the debate.

“On the other hand, if you applied these standards to this particular article, you would probably have fewer than 10 posts, so far.”

How very wrong you are, although I agree that the purest name-calling is not generally permitted there.

But I can accept a little name-calling so long as a good number of diverse points of view are represented, as they are in the Globe and as they are not in The Times.

My comments over the years were posted there many times, and my written letters published many times.

But there is subtle pattern of selection and censorship ongoing at The Times.

There is an immensely unfair but silent process of editing Letters to the Editor.

The Letters page is almost a hoax, there are so many edits and exclusions.

You would only know this if you participated significantly.

I lost all respect and quit reading The Times.

I’ll give the Globe top marks for what it does in comments over every other “quality” paper in English, being familiar with all of them.

Incidentally, the Toronto Star much follows The Times’ practices, only in a more limiting manner. You rarely will see a quality comment in The Star disagreeing with their editorial assumptions, and they allow no space for making important points.

Quite shameful really.

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