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Monthly Archives: September 2012






This was the act of an extremely foolish and impetuous man.

Canadians traditionally are people who try to resolve issues through diplomacy, and you can’t have diplomacy without diplomats, a point I would have thought rather obvious, but apparently not so to all, judging from a sampling of mindless comments.

There is not one good thing that can result from this act for Canada or Canadians, with the sole exception, if you are a Conservative, of the Conservative Party’s campaign coffers owing to special interest donations.

Then there are the hollow cheers from the little mob of unofficial representatives for Israel’s interests (interests as defined by the three madmen currently running the place: Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman) who swarm like flies on any story of this nature, trying to bury thoughtful comments and prevent meaningful discussion.

You can tell them, almost to a person, despite the pseudonyms used in almost every case, by their tone: it lacks all logic and is devoid of ethics.

They never argue the genuine merits of one side or the other: they just call names, advocate the destruction of millions of innocent people, and offer limp efforts at frat-boy jokes.

What is Canadian about such behavior? Just as what is Canadian about Baird’s utterly foolish act?

Nothing, unless your idea of being Canadian is to sound and act like America’s Republican buffoons, the pathetic likes of Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh or indeed Mitt Romney.

None of whom ever uttered a thoughtful sentence, and all of whom regularly go out of their way to say obtuse and abusive things that create conflict and division.

Divisiveness and conflict – that literally defines Stephen Harper’s legacy to Canadian politics.

The audience you draw does tend to define the nature of your acts, and you’ve only to read a sampling here to understand what Harper and Baird have achieved, and it is not something in the interests of the vast majority of Canadians.

But then Harper is a 39% prime minister, isn’t he?

And our democracy is badly bent when that kind of support allows acts and words that will do damage for years to our long-term interests.







“There is a good chance the Canadian Iranian Embassy was being used for more than public relations. Espionage, spying whatever, it should have been closed years ago.”

Israel is well known in intelligence circles for its relentless espionage on Canada and the U.S.

American counter-intelligence has a special, large assignment in working against the efforts of their so-called ally.

The ally who produced the most destructive spy in American history, Jonathon Pollard.

The ally who sold some of Pollard’s “product” to the Soviet Union.

The ally who, during its 1967 war, deliberately attacked, for two solid hours, the American intelligence ship Liberty in order to blind the American government to what they were doing in that war.

The ally whose spies were caught during 9/11 watching and photographing the disaster from a phony moving truck, an event never explained.

From Canada’s point of view, it is the ally which time and again has abused Canada’s passports by using phony ones on assassination assignments.

“Yes, Ahmadinejad is an idiot, but then again so are you and people still speak to you. “

Ahmadinejad has said a few foolish things, mainly under his irrepressible tendency to poke fun at the pretensions of theirs.

But a highly successful politician in a country with a greater population than that of France or Britain and who holds a PhD in Civil Engineering is anything but an idiot.

It is foolishness to say so.

He is likely more intelligent than most of the recent presidents of the United States.

And the foolish things he has said should be compared to the collected words of a Bush or a Reagan or a Romney.

Assuming a bright, capable man is wild-eyed plays right into the hands of Israel’s around-the-clock propagandists, and it certainly does not contribute to understanding.

“Why is Mulcair a lobbyist for Iran?”

Why are you a lobbyist for stupidity?

“I see now, we need those absurdly expensive F35’s to combat the enemies Harper is making on behalf of Canada, how American!!”

Well said.

And just watch, if we do buy these absurd machines, and if they do fly as advertised finally after billions more spent, when Netanyahu yells, we’ll be flying the dozen or so operational at any one time (they require horrific maintenance) to wherever Israel has decided once again to bomb someone it doesn’t like.

On a per capita basis, there is one country whose armed forces, including every weapon imaginable, is obscenely out of proportion to its size in population or wealth, and that country is Israel.

It sits by the Mediterranean like a Crusader enclave, a virtual garrison state, a country with the population of Ecuador and the arms and army of France.

And it is currently run by a madman.

‘And how exactly do they think to “retaliate”? After we nuke the crap out of them, there won’t be a bacteria left to live in that stinky country.’

“Bacteria’ is the plural form of the noun, requiring a plural modifier, not “a.”

But then that covers the intelligent part of your words.

How can anyone but a complete madman lightly speak about exterminating 70 million people?

But I do believe we’ve had such talk in the past.

In Germany during the 1930s.

“Look at the lefty socialist twisting in the wind trying to defend Iran, an exporter of terrorists.

Well, I don’t know about Iran exporting terrorists.

Seems an absurd thing to say since there isn’t one genuine news story about Iranian terrorists anywhere.

Iran also remains at peace with all its neighbors.

Can we say the same for Israel? I don’t think so.

Of course, we do have stories of what Israel exports.

At least half a dozen people were killed by Israeli soldiers in Gaza – that giant refugee camp – this week alone.

And Israeli’s Barak just made threats – his favorite hobby, making threats – about how the IDF could easily conquer and run Gaza.

Of course, there’s all that wonderful human-rights stuff about Israeli terrorists assassinating totally innocent Iranian scientists with car bombs.

And your words are a perfect example of the kind of dishonest rubbish-thinking exported by Israel.

Day after day after day.

“I’m guessing principled decisions such as this, totally escape the left.”

No, you have it the wrong way round.

Decisions such as this totally escape the principled.

And we should add that language such as your “the left,” intended to characterize large numbers of people you don’t like, would have been perfectly comfortable on the tongue of a Dr. Goebbels.

Indeed, all your fellow name-callers entirely miss or ignore that damning fact.






Fact 1: Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program according to every expert and credible intelligence agency.

Fact 2: Iran belongs to the Non-proliferation treaty and it permits regular inspections.

Fact 3: Iran has demonstrated no aggressive intentions in its modern history.

Fact 4: The President of Iran likes to make tail-twisting statements and likes to poke fun at pretensions, but he has never threatened Israel. He is often misquoted by Israel in that regard, but what he actually said is nothing more than what the CIA itself has said in internal studies of Israel: it does not have a long-term future in its present state, and that fact has nothing to do with war.

By the way, with all the propaganda we have dumped upon us regularly, not many people know that Iran’s President is an extremely intelligent man, possessing a PhD in Civil Engineering. He is not a wild-eyed fanatic, a description which much better fits the current Prime Minister of Israel.

Fact 4: Israel does not belong to the Non-proliferation Treaty, and it allows no inspections of any kind, ever.

Fact 5: There’s a good reason for not belonging to the treaty because Israel in fact has a nuclear arsenal of about 150 warheads. It broke every law there is in achieving this status.

Fact 6: Israel is one of the only countries known to have worked towards the proliferation of nuclear weapons. It worked with and assisted apartheid South Africa in becoming a small nuclear power. The current President of Israel’s signature is on documents from decades ago offering to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa.

Fact 7: Israel has very much demonstrated aggressive intention – indeed, it has done so for the last 60 years, attacking every neighbor that it has, many more than once. It started several major wars and it has committed outright atrocities against the people of Gaza and Lebanon.

Fact 8: Israel is led by screaming madman, a man who daily issues threats against those who have not attacked his country and works tirelessly to get the United States engaged in yet another war. Both the Presidents of France and the United States are on record as saying that he is liar who cannot be trusted.

Grovel, grovel, grovel. Mr. Baird, it’s okay to get up off your knees now. It truly is distasteful to see a Foreign Minister of Canada behaving in this irrational fashion.

Is there any stupid behavior this government is incapable of as it chases campaign donations from special interests?

“Nothing quite like a story about Iran to bring out the Jew haters.”

This kind of carelessly stupid rhetoric is repeated every time anyone criticizes Israel.

The only merit in this boringly-repetitive and hateful man’s words – and those of several regular chums here in the cause of defending what cannot be defended – is that this charge is becoming hopelessly threadbare.

The words already have become close to meaningless from constant repetition.

But the words are well on their way to becoming laughable, in a black comedic sort of way.

Remember the fairy tale of the boy who constantly yelled “Wolf!” He enjoyed himself with his stupid antics, but when a real wolf appeared, there was no one who would listen and help him.

It is the people with hard ethics and concerns for human rights who always are the only real friends of people undergoing terrible treatment.

The likes of Harper and Baird – right-wing opportunists – were the very people in every country of Europe who never spoke up in the late 1930s. They were busy joining Bunds and Fascist organizations of every description in Britain, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Not a single liberal of conscience joined such filthy outfits.

And it is liberals of conscience today who criticize Israel’s outlandish and savage behavior.

The leader of North Korea – a state often described as “rogue’ – is comparatively quiet and peaceful compared to the madman running Israel today.

There is no other way to see the facts, unless you are blind ideologue who cares nothing for truth, which of course is exactly what your use of language says of you.






Grovel, grovel, grovel.

What in God’s name does this matter have to do with most of America’s 300,000,000 people?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

And what does it have to do with most of the world’s 7,000,000,000 people?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

So why does he go out of his way to raise it?

Campaign contributions from special interests.

Of course, it is Romney’s behavior that truly is shameful for someone aspiring to be a world leader.






Well, it has become a civil war, and such wars have a history of being the bloodiest everywhere.

And who is responsible for getting the horror going?

We know to a certainty it was the United States and Israel.

“The government sits back and does nothing while these activist / terrorists run rampant.

“WRONG …. the army is called out to use all means possible to restore order.

“Why do we continue to support every gang of hooligans ?”

Because this gang of hooligans is supported and supplied by the United States.

Do you see even one act or policy of the United States that our present government doesn’t closely embrace?

I think it fair to say it grovels when facing South.

We have Mad Dog Baird making pompous pronouncements about unwarranted new measures against Syria.

We have his boss, the Dark Bulk, periodically breaking out in sudden outbursts of loyalty to Israel and Israeli interests, to the complete exclusion of all others.

And it is in Israel’s interest that this whole elaborate plot to upset a stable country and perhaps partition it was created by the United States, just as the horror in Iraq was about Israel and not oil.

“If you want the true unpolluted by propaganda news, you must go OnLine to Al Jazeera.”

Why on earth do we need to go to Al Jazeera when we have ignorant propagandists like “Hapl” scribbling daily in the Globe and Mail?

Indeed, Al Jazeera, while not perfect, is one of the more objective and balanced sources in a sea of propaganda and deliberate misinformation.






Have you ever noticed how rich in words of contempt the Yiddish language is?

Even Yiddish-origin people who do not speak Yiddish use them.

They are literally a part of what we think of as the New York City character or Jewish humor.

Without making a big effort, we have: schmuck, meshuggina, zhlub, wus, dreck, putz, goi, gornisht, schlepper, klutz, schlemiel, kvetch, luftmensh, megillah, momzer, nebbish, nudnik, pisher, schlock, scmultz, shtunk.

These are generally not foul language or curses, just words full of contempt for something one is observing.

If there is truth in the idea that language reflects other deeper things in people, then these words of contempt say a great deal.