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Ford undoubtedly has roughly the same base fraction of voters that Harper does.

For those people, I’m sure he can do no wrong no matter how irrational and nasty his acts.

It is one of the not-so-pretty aspects of democracy that Churchill spoke of quite strikingly.

After all, the Bell curve means nearly half of any population is sub-normal in intelligence, and if you go down the curve another standard deviation, you reach Rob Ford’s base territory.

Statistics say that 1 out 4 people need psychiatric care so this would explain 25% of the 26% of these voters. The other 1% must just be totally insane.”

That’s darkly funny, but it is not so far from the truth.

The percentage of mentally unbalanced people in any society does vary, but it is a surprisingly large number for a place like Toronto when you take account of all the different problems from schizophrenia and manic-depression to depression and autism.

This represents another way of segmenting the total population over and apart from the intelligence spectrum.

Whatever way you segment the population, a guy like Ford attracts the group you wouldn’t want to have an extended conversation with.

“Judging from the fat, hill-billy jokes, the majority of Ford bashing here centers around Ford’s looks: He’s short, fat and doesn’t have an $80 haircut. He also doesn’t mince words.”

They do that only as a short-hand way of describing his ugliness.

What makes people dislike him viscerally is his mouth and his behavior.

The guy was a spoiled brat kid, and he thinks he’s entitled to act the fool and insult people.

How can you defend a man who runs a streetcar door and then reports the poor driver who chided him, trying to get the driver fired?

How can you defend a man who gives the finger to an old lady who observes him breaking the law?

How can you defend a man who calls 9-1-1 when he sees a well-known comedian in his driveway?

How can you defend a man who yells at the poor 9-1-1 operators, “I’m the f-ckin’ mayor”?

How can you defend a man who was arrested years ago for drunk-driving?

As for not mincing words, you confuse stupidity with force of mind.

The man is a complete slob, ethically, physically, and mentally.

“Tribe Smitherman will be avenged. They lost their big chance.”

You have that just plain wrong.

Smitherman was a terrible candidate, one who failed in his every big responsibility in the provincial government and lacks an attractive personality too.

It was only because there was no good alternative choice that the Big Fat Idiot won.

Leaving aside his ugly personality and genuinely stupid stunts, the basic fact is that Ford has achieved very little.

Toronto remains an inefficient city, and Ford has not sorted much out.

He spent a huge amount of energy and time on his anti-streetcar theme – it was as stupid an effort almost as Miller’s huge flap over the perfectly good island airport – and he lost.

And you don’t balance budgets by cancelling a tax – the vehicle tax, used in many, many cities, including the Chicago he visited – to start with.

There are many gigantic problems he doesn’t touch, including, for example, the disgraceful fact that Toronto sends daily fleets of garbage trucks down the highway or that the high-rise population does not have a good recycling program.

He has also gone out of his way to alienate groups, as the clear example of gays, for no good reason but as, one supposes, a quiet statement of his own limited beliefs. The Mayor of Chicago would never do that.

He’s not a man who can finesse anything, and good mayors must be able to that.

His general mental outlook, judging from his own words and deeds, is that of a Sarah Palin – that is to say, an unintelligent bubble-head.

“These 11 reasons are why many people say Toronto is a failed city, with nothing interesting to offer , the Detroit of Canada”

The Detroit of Canada?

Have you ever visited Detroit?

Your comparison is ridiculous.

Detroit is a totally decayed hellhole.

Toronto is a prosperous city with some problems which need sorting out.

A great man once said: Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent. You’d be wise to heed him.

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