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John Chuckman


Peter Potatohead likely holds the Canadian political record for the number of government portfolios to which a complete mediocrity was appointed. It is, after all, a very thin bench with which Harper works.

Apart from that let’s remember Peter’s idea of ethics.

He had an affair with someone who was effectively his direct subordinate as Deputy Leader.

When she bailed out, Mr Potatohead went on the grand tour of news media, lamely whining to each one about what she had done to him!

Still later, he insulted her in Parliament, within hearing of several, yet he refused to apologize and indeed lied about ever having done so.

Our glorious PM seconded him in the outright lie.

A secondary thought: Those two – John Baird and Peter MacKay – “big-name” retirements from the Conservatives months before an election are often described as rats leaving a sinking ship.

Maybe, but I think there is another explanation, at least as likely.

Mr Harper is a notoriously humorless and autocratic and, frankly, boring man. After the best part of a decade attending meetings with this grim man who allows virtually no independence of expression, might it be that some insiders simply have reached the limits of their endurance?

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