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Monthly Archives: June 2015


There can be no doubt that Mr. Zuesse is correct about Ukraine having destroyed MH-17, however I cannot agree, without further evidence, that the act was a “black flag” operation.

It may have been, of course, but we have no solid evidence for that as we very much do for Ukraine’s actually downing the airliner.

Sheer incompetence alone, demonstrated over and over, by Ukraine’s military provides a pretty compelling explanation with no further motives required.

I think the greatest lesson we can all learn from these events concerns America’s approach to world affairs today.

The United States unquestionably has spy satellite data of this event – its fleet of “Keyhole” satellites with capabilities resembling those of NASA’s space telescope cover the earth – yet it has never offered any of it to the international community.

It also unquestionably has radar data of the event, this being a region of constant interest to America’s military, and America has some of the world’s best radars yet, again, it has offered absolutely nothing to the international community.

Last, the extraordinary – virtually criminal – dilatory proceedings of the Dutch investigators can only reasonably be interpreted as suppression of evidence in response to American pressure, America having been deeply concerned that its fledgling coup-created government in Kiev would be discredited so early in its life by a destructive blunder.

We have seen many times a fairly straightforward crash like this explained by authorities within weeks or less, as was the recent case with the German plane widely scattered over difficult terrain in the Alps. The delay over MH-17 surely can only be deliberate.

Whatever the final resolution, the entire matter remains one big tissue of lies, and it is profoundly disturbing that European leaders remain so under the malign influence of the United States here and in other matters, allowing themselves to hurt their economies through America’s insistence on penalties and needlessly to threaten a new cold war over an ugly set of lies.


Comment from another reader:

“Sadly, I think the UN is as corrupt as any other politically controlled entity. Don’t expect a different result”

Indeed, today the UN behaves as corruptly as the Dutch crash investigators and the seeming victory of Malaysia in bringing the investigation to the UN’s scrutiny likely amounts to nothing. Ban Ki-Moon is Washington’s man in every last matter, often displaying the most obsequious and embarrassing public behavior.




What is Mr. Murphy on, medical  marijuana?

An excellent speaker? Harper? The guy who addresses us as “friends” much in the manner of a tent preacher?

Harper is only comfortable either giving a set speech on a topic with which he is comfortable or in delivering a cheap, fast put-down in Question Period.

Hardly the skill range of a good speaker.

Add to that his basic dislike of people and the kind of stiff arrogance we saw in Ignatieff, and you do not have a winning combination.

Really great speakers always possess a kind of honesty in wanting to communicate something – even if its selective in nature – and Harper is likely the most dishonest personality ever to hold office in Canada.

Harper is driven by negatives.

He doesn’t like Canada and its traditional way of doing things. He said so himself.

He hates the Liberal Party and would love to destroy it. Again he said so himself.

He admires the way things are done in the United States, a country which today approaches no longer even being a democracy.

This is a man full of resentments with not a lot positive to contribute.

I almost suspect he was bullied as a kid in Toronto and has never forgiven his tormentors. He works hard to get back, possessing a genuinely destructive personality.

He has little popular appeal, naturally enough, and I think it fair to say his career is largely one of circumstances, of having lucked out with the Liberals so divided.

His lack of genuine feeling – except for a warm feeling about power – comes right through. He can’t hide it.

I believe the Conservative Party associates who have left before the election have done so for a generally unobserved reason: they are tired of his private tyranny and relentless suppression of individuality. They’ve put up with it long enough, likely believing he should have retired as leader and given someone else a chance, but, no, his negative personality listens to no one and his love of power has reached badly corrupt levels. Most of them will return after he is defeated.

And he is going to lose and lose big, no matter what polls may say.