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John Chuckman


“…the state claims were murdered by Israeli spies.”


Are you kidding?

Who else but Israel – whose leaders have a long record of killing innocent people and launching weekly rants about non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons – has a motive to do these murders?

Only Saudi Arabia, but that is virtually the same thing as saying Israel.

The absolute monarchy and the one-kind-of-people-only “democracy” work hand-in-glove now on regional policy, as they do on supporting cutthroats like ISIS.


Comment in response to another:

Yours is the silly repetition of official slogans, but then I don’t doubt you are one of the thousands of Israelis paid so much a word by the government to fill discussion sites with such “truths.” The purest dishonesty, surely.

Israel is a democracy only and exactly in the sense that the American Confederacy and apartheid South Africa were democracies. After all, the select or privileged population voted in both those historical places. But no one else voted and no one else had any rights.

You cannot meaningfully call a place a democracy where half the people living under its government have no votes.

Besides, genuine democracies have Bills or Charters of Rights to prevent a majority from tyrannizing minorities. After all, even genuine democracies are capable of evil behavior. That’s why there are Bills and Charters of Rights. Israel has none, and it cannot ever have one, a meaningful one, so long as it holds to its ugly Netanyahu-Sharon form of existence – that is, a garrison state holding millions of unwilling prisoners and attacking every neighbor that it has.

Yours is pure Ministry of Truth nonsense about being surrounded by tyrannies.

We see clearly that the tyrannies are Israel’s best secret friends. Israel’s best secret partners in crime today are the tyrant now ruling in Egypt, the absolute Saudi Royal family, and ghastly Qatar. Israel loved Mubarak for thirty years, never mind the misery he inflicted upon Egyptians.

Israel loves having a Generalissimo in Egypt suppressing Egyptians, a Generalissimo quietly friendly to Israel to keep his American pay-offs. Israel hated the late elected government in Egypt simply because it knows that the people of Egypt do not agree with Israel’s suppression of Palestinians, its piracy on the high seas, and, in general, its self-assumed role of Decider of Affairs in the Middle East, with all the costs paid by its American imperial sponsor.

If you examine Israel’s behaviors – ignoring empty, insincere words and slogans  – Israel is the de facto tyrant of the region – threatening everyone, assassinating, attacking, and demanding this and that through its entire brief existence.

Even the Six Day War was carefully engineered to make the Arabs look like bad guys while the entire point was to steal all the property of others it yet holds: Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Golan Heights. It was the very height of hypocrisy and blubbering about poor David fighting off Goliath.

It doesn’t matter how many empty words you utter, in the end Israel’s current situation is untenable. The world will not in the long run allow you to keep all the properties of others you stole in that war.

Israel is a great puffed-up presence in the area, puffed up by countless subsidies and allowances from others. Even Israel’s many human rights crimes have been tolerated in view of guilt over what Germany did 70 years ago. But the realities are just too terrible now to keep suppressed. Millions as prisoners with no rights at all, and government after government attacks everyone they do not like. I do not detect an ounce of difference from the old South Africa, which, by the way was a great friend and trading partner of Israel’s too.

Even Israel’s own people will not want to go on long as the world’s greatest garrison state and, on per-capita basis, the world’s greatest suppressor of human rights. After all, even the most repressive systems like the Soviets or Apartheid South Africa always collapse in the end.

And the Jewish people in Canada, America, or Britain lead infinitely richer lives than the ordinary ones in Israel who must fight, pay huge prices, live in a controlled environment, swallow endless nonsense, and often cannot even afford a home.

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