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John Chuckman


Not much to a reader’s observation about Putin and Trump being similar.

In fact, they are almost opposites in many ways.

Putin is soft-spoken, strategic in his thinking, and cunning.

Trump resembles nothing so much as a perpetual drunk shooting his mouth off at whatever crosses his path.

Trump is a walking emotional explosion.


In response to a reader who thinks big businessmen make good leaders:

Big businessmen and generals virtually always make poor presidents.

They are used to barking out orders, but that does not work in the real political world.

Clever persuasion is what’s needed, a quality Trump lacks utterly.


To a reader who thinks I don’t realize the importance of the economy in the election:

Oh, I do think I “realize.“

After all, I am a retired chief economist for a large Canadian company.

Anyone who understands classical economics knows that a government leader has very little to do with the performance of the real economy.

They do like to pose and strut around and take credit for what goes right, but it is mostly empty-headed nonsense.

The one way government can assist an economy is doing its basic job of providing essential infrastructure, avoiding wasteful spending like stupid wars, and seeing that the children receive good education. The United States has failed in every one of these essentials for decades, Republicans or Democrats making no difference.

You also fail to really comprehend Clinton`s election slogan. He was reminding himself of the importance of speaking on the campaign trail about what is important to ordinary people. In American politics, speaking about a subject is almost never the same thing as actually doing something about it if elected.

That was certainly true of Clinton, a pretty classless president who had not one admirable achievement.

As for Trump, he is a big-mouthed fraud, a confidence man, not an expert on economics, full stop.

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