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John Chuckman


Actually, this is one of the few times I find myself in at least some agreement with Trump.

Indeed, I’d go farther and say McCain never remotely qualified as a hero. By the time the Vietnam War was over, Americans were desperate for some kind of meaning in all those ghastly years of killing and destruction and defeat, so they fixed on the released POWs from Vietnam who received inordinate and undeserved attention.

When McCain was shot down, he had been bombing civilians around Hanoi. Heroes do not bomb civilians, unless the word hero has a new meaning I don’t understand.

After he was shot down, a Vietnamese man saved his life because he landed in water. That decent, poor man never received any serious thanks from creepy McCain.

McCain made a big deal about his treatment in prison, but other American prisoners have said he received special treatment. After all, his father and grandfather were admirals, and the Vietnamese absolutely knew this.

All McCain’s early years, whether in school or the military, were spent acting out the role of loud-mouthed bully, counting on his father’s exalted position to intimidate people. He was a nasty piece of work and still is.

When he returned home, McCain discovered his wife had been in a serious car accident, and she was badly disfigured. He promptly divorced her and eventually married Cindy, an extremely wealthy woman whose chief hobby was making first-class shopping flights to New York. Again, his behavior was hardly the stuff of which heroes are made.

Later, Cindy developed a taste for hard drugs and was caught stealing from the organization for which she did some volunteer work.

Senator McCain disgracefully used his influence to get her off with virtually no consequences. I’ve never heard McCain speak up for the thousands of American blacks who’ve done hard prison time for being caught with the same drugs Cindy used. Again, hardly the class of heroes.

There is more, but McCain is just one of those charmed rich boys – not unlike Georgy Bush – who’ve gotten away with murder over and over and still manages to hang on to some public admiration.

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