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John Chuckman


This piece is uninformed trash. It tries to make a contrast in lives and character that simply does not exist.

The shabby stuff about Trump’s sexual voyeurism, juxtaposed to McCain’s broken bones in Vietnam, is grotesquely distorted. McCain’s record of sexual behavior is no more elevated than what the author asserts about Trump, and Mccain’s record as a soldier merits no praise.

McCain, when married or single, has a long reputation as a skirt-chasing reprobate. He is also an ugly bully who has always thrown around the weight of his family connections. McCain was a bully in school as a boy. He was a bully in the military. And is a bully as a senator.

The boyish smile, a gift of genes and having nothing to do with his actual character, easily deceives people.

His service in the military was in not one detail heroic. Having a father and grandfather who were senior admirals, this spoiled brat came under tremendous pressure to follow in their military footsteps even though he had neither their brains nor skills nor attitude.

He joined, making a muck of it all the way along including plenty of bullying and crashing five airplanes, but the pilot image also came with the traditional romantic image for women and earned him a good many opportunities for wild fun.

The simple fact is that neither of these men is in any way admirable, both being spoiled brats with lots of money and almost no ethics. They both have horrible, temperaments with ferociously maniacal anger, hardly suited to making calm decisions let alone having a finger on ‘the button.’

Trump is amusing right now because he saying things people instinctively know as true and are not used to hearing from public figures, something true of no other candidate. All of the candidates typically mouth slightly varied versions of the same official boilerplate rhetoric. Politics in America is no fun at all, so a tiny break is amusing.

But that doesn’t mean he in any way merits being president. He would make a terrible president, resembling in many ways the recent loud-mouthed horror of Mayor Ford in Toronto, someone ordinary people voted for thinking he was one of them and also knowing they were tired of trite, thoughtless stuff delivered by the likes of Mayor David Miller. Neither Ford nor Miller were good mayors in reality.

And neither Trump nor McCain would be even half-adequate presidents.

If you want to know more about McCain’s background, see:

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