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John Chuckman


Trump would actually make almost the ideal American President.

He’s arrogant, rude, loud-mouthed, possesses a great deal of ignorance, and is filthy rich.

As far as his ability as President to conduct any dramatic changes in America’s mindlessly violent foreign policy, well, he would find himself in the same position as any other new President, at the mercy of the gigantic military-intelligence-security establishment which created the policy in the first place.

So, yes, by all means, vote for Trump.


NOTE TO READERS: I never renounce my legitimate views, as those here, but I have, you will know from other pieces of mine, come to see Trump, even with all his faults, as a small source of hope in a few crucial areas of policy. The fact that his opponent is the most dangerous possible candidate for world peace obliges any thoughtful person now to support Trump.

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