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John Chuckman


I just cannot accept the image of Obama as a caring leader, somberly bowing his head over yet one more mass killing in America. The photo you use here resembles for me a scene from a well-acted movie.

In truth, Obama’s own hands are drenched in the blood of many thousands in a half dozen lands.

One of his drones often kills groups of innocents as large as the number of victims in Oregon.

And his continued tolerance of Israel’s keeping five million or so people as prisoners with no rights of any kind and constant abuse speaks for itself.

Israel killed a thousand children about a year ago in Gaza.

I don’t recall any similar photos of Obama after that true horror.

And America’s induced terror in Syria has killed a quarter million and sent millions running from their homes.

I don’t see a glimpse of genuine compassion in this entirely narcissistic man.



Response to another comment:

Americans are afraid and in great numbers. That is the basic reason for embracing the cult of the gun.

And when there are literally tens of millions of guns floating around, any maniac can obtain one.

America’s fear – of course, never expressed in public – is about black people.

The slave holders in the pre-Civil War South generally kept pistols under their pillows or swords near the bed because they were terrified of a slave revolt in the night.

There was only one genuine revolt in all those years, and that rather small one, but it terrified the South’s plantation owners.

What Obama refuses to see and many people abroad do not understand is that America was born in quite extreme violence – Indian massacres and massive slavery – and it remains a violent place.

How else do you think Americans support all that bombing of people around the globe?

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