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John Chuckman


Sorry, but this stuff about Syrian civilian deaths owing to Russian bombing is simply ignorant propaganda.

No one who is well read on this matter could possibly write this.

I remind readers that the top story in The Independent today is America’s stupidly brutal bombardment of an M.S.F. hospital in Afghanistan. The bombing continued for thirty minutes after staff notified others of what was happening. People from abroad heroically giving their time and talents were slaughtered in the pointless attack.

Contrary to this writer’s assertions, there is not an ounce of proof that the Russians have hit a single civilian.

But there is plenty of proof that the Russians have seriously hit ISIS, which is their only purpose. The Russians keep releasing video footage of what their planes achieved.

The Syrian government has confirmed this. Also all targeting is done with agreement between Syrian and Russian officials, contrary to America’s imperious practices of bombing whomever where ever and whenever it pleases, killing countless thousands along the way.

The Independent should be ashamed to run such dishonest writing as this.

Putin does more in a couple of days to stop ISIS than the U.S. has done in years.

And that’s because the U.S. does not really want to stop ISIS or al Qaeda or the other filthy terrorists who are doing America’s bidding in attempting to destroy Syria.

The U.S. now will not be able to repeat in Syria its Libyan dirty work in which a “no-fly zone” was converted into a murderous bombing campaign.

That is why the United States, and its apologists like this writer, is so upset. With a single rational stroke Putin has stopped their murderous intent.

We should all remember the hideous Sarin gas attacks in Syria and the effort to pin them on the government. That was not only a lie, it was cynical and immoral beyond belief. That poison came either from the United States or from one of its allies, perhaps Israel, to be used on innocent civilians just to provide a cause for war. It just doesn’t come any lower than that.

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