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John Chuckman


“Syria is about to experience chaos on a whole new level”

Utter crap propaganda, likely from the Israeli Ministry of Truth or the Pentagon’s Disinformation Division.

The only honest and thoughtful actor in this whole squalid mess is Putin.

Russia’s strikes on America’s covert terrorist allies in the dirty job of destroying Syria mean only now do they face serious force applied specifically to them.

In Iraq, the troops were paid off with Saudi money to run away and leave their tanks behind when faced with nothing more than Japanese pick-up trucks and AK-47s in the hands of rabble.

In Syria, the US has been bombing infrastructure and the desert, and it has been searching for any excuse to repeat what they did in Libya with “a no-fly zone” which was actually an excuse for bombing the crap out of the country.

All the flap about Sarin gas attacks was just one utterly cynical effort to do so. Civilians were killed to create an excuse. The gas was used by America’s maniacs and was supplied by America either directly or indirectly.

But it is too late now to implement such a scheme – that is, unless you want war with Russia – and a few weeks of Putin’s precision air work is going to reduce these cowards before our eyes.

You end the terrors of Syria by attacking what has directly caused them, the maniacs the U.S. has supplied and tolerated, something the United States has only pretended to do.

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