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This article tells us very little worth knowing while ignoring some tremendously important facts.

Apart from leaving out two unexplained cut-out mattes we have of someone standing in the backyard, the kind of thing used in forging composite photos in those days, even were the photo of Oswald authentic as claimed, it proves precisely nothing.

We know Oswald was carrying on a deception campaign about being a communist. In fact, he was a paid FBI informant (we even have his identifying number) during this effort which included everything from writing letters to handing out pamphlets.

He had previously been a phony defector to Russia for over two years in a program created by the Office of Naval Intelligence, a brainchild of the CIA’s legendary and often bizarre James Angleton. As a young Marine, one of above-average intelligence, Oswald was selected for Russian language training and suddenly started receiving communist literature at his barracks, to the amusement of his fellows. This was unquestionably to help build a “legend” for his future phony defection in a rather questionable program intended to discover what day-to-day life was like in the Soviet Union.

There is also absolutely no evidence Oswald actually purchased a mail-order rifle from Klein’s Sporting Goods in Chicago. It is too detailed to go into, but it remains completely unsettled whether he or someone else made this purchase. There is significant evidence that another unknown person had access to Oswald’s postal box.

The “killer” shot – the one to the right temple which explosively exited the rear of Kennedy’s skull, the occipitoparietal area, with a spray of material, including half his brain. Police outriders were hit with some of this gruesome stuff. Mrs Kennedy’s famous reaching back on the limousine was about reaching a piece of his skull blown back on the trunk. Such damage cannot ever be caused by a jacketed bullet of the kind used in the Mannlicher. It was caused by a soft nosed or explosive bullet. And it cannot ever be caused by a shot from the rear. Simply impossible.

In any event, that rifle is completely unsuitable for an assassination. It was not sighted correctly and was notoriously inaccurate as well as being subject to jamming. The World War II Italian army had utter contempt for it calling it a widow-maker.

Still further, there were several witnesses that the first rifle found at the Book Depository was a good one, a larger-calibre Mausser. It disappeared and the cheap Mannlicher–Carcano appeared later. Also the shells supposedly fired by Oswald were unrealistically lined-up on the floor for bolt-action shooting. The Dallas Police handled all evidence unbelievably badly – the chain of possession of key items having been violated many times – and there is strong reason to suspect some members were in on the conspiracy, including the one said to have been shot by Oswald later on a suburban street, Officer Tippet, a known right-wing militia type with highly questionable associations.

It is very likely that one of the assassination team – there were at least three men firing – fired ammunition suitable for the Mannlicher-Carcano with a device called a sabot, which allows a rile to fire smaller ammunition without making new barrel markings, from a different rifle. This provided actual strikes of such ammunition in the limo.

The limo had damage never formally investigated, including a hole in the windshield. After Kennedy’s body was taken to the hospital, the car was rushed off, ending up soon after to Ford’s Rouge River plant where it was cleaned-up and partially re-built, a totally inappropriate treatment of evidence. For the brief time it was at the hospital, despite Secret Service efforts to keep people away, several, including a reporter, saw the windshield bullet hole. There was also damage to chrome trim.

No honest and rational person who studies the evidence available to us can deny Kennedy was attacked from the right front (the general area of the grassy knoll). The first non-fatal neck wound was also an entry wound from the front. Other shots were fired from behind, but none of them would have seriously hurt him. I say “honest” person because there has been a stream of writers and apologists who have worked to muddy the waters, likely all in the pay or with the encouragement of the CIA, which has been covering up from day one with key files still not released.

By the way if you want to see an intriguing bit of photo analysis, see:


Response to a reader saying we already knew backyard picture authentic from Marina Oswald:

Yes, she authenticated the photos, under pressure from FBI and Secret Service men who controlled her every movement and could determine her fate, and that of her children, as to staying in the U.S. Marina’s testimony is simply riddled with contradictions and uncertainties, making her sound almost insane at times.


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