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John Chuckman


It’s not merely a “wrong method.”

It’s completely stupid because it violates Europe’s own interests.

Anyone who looks at a map may plainly see that Europe and Russia form “a marriage made in heaven,” as they say.

Europe’s vast industries and huge population right next to Russia’s vast natural resources and willingness to do business.

The United States has been pushing such nonsense on Europe for many years, and it is based entirely on a selfish imperial American ideology, not the interests of others.

The great irony is that America is always shouting from the roof tops about free markets, but then when that fair-minded economic philosophy comes seemingly into conflict with the American Empire, the Empire wins, every time.

I remember being in Washington back in the 1980s for an energy conference, and I met a representative of the State Department who expounded on why Europe should not buy Russian natural gas.

I told him then that that was an entirely wrong-headed view, but it is clearly one still cherished in Washington decades later.

It is actually pathetic that any state in Europe does not completely ignore Washington’s dim-witted attitude.

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