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Monthly Archives: November 2015

John Chuckman



Last JFK murder mystery?

Good God, the author should do some serious reading before writing on the subject.

Far from it, I could supply a list of mysteries.

There are CIA and FBI files never released, presumably some of the most damning.

For example, those involving his easy acceptance back from the Soviet Union after being there for more than two years at the height of the Cold War, and with a Soviet bride.

How did Oswald begin learning Russian in the Marines?

We know Oswald did some paid informant work for the FBI, we even have his informant number, but many details remain unknown.

We still do not know whether it was Oswald or someone else who went to Mexico City because CIA supplied the wrong picture taken by its surveillance camera and said voice recordings were routinely destroyed.

Why was the limo hurried off to Ford in Rouge River to be rebuilt almost right away? Several who saw it in front of the hospital briefly said there was a bullet hole in the front windshield and a mark in the chrome trim.

Why is the chain of evidence in Dallas, as handled by the Dallas Police, broken for a number of key pieces of evidence, including bullet shells?

Why are there huge conflicts over the autopsy photos, as there are? It seems certain two sets were made at two different times and they do not show the same things according to a number of witnesses.

Why, to this day, can’t experts agree on aspects of the autopsy? There are a number of absolutely crucial details left unknown, including whether the body was sectioned to follow bullet paths.

What is the reference to “surgery of the head” noted at the start by two FBI agents who watched the autopsy? There appears for this and other serious reasons to have been two procedures at two hospitals, the one we call the autopsy being the second.

JFK’s head literally exploded, and doctors at the emergency treatment said much of the back of the head was missing with brain material hanging out. That cannot have been a shot from the back.

Further it cannot have been the kind of “jacketed” bullets supposedly used by Oswald. Only a dum-dum or hollow or soft-core bullet acts that way. Never explained.

The shot in the neck was certainly also from the front since the emergency doctors agreed it was a wound of entrance.

The Texas Governor’s wounds could absolutely not be explained by the “single-bullet theory” and the Governor himself always believed he was hit by a separate shot. The Warren Commission ignored him. The bullet residue left in him were never retrieved, even when he died.

There is still no evidence that Oswald even bought the junky rifle attributed to him. The paperwork trail leads nowhere.

As does the matter of his postal box. Someone else had access, and mail was received there many days later.

Well, there’s a start, and there’s plenty more without paying any attention to far-out theories.


Response to a reader asking why Kennedy assassination still important with all the world’s other horrors today:

I agree, but just think how important it is that America’s government never solved this. Actually, I think it did, but it never told us what it found for still secret reasons. If it can do that and get away with it, it’s no surprise about the secret horrors it inflicts in places like Syria and keeps lying about.






John Chuckman



There are at least two reasons for this provocation by Turkey.

ISIS has been financing itself by stealing Syrian oil and selling it to Turkey at a discount.

Putin’s recent heavy bombardment of the trucks and facilities involved undoubtedly irritates Erdogan, and I believe his own son is involved in this whole operation.

The second reason for this is that it was meant to put a stop to a genuine anti-ISIS coalition.

When I say “genuine,” I mean one which actually targets the terrorists – as Russia is doing – and not one which targets Syria and effectively protects ISIS, which is the pattern of America’s efforts, the ones supported by a disingenuous David Cameron.

Turkey is the last country wanting a genuine coalition since it is a major supporter of ISIS. It uses those murderous thugs against both the Kurds Erdogan so hates and of course against the government of Syria, a reasonable government which opposes some of Erdogan’s fetid dreams of empire.

Of course, in any matter involving Erdogan, there is always the sheer fact of his mental instability as an explanatory variable. This man who built himself a grotesque, one thousand-room palace recently, makes contradictory statements on important matters every few days, and hates some groups like the Kurds with an intense white heat is a genuinely erratic and unstable man.

It’s all a dirty business, and the only honest major player is Putin. Cameron, Obama, Erdogan, and Netanyahu are outright liars and supporters of terror. They are also guilty of supporting criminal invasion of a peaceful country. Hollande was with them but has been wavering.

The various words by American Defense Secretary Ash Carter over recent time sound just like something from Dr. Strangelove, full of dark threats and anger over America’s dirty plans being thwarted by Putin.

If what these people were doing in Syria was honorable and acceptable to public opinion, why do they keep lying and hiding what they are doing?

There is no doubt Turkey’s act was premeditated. If the plane was in Turkish airspace, it would have been only for seconds over the point of land which sticks down into Syria.

You do not shoot someone for that, especially when it is well known what they are doing.

The plane crashed 4 kilometers inside Syria.

And we have the surviving pilot saying there was no warning at all.

In the end, I very much believe Erdogan will regret this rash act. Already, Russia is building a no-fly zone in the area.

The missile cruiser Moskva is to be stationed in the area with instructions to attack threats.

Putin is also putting the S-400 anti-aircraft system, the world’s most formidable, at the Russian base.

Still further, fighters will accompany all bombers now.

John Chuckman



Why should Assad retire?

He represents the people of Syria better than anyone else.

The army supports him. The country’s main clan groups support him.

By all accounts a majority of Syrians support him.

Remember, David Cameron represents exactly 35% of British voters, hardly a democratic mandate.

Even were Cameron a more representative leader of Britain, what business is it of his to pass on the acceptability of Assad?


That is clearly up to the Syrian people to decide.

Cameron of course is the recipient of regular calls from Tel Aviv on these matters, and Israel is one of the group that created the horror in Syria for its own interests.

Israel wants Assad out and Syria reduced to the kind of rump state that Iraq is after the American invasion.

What is really at stake here is never discussed in public, and certainly not by the inept and rather dishonest David Cameron.

What is at stake is the right of states to exist in peace without outside interference from aggressive states like America and Israel.

The roles of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in this horror are only possible because America approves. Nothing of this nature could happen otherwise.




John Chuckman



Britain’s bombing in Syria – no matter what the targets – would be just plain old-fashioned aggression.

The government of Syria has not sought Britain’s help – and contrary to arrogant people like David Cameron, it does indeed have a government, as legitimate as most in the world.

The only people doing any bombing with the permission of the government are the Russians.

This is not a small point for all those concerned about the rule of law, which you might think would be a prime concern for all those who claim to oppose terror.

It took centuries to establish some rule of law in international affairs, and today states like America and Israel and Turkey ignore it completely.

And good old David Cameron wants to join the mob, getting his bit of attention.

And it can’t have escaped Cameron’s attention how handsomely the war criminal, Tony Blair, has been rewarded for doing his dirty part in tearing apart Iraq. He has been showered with gold and sinecures.

Wouldn’t it be natural for Cameron to expect a bit of that for dropping bombs on Syria?

John Chuckman


Why does The Guardian quote a man like Ash Carter saying absolutely nothing?

This is puke tossed from high places, so much so that it is almost comic but for the deadly serious underlying facts.

All thinking people who keep informed on world affairs know it is America putting the world increasingly at risk.

Good God, America has killed millions in the last half century in many pointless wars and interventions.

And the entire, insane war on terror is largely its responsibility, a result of its arrogant and terribly unjust policies in the Middle East for decades.

Russia is a civilized and relatively peaceful country by comparison.

And all of today’s disasters – Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Palestine – are either America’s direct doing or benefit from America’s cooperation and support.

And virtually every tyrant we see – Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey – has America’s blessings.

This is propaganda so completely twisted from truth, it resembles a bad dream.


Response to a reader referring to MH-17:

Yes, one of America’s “keyhole” satellites was overhead at the time of MH-17 being shot down.

These satellites have cameras comparable to the Hubble Space Telescope plus many other technologies of observation.

The Russians knew this of course, and they said so very early.

But not one scrap of data was ever submitted to investigators by America.

Clearly, there was a cover-up of MH-17’s downing to protect America’s infant coup-government in Ukraine.

And the pathetic Dutch, under America’s thumb, worked a year to produce a report containing nothing but the bits we already knew.

And in this case in Egypt, after days we have idiots asserting what happened with no evidence.


If it was a bomb – and it is very premature to say it was – a strong suspect would be Israel’s secret service.

ISIS has no capacity for doing this on its own. Since ISIS and al-Nusra are very much doing Israel’s (and America’s) work in Syria, Israel’s displeasure with Putin is important.

Israel, as we know from many past events including in Iran, has often used timed explosive devices.



Response to a comment from another reader:

Your words reveal you as one of the pathetic boys who diligently search internet sites for discussions in which Israel is mentioned, and then post crap like this, being paid so much a line for the work.

I know perfectly well “ISIS” claimed credit. So what?

Indeed, ISIS is in part an Israeli creation.

Ever note how ISIS never attacks Israel in any way, which is exactly what such a wild-eyed bunch would do, were they authentic. They are frauds, mercenaries supplied and paid by America, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to destroy Syria.

Now, Israel has used time bombs countless times, so involvement in the Russian airline downing would be nothing new. It used MEK members in Iran to murder a number of scientists with timed car bombs.

These ugly practices of Israel’s go all the way back to the Lavon Affair in 1954, when it was caught red-handed planting bombs in in Egypt. Even before, in 1946, there was the King David Hotel atrocity killing about a hundred people, the work of a Jewish terror group headed by Menachem Begin, a future prime minister. And need I remind readers yet again of Israel’s deliberate attack on an American surveillance ship, the USS Liberty, to cover up illegal activities in the Sinai during the 1967 War?

Yet another well-known example of deception involved President Reagan’s bombing of Gadhafi. That was the direct result of fake transmissions originating in Israel which succeeded in fooling the U.S. into attacking Gadhafi over his presumed guilt for an attack in Europe against American soldiers, something never proved, by the way, although innocents like Gadhafi’s young son died for it.

Israel also tried this dirty trick around the time of the sarin poison gas use in Syria. There were fake transmissions trying to make the Syrian Army look responsible for the attack in the hope America would bomb Assad, but in this case the truth became known in a timely fashion. It was the very terrorist forces Israel is known to support who used poison gas in Syria, gas perhaps supplied by Israel.

No one who criticizes such dirty work is guilty of hating anyone or anything except a government which behaves very much like that of the old Soviet Union.

People like you have pretty close to succeeded in making the term “anti-Semite” meaningless by using it dozens of times a day against people you don’t even know. For all you know, this writer could be Jewish.

How appallingly ignorant you are, and that is a pure fact and not name-calling.

People such as you are succeeding also in speeding the day when Israel collapses, again much like the Soviet Union, by trying to maintain a state built on endless injustice thickly coated with lies.

John Chuckman


It is completely inappropriate for a senior military man to be making comments about a politician.

Gen. Sir Nicholas Houghton’s words are shameful.

Politics and the military only successfully mix where there are coups and juntas.

What is most shameful here though is the implicit permission the general has from David Cameron to butt into politics.

With each passing day, Cameron proves a greater and greater incompetent and a danger to genuine democracy.

John Chuckman


Charlie Hebdo always was, and remains, something of a free-speech fraud.

It viciously attacks Muslims and Catholics and others, but it has not been an equal opportunity publication.

Things Jewish and Israeli are not attacked. And if they were in today’s France, the staff would face prosecution.

Readers may enjoy this, written after the Charlie Hebdo Affair in Paris:

John Chuckman


Kerry says the United States is sending fifty (special forces) troops to fight ISIS?

Fifty stinking troops? That surely is a joke.

But fifty troops to assist and advise ISIS and sister terror organizations such as al-Nusra, that makes some sense.

And since special forces use sabotage and covert operations, it is likely they would be involved in attacking Syrian infrastructure to help make the lives of Syrians still more miserable. After all, America’s jets, supposedly fighting ISIS, have in fact bombed targets such as Syrian power plants. The troops can serve as target spotters. That too makes some sense if you have the kind of twisted goals America has.

Or the fifty troops could form a human shield around some of America’s hardworking terrorist-mercenaries against Russian bombing, that too makes sense.

Of course, there is the overlooked fact that Russia works in cooperation with, and at the invitation of, the government of Syria. The United States does not, conveniently having declared with the wave of the imperial hand that longstanding government, known to be supported by a majority of its people, to be illegitimate.

How convenient, but its troops remain, no matter how small the number, simply invaders, and the United States violates international law putting them there. But international law has never hindered the United States or its Middle East colony (aka, Israel) when either of them wanted to do something.

What is it exactly that these invaders would advise and assist in?

Bringing down the legitimate government of Syria. It can’t be anything else because that is the mission of the very people they are assisting and shielding.

Now, if that isn’t being involved in “the civil war”, what is?

Kerry just keeps going in circles, but that is precisely the path of American foreign policy.

Just using that term, “civil war,” is ridiculous because it is not a civil war.

It is an invasion by terrorists, secretly assisted by Kerry’s government and some of its allies to remove a leader they do not like and reduce yet another peaceful country to what America produced in Libya and Iraq.

John Chuckman


Thank you for this moving account of your treatment by Egypt’s el-Sisi government, but such horrors cause David Cameron, now welcoming el-Sisi to Britain, no loss of sleep.

The truth is that Israel could not tolerate the previous, elected government of Egypt a week longer, and that is why it was toppled. Cameron invariably extends his friendship towards anyone doing Israel’s bidding. Rupert Murdoch, his patron, undoubtedly insists.

We all know how Israel loves jabbering about democracy in public relations speeches, but, when it comes to any neighboring countries or people, the jabbering falls strangely silent. Democracy for any of Israel’s neighbors is viewed as toxic.

And just so, Hamas in Gaza, not a terrorist organization but a party representing Palestinian interests (one Israel even secretly assisted in its early days in order to sabotage Fatah), a party which was freely and fairly elected in Gaza and relentlessly attacked by Israel ever since.

With whom does Israel insist on dealing in all matters concerning Palestine, at least on the very few occasions it deigns to talk? Abbas, a man who is not elected.

Some democratic values. Some democracy.

I’m sorry, but Egypt will never have a democracy of any meaningful description so long as Israel remains what it is.

John Chuckman


A very wise man has spoken here, likely the finest diplomat for a major country of our time.

American policy in the Middle East and Europe and Asia has become impossibly convoluted and dangerous.

The Russians are in fact doing the job no one else honestly wanted to do, ruining the chances for terrorist bands to takeover Syria.

And Americans didn’t want to do it precisely because the terrorist bands are doing their dirty work for them.

Any insertion of American troops, even a small number of special forces, adds only to extreme ambiguity and danger. Clearly some could be struck by Russian jets, and then what?

God, we all need to expect America to start behaving rationally in its foreign policy. The stakes are immense since Russia is competent to literally obliterate America and vice versa.

It is not a situation in which to play games and frat-boy pranks, but that is exactly what America is doing.


Response to a comment about the EU speaking out against America’s decision:

Yes they should, but, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the EU has been supine towards American policy recently. There simply are no strong leaders at this time.

If only on the firm basis of international law, Cameron, Hollande, and Merkel should speak out against the move, but it is virtually certain they will not.

John Chuckman


As a Canadian with a strong bias towards international relations, I have little good to say about any of Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

But I do think it important to point out something about how that awful government worked.

Harper had the precise temperament of a tyrant.

He allowed no minister of senior government bureaucrat to speak out on any matter whatsoever.

If they were interviewed by the press, an event fairly rare during the Harper years, they had “canned talking points” from which they dared not depart.

You never learned anything of substance from such interviews. Harper himself rarely, rarely subjected himself to interviews.

Harper kept this kind of discipline over senior officials because he had in private a terrible temper, and he was a highly vindictive mam.

All that is to say, you really cannot say in most cases what his ministers believed or didn’t believe.

I have heard Chris Alexander giving the official line, but I have also heard people who know him that he is a fairly decent man who doesn’t agree completely with the bleak views of Stephen Harper. I don’t know.

This was said by people who knew him during the shameful treatment by Harper of Syrian refugees. Harper accepted virtually none – in complete contradiction to Canada’s historic humanitarian role.

Later, it was revealed that the small number even being accepted were being held up by having applications slowly and inappropriately securitized for religious identity. The secret order went out – we know from a brave civil servant who leaked the fact – to not admit any Muslims. Imagine, no Muslims from Syria – that’s the kind of filthy man Harper was.

Harper’s motives can only be speculated about, but I think they involved his bizarre relationship with Israel. He was absolutely servile towards Israel, a posture which earned his party handsome campaign-finance contributions from Israel’s lobby.

That same motivation is likely behind Harper’s ugliness towards Russia. Fans of Israel do not like any country which opposes American interests or challenges American hegemony, America being the country’s chief source of financial subsidy and unquestioning support.

At any rate, Russians should never believe that Harper’s views were the views of most Canadians. He held office with 39% of the vote.

John Chuckman


Martin Amos virtually never has been right.

Unless of course you mean in the sense of “on the Right,” the far Right.

Amos is both a boring writer and a boring talker, but in the Cameron-Murdoch set that does not matter.

None of them reads or listens.