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John Chuckman


A very wise man has spoken here, likely the finest diplomat for a major country of our time.

American policy in the Middle East and Europe and Asia has become impossibly convoluted and dangerous.

The Russians are in fact doing the job no one else honestly wanted to do, ruining the chances for terrorist bands to takeover Syria.

And Americans didn’t want to do it precisely because the terrorist bands are doing their dirty work for them.

Any insertion of American troops, even a small number of special forces, adds only to extreme ambiguity and danger. Clearly some could be struck by Russian jets, and then what?

God, we all need to expect America to start behaving rationally in its foreign policy. The stakes are immense since Russia is competent to literally obliterate America and vice versa.

It is not a situation in which to play games and frat-boy pranks, but that is exactly what America is doing.


Response to a comment about the EU speaking out against America’s decision:

Yes they should, but, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the EU has been supine towards American policy recently. There simply are no strong leaders at this time.

If only on the firm basis of international law, Cameron, Hollande, and Merkel should speak out against the move, but it is virtually certain they will not.

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