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John Chuckman



A lovely little girl, and obviously it is extremely unpleasant to think she is dead.

But that’s just part of why this is such shabby piece of reportage by The Independent.

The Russians have been extraordinarily careful in their targeting, all targets being double-checked. I don’t think anyone could do a more careful job, and certainly the United States in places like Afghanistan and Iraq never even tried.

So the Russians should be credited with the care they’ve taken.

What most bothers me in your story is the complete lack of perspective The Independent displays, and it really is perspective that determines when a story is propaganda, effective propaganda always starting with something true.

A couple of years ago, Israel killed more than 500 children in Gaza plus another 1,700 people. There were streams of blood in the streets. You did not have pictures – let alone endearing pictures like this one – of any of Israel’s victims.

An estimated 250,000 people have died in the outsider assault (it is not a civil war) underway on Syria. In an Arab country with a young population, a great portion of them had to have been children. Where are your pictures there?

Especially in light of the fact that the people doing all that killing are paid and supported by Britain’s friends and allies – Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and America.

Where are your pictures of the children in Yemen killed regularly by David Cameron’s friend and business associate, the senile and vicious King of Saudi Arabia? What about pictures of those killed in Saudi attacks on two Doctors Without Borders’ hospitals in Yemen recently? And again, Yemen being a country with a young population, many of Saudi Arabia’s victims just have to be children.


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