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John Chuckman



“Benjamin Netanyahu ‘rejects’ Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims and says Israel ‘respects all citizens’ rights'”

That last is a laughable, lawyer-crafted, courtroom statement since Israel in fact keeps about 5 million non-citizens in a state of perpetual bondage.

I suspect The Independent has the quote slightly wrong also.

What Netanyahu said must have been something along these lines:

“Israel rejects Donald Trump’s comments on Muslims because Israel just shoots them in the streets.”

Oh please, even publishing this man’s words is sickening.

Netanyahu is personally responsible for killing thousands of Muslims.

And leaving thousands homeless.

He holds thousands in jail without due process.

He abuses millions daily with check-points and limits on movement.

He steals homes and farms regularly.

I am no admirer of Trump, but compared to Netanyahu, a genuinely evil man, he seems almost wholesome.

I feel pretty sure that Netanyahu makes this effort, not just as another cheap opportunity to speak from momentary ethical high ground, but because Trump is the one candidate Israel actually fears since he does not depend on campaign contributions from lobbies like the extremely powerful one with which Israel keeps most of Washington’s pathetic politicians in line.


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