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John Chuckman



Putin is without a doubt the most remarkable leader to emerge in any major country in decades.

He loves his country and looks out for its legitimate interests.

He is naturally inclined to be cooperative and to do business with anyone, anywhere.

He is always in command of his facts.

He is calm and patient and remarkably prejudice-free.

He is not aggressive but is always ready to protect against aggression.

When he makes a decision, it is quick and to the point. And he is not timid about using force for legitimate purposes if challenged.

He also keeps around him some senior people of remarkable talent, Foreign Minister Lavrov being top of the list.

The United States’ behavior towards him has been a stupid shame and will undoubtedly go down in history as a series of historic blunders.

The United States’ establishment just cannot abide the fact that we are quickly moving towards a multi-polar world. It wants to remain the only feared bully in the schoolyard.

It does very much appear that America’s establishment contains quite a number of dangerous people willing to risk war for small points.

It is a dangerous time in world affairs, and we are fortunate at least one major country is ruled by such an exceptional man.

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