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John Chuckman



What can you say about a man who insists his is the democratic tradition while he vigorously supports a senile absolute monarch in his murderous ways?

The Saudis are without question killing lots of women and children in Yemen. It is a young population, so it cannot be otherwise.

Doctors Without Borders has tried to tell the world that the Saudis have attacked two of their hospital facilities.

Of course, the absolute monarch who runs Saudi Arabia also plays a major role in the destruction of Syria.

The icing on the cake, as it were, is the king’s long series of beheadings and even some crucifixion. Please, what gang of terrorists is any worse?

The Saudis are a menace to peace and decency, and David Cameron loves to play footsie with them.

If it weren’t already apparent in everything from his calling Jeremy Corbyn names to his relationship with Rupert and Rebekah, David Cameron is a man of no principles, although he loves to prance about and wag his finger while blubbering about them.

We should all ask why the press in Britain never covers any of this in a dramatic and revealing way, only typically offering a few paragraphs on the latest horror.

Last, I must take issue with The Independent’s glib characterization of what is happening in Yemen as “civil war.” It’s the same band-aid used to cover the truth of Syria.

A genuinely disgusting man, our David.

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