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John Chuckman



Hilary Benn is pretty much my idea of a jerk as a politician.

He goes on about getting out of the shadow of Iraq, a phrase which freely translated is something like: let’s forget about all Tony Blair’s lies and manipulations which caused us to contribute to the deaths of a million people and the destruction of a country.

Then he makes a big show of going against the temperate views of his own current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to advocate still more pointless killing in Syria, supporting David Cameron, a man utterly without principles

My personal view is than Benn – and the newspapers which keep featuring him – are in bed with Israeli interests.

Getting rid of Iraq and Syria as unified states were both corrupt neocon policies serving Israel’s interest in dominating the region, the same Israel which has a shameful record of killing, torture, and just plain theft.

Does any disinterested person truly think it should be further supported and encouraged? And if you want to get out from the dark shadows of Iraq, this is the very last way to go about it.

But, of course, what Benn really means by “shadow of Iraq” is not avoiding such brutal and destructive stupidity again but avoiding the shame and guilt of it stopping you from still more brutal stupidity somewhere else.

Such is the measure of the man regularly pushed by some of Britain’s top newspapers to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader just a short time after Corbyn was elected with a strong mandate.

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