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John Chuckman



The Archbishop of Canterbury’s words are highly selective.

The fact is that it is President Assad who has always run a secular government which protects all religious groups. Christians there are loyal to him.

That is not the usual practice in the region, including in Israel, a supposedly western-oriented place.

The barbarians he decries, I’m sorry to say, were introduced deliberately into that country by David Cameron’s friends and associates.

They consist of scum gathered from many places and trained and armed and paid by David Cameron’s friends.

A beautiful and peaceful land has been horribly mutilated by the people responsible for this.

And those people are the leaders Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America. They have been supported by the likes of David Cameron.

The Archbishop of Canterbury should actually be ashamed to speak on this topic, leaving out the most important truths.

Every country has its share of crazed fanatics (of every religion), cutthroats, psychopaths, and scum – they fill the jails and mental institutions and prey on the streets. Some join armies or police too where they sometimes thrive, preying with impunity.

If someone wants to put the resources into gathering bunches of them and arming them and then releasing them into some poor country like Syria, it is easily enough done.

This is, for example, exactly what the Americans were doing at Benghazi when an ambassador was killed in what intelligence services call “blowback.” The U.S. will not admit it, but that is what was going on.

They were gathering and shipping weapons and maniacs to be sent to Turkey for secret insertion into Syria, Saudi Arabia (and Qatar) paid many of the bills and Israel provided a range of support services.

And, by the way, Libya was just one more poor country torn apart by these same forces.

You know, this kind of evil behavior is possible almost anywhere. If some outside power wanted to do the same thing even to the United States, it would be possible because there are lots of candidates to create chaos. The crazed groups of militias, Aryans, right-wingers, and fanatics in America would welcome someone giving them deadly weapons and training and paying them salaries. They could create a pretty hideous mess in short order.

I do think the blame should be placed where it belongs – on the dark creators of the horror, not their pathetic, mentally-ill servants – and it is virtually a waste of breath to speak as the Archbishop has without any reference to what is really happening.

In the end, the aim has been to destroy every country that in any way showed some independence of thought with regard to American policy and to leave America’s Mideast colony, Israel, as the dominating force in the region. Iraq was destroyed, then Libya, and now the effort focuses on Syria.

The Archbishop ignores all this. He ignores also the appalling conditions of Palestinians (many of whom are Christian, by the way), especially those in Gaza, suffering horribly under extreme brutality.



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