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John Chuckman



The hypocrisy of this flow of funds is stunning.

All Muslim or Arabic institutions transferring money have long been suppressed in the name of fighting terror and despite the fact that many of them actually worked for good causes.

But who on earth behaves more certainly as terrorists than Israel’s “settlers”?

They steal the very land upon which they stand.

They steal the water they drink.

The steal the fields in which they grow crops.

They treat thousands of Palestinians as sub-human, deserving of no rights or respect.

And they not infrequently murder Palestinians.

Of course, the money transfers supporting this horror should be choked off.

But they won’t be.

American policy concerning the region has been driven totally by neo-cons and Israel lobbyists for decades.

I think we’ll just have to wait until what is called Israel today collapses under its own weight, as it certainly will eventually just as the Soviet Union collapsed.

If you think about it, you will see that there is little difference between the behaviors and structure of the Soviet Union and Israel. Perhaps the only major difference is the flow of funds from abroad keeping it afloat, but those funds simply cannot continue forever.

Israel discredits itself daily with excesses, injustices, and refusal to do anything for the Palestinians, leaving millions in misery with no hope for the future, only hoping they eventually will go away. But they won’t go away and their numbers will only grow. Israel’s own behavior towards them will eventually dry up the flood of subsidies from abroad, both public and private, as it sinks in everywhere what a pointlessly destructive enterprise is being sustained.

Many Israelis too will weary of the ugly realities and limits of Israeli life, leaving for better lives elsewhere. It’s just a matter of time.

Fantasy hopes and dreams, whether of a religious or political nature, can only sustain people for so long in the face of daily, grinding realities.

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