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John Chuckman



This sounds like pure propaganda to me.

How do such groups manage to make recruitment films?

How do they distribute them?

If they are on the Internet, why couldn’t the NSA find them in 30 minutes, the same NSA that manages to listen to Angela Merkel’s phone?

The establishment – and especially those establishment figures who are neo-cons or who are associated with lobbying for Israel, the people who have driven American foreign policy for years – are becoming terrified at the idea of this man’s winning.

He has never made an anti-Israel statement so far as I know, but somehow these groups “know” he is a threat.

It is actually quite an interesting phenomenon.

It does tend to confirm that our press and political figures only embrace those who toe the line on existing American-set policies.

After all, the entire reason for the bloody savagery of the Iraq War was that Saddam did not toe the line.

And it is exactly the same for Gadaffi and the horror that has been made of Libya.

The only reason that Syria has been torn apart is Assad’s independent mindedness, and he is a leader who runs a state that protects religious minorities and he is supported by the majority of Syrians.

So why would it be any different in internal American affairs such as a national election?

It’s not.

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