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John Chuckman



David Cameron, Absolute Non-leader.

This whole ridiculous mess of a referendum on EU membership was simply not necessary.

A real leader would not have allowed it to happen.

There must be dozens of genuine problems in British society requiring the attention of a serious government.

But, no, Britain is saddled with the complete and consuming foolishness of whether to exit the EU.

British Ministers squabble over whether they should be allowed to campaign for exit.

I’m waiting to hear that members of the government are painting the roses red.

David desperately attempts to find a justification for his silliness by extracting some token concessions from the EU. In doing this, he is also saying the same rules should not apply to all, but is that not one of his most cherished political beliefs guiding his work as prime minister?

Now, good old David of the democratic spirit promises that even if defeated on so major an issue, he will remain as PM. As though any but a tight minority even cared.

Real leaders simply do not behave this way.

It’s rather like having Daffy Duck – or maybe I should say, Porky Pig? – as prime minister, isn’t it?

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