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John Chuckman



I believe increasingly that Trump must win, and I say that without being an admirer of his.

He comes with some terrible baggage, but on a couple files, he’s the only one saying anything worth saying.

Maybe that’s what America needs to make even a little progress, to elect someone who overall is pretty unpleasant but who brings real change to a couple of files. Maybe that’s the best anyone can hope for a country like America. It is particularly in foreign affairs that he speaks a couple of penetrating truths.

Hillary has absolutely nothing to say worth hearing. In foreign affairs, she has been a complete creature of the Pentagon and American imperialism. In domestic affairs, she’s not progressive, and she’s not liberal. And she is just so contorted in her dishonesty, you cannot make sense of her from one day until the next.

She is a genuine exploiter of the old idea of the Democratic Party, now dead, as a party which does something for ordinary people, but that is simply not what that party has been for about half a century.

In office, she would have most of Trump’s ugly qualities and none of his few merits.

Basically, she wants – wants is too weak a word, she is totally obsessed with – the distinction of being the first woman president.

Now that would be just fine, had she something to offer people, but she does not.

Again, she stands for absolutely nothing any thoughtful person would call progress, especially in foreign affairs.


Response to another comment saying the Republican Party was just terrible and the Democrats were needed:

I don’t think that’s true.

The Democratic Party also is a terrible institution.

It hasn’t had a good idea in forty years.

America’s entire political system is bent, bent entirely towards the interests of the 1%.

Hillary serves the interests of the 1% in virtually everything she does.

Then she goes out and makes some vacuous speeches to others, trying to assure them she’s in fact in their corner.

The woman is a tiresome fraud and liar.


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