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John Chuckman



Can Dundar is a good and brave man.

Erdogan is a terrifying phenomenon, and the EU should have nothing to do with him.

But of course the reason the EU behaves the way it does with Turkey is entirely owing to America’s now-unhealthy influence.

America has reduced Europe almost to a colony which must follow the “mother county’s” guidance in all things, even when something is against Europe’s own interests.

Things like supporting – both implicitly and explicitly – the horrors of Syria, horrors induced entirely as part of American policy in combination with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

The Syrian horror has not just killed a lot of innocent people, it has helped create a refugee crisis which seriously threatens the stability of Europe.

Things like enforcing senseless measures against Russia simply for its opposing ugly American policy in Ukraine.

Europe is hurting its own economy in order to support anti-democratic policies associated with a coup government so incompetent that it fights its own people.

Europe’s independent voice is not heard any more on these and other serious matters.

Erdogan, the sick monster now running Turkey is always supported by the U.S. because Turkey is regarded as such an important geo-political asset against Russia. This is a situation which serves no one’s legitimate interests, unless you count America’s idea that it must be in control.

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