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John Chuckman



British people forget how many terrible things were done in the name of the empire, or, as in the case of Americans, they perhaps simply never knew.

Virtually nothing ISIS has done was not done in one form or another on behalf of the British Empire.

Machine-gunning of crowds, aerial bombardment of civilians, use of poison gas, assassinations, and many other horrors.

Just as individuals have a built-in tendency to forget horrors as a protection of mental health, so too do nations.

It is also wise to remember that Britain has secretly supported ISIS.

David Cameron well knows that ISIS is the child of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and America.

Have you ever heard him complain about the horrors those countries have caused?

No, of course not, you’ve only heard him call ISIS names while going right ahead with stuff like large weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.


Response to a reader comment:

The point of looking at old horrors is to remind people that people are still people.

Ancient Hebrews and ISIS? Virtually same thing, if the Old Testament is to be believed.

British Empire and ISIS? Often the same thing.

Now America is a very special case. It has murdered at least 6 million people since the end of WWII in its quest to dominate the globe.

And of course just before that it used atomic weapons, twice, and on civilians.

It was prepared to use them 12 times on 12 non-military urban targets if it didn’t receive “unconditional” surrender, the Japanese having already signalled their desire to surrender.

The American record is a true horror, not all that different to Germany’s efforts at dominance.

And the Americans are still at it, on all fronts.

Why anyone thinks of America as a decent place, as a repository of human values, is beyond me.


Response to a comment about use of the atomic bomb:

The Japanese had already signalled their readiness to surrender.

They only wanted to keep the emperor.

But the American view was “absolute and unconditional” surrender.

Now in the end, as we all know, America did leave the emperor in place, but that was after two atomic bombs on civilians and Japan’s literally grovelling.

Your silly stuff about American lives being saved is well-known American propaganda since there was no need for an invasion of a country already willing to surrender.

It stands as a shameful set of events, and simply marks, like a shot over the bow, America’s declaration of world domination.

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