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John Chuckman



Of course Sanders is the best choice.

At least, in a dreary field.

But, please, you are talking about the United States, or had you forgotten?

The United States has become a world imperial power.

It has been at continuous war for a couple of decades and its secret services have arranged coups in many places from Ukraine to Egypt.

It has supported for years the murder in Syria.

And its fleet of drones behave as an Argentine junta killing people with no legal process whatsoever.

The imperial power serves one thing only: the interests of the plutocrats who actually own and run the country.

A recent Princeton study and former President Carter, the most honest man to serve as President this century, tell us clearly that America is no longer a democracy, if it ever was one.

So a man who describes himself as a socialist is going to be elected? And if elected, he is going to survive in office?

The last man who seriously tried to change some things in America was Jack Kennedy, and he left half his brain splattered across a Dallas street.

And it wasn’t patsy Oswald that did that. It was the same folks who kill with impunity in a dozen countries around the globe.


Response to a comment about how much Sanders has raised in small contributions:


Sorry, but that’s still peanuts.

Do you have any idea how much the 2016 election will cost in total?

We are talking on the order of a billion dollars.

The American Supreme Court, after years of conservative appointments has become so conservative that it declared money to be free speech.

The general population just cannot begin to compete with folks like the Sheldon Adelson, Koch Brothers, or George Soros. Or outfits like AIPAC.


Response to another comment:


Well said. Exactly so.

The Guardian’s editors today are so clearly not liberal progressives.

They maintain a front with items like this and other fluff.

But back home we can see who they like and who they praise and who they endlessly criticize.

It’s actually become something of joke, it’s so inconsistent.

At heart what matters for those now running The Guardian are pretty much the same things that matter for David Cameron or Tony Blair: loyalty to America, spending on national defence, and Israel’s welfare.

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