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John Chuckman



Trident for Britain is a dark and costly joke.

Most people seem unaware that although you pay the U.S. billions for it, it never actually belongs to you.

It can only be used when and where and how the United States says that it can be used.

Much as with an Apple phone, you aren’t allowed to fiddle with it in any way. Only the United States (or Apple) can do as it pleases with its gadgets.

Meanwhile the Pentagon gets a massive injection of money from poor British taxpayers.

It’s quite literally a fool’s bargain.



Response to another reader’s comment:

Trident is value for money?

Just where do you see that?

And what are your qualifications to judge?

It cannot be a deterrent because you simply cannot use it.

You get to join in the killing fun only when the US says you can and directs you where to do your share of it.

If some in Britain weren’t so invested in the penis-envy aspect of such a weapon, they’d see the deal takes them literally to the cleaners.

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