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John Chuckman



Well, I just love a few of Trump’s lines.

Even though I am no great admirer, he sometimes can land a great line, and Jeb is the most pathetic guy to run since his brother, well deserving of our contempt.

His brother was one of the most hated presidents and was, without a doubt, the least intelligent and honest in our lifetime.

And it was his crooked brother as Governor of Florida who helped put him in with a corrupt election.

It’s Jeb who insists on injecting his brother into his campaign, which makes George fair game and also provides a great measure of Jeb’s asininity.

When Jeb whines about Trump “going after his family,” it’s unbelievably juvenile for a man with national leadership ambitions.

Ya gotta love the Trump response to Jeb’s blubber about his “mother’s strength,” “Well, then maybe she should run.”

And why should Jeb’s mother be a topic?

Because Jeb put her there, hoping to use cheap sentimentality to win a point.

You may not like Trump, but this exchange establishes Jeb as qualified to be little more than a doorman at a Florida resort.

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