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John Chuckman



Sorry, this is utter nonsense.

Compared to American practices in half a dozen places where they have carelessly wiped hospitals, schools, and crowds of civilians in bomb shelters, the Russians have made a great effort to be cautious.

And they only use intelligent munitions, although the Pentagon has lied about that too.

Every possible target is double-checked.

Now if you want to see some hell-hole messes created by Americans just look at Libya or Afghanistan or Iraq or indeed Vietnam which still suffers from the horrors of Agent Orange and millions of landmines.

Almost every vicious thing that has happened in Syria has happened at the hands of the people Russia is fighting, people long assisted and supplied by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America, with the odd “God bless” from Britain and France.

Also the senile tyrant King of Saudi Arabia conducts a war in Yemen, completely against international law, but no one says a word while he kills women and children as well as having bombed several small hospitals.

As I write this, we have the shameful admission by an American Defense official that, yes, it was ISIS using Sarin gas previously in Syria, and it could be used again. Previously the U.S. lied about this and claimed Assad used it, which he never did. Using this poison was a clear war crime against Geneva Conventions. So why was no effort made to stop it? No effort made to hold someone responsible for supplying this horrible stuff? It had to come from a fairly advanced country and one using the covert supply avenues. I’m pretty sure Obama or Cameron knows who it was, but not a word.

And as I write this, Turkey is firing heavy artillery into Syria aimed at a specific people, the Kurds, which Turkey’s insane leader happens to hate. This too is a war crime. Imagine America firing artillery into Canada aimed at, say, French Canadians? Yet no one speaks up. Not the UN, not David Cameron – they are all under America’s thumb, and they are all cowards.

Further to my point, several times footage of Russian pin-point bombing has been used by television networks, both in America and France, claiming it was their work when in fact they bombed nothing useful to the enemy.

Last but not least, not many days back there was bombing in the city of Aleppo which killed civilians. The Pentagon claimed it was from Russian planes, but we now know it was an attack by American A-10 planes.

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