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John Chuckman



Response to a comment asserting that torture has stopped plots:

You can have no evidence for what you are saying.

But even if you were right, the fact is that torture puts us in the gutter.

We used to be proud of the fact that in our justice system, it was better for a thousand guilty to go free than that one innocent should be condemned.

I still subscribe to that principle, and proudly so.

But people like you are effectively saying it is better to torture a thousand so we might catch one bad guy.

Your views are repulsive in ethics, morals, and in their absence of concern for human rights.

And of course such crude ideas taking hold really are a direct result of the virulent spread of Islamophobia. After all, even during the Great Red Scare in America, torture was not advocated or embraced. Communist Party members were not kidnapped off the streets and sent to secret prisons for “rendition.”

So, in response to propaganda, we are increasingly creating a society based on hate and with no respect for rights.

I’ll just paraphrase the horrible Madeleine Albright, who recently used the expression, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support Hillary.”

There’s a special place in hell for people with your beliefs which contribute directly to our society’s becoming a smaller, uglier, and more savage place.

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