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John Chuckman



And, I’m sorry to say, so have a good many others been intimidated about speaking out, other worthy people who have consciences, Jimmy Carter being a recent one.

Israel has been reduced to the lowest tactics possible to defend what cannot be defended by any decent person.

Apart from its threatening behaviors, its efforts even get desperately silly, as with its practice of paying Israeli students who post rubbish to muddy discussions on any news site allowing comments.

I think that this state which recognizes no laws, no conventions, no ethical claims, and pretends it is democratic will certainly go the way of the old Soviet Union eventually.

It has a grossly inefficient economy, yields a poor life for most ordinary Israelis, is dominated by a vast cancerous military and security apparatus, holds millions in perpetual bondage, and starts wars with every neighbor – that is not a long term formula for success, ever.

Neither are the practices of building massive walls, passing discriminatory legislation, encouraging the passage of discriminatory legislation abroad, and calling anyone, literally anyone, who questions your behavior ugly names and insults.

Throw in many assassinations, a great deal of torture, a huge number of illegal arrests, constant abuse of several million people in the streets, and state-sponsored theft of the property of others.

The place would collapse today were it not for the support its lobby buys for it in America, but that cannot go on indefinitely. Most Americans do have some innate sense of fairness, and Israel violates it daily.


Response to another reader’s comment:


The human capacity for cruelty seems to have no limits.

You might think a people who were so terribly treated in the past could teach the world a lesson in enlightenment and fairness.

But, no, all we see is more cruelty.

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