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John Chuckman



Udi Aloni could not be more correct in describing the government of Israel as fascist, and he is a brave Israeli to speak out. His welcome home will be less than enthusiastic without a doubt.

The whole Western world watches this monster Netanyahu at work and does nothing, hardly ever saying a word.

The only man on the planet right now who can compete with Netanyahu for stupid brutality and nonstop lying is Turkey’s Erdogan.

The grotesque irony of Western countries supporting these two – along with the brutal, senile King Salman of Saudi Arabia – while vilifying Putin and Assad is breathtaking.


Response to another comment:


I’m sorry, but today’s Israelis are not the descendants of the Hebrews.

That has pretty much been proved by DNA tests.

The Ashkenazi people are Germanic, in every respect including their original language which is Yiddish.

Tests show they arose a thousand years ago near Italy and then migrated.

Judaism in the centuries after Jesus became a much more evangelical religion than we think of it today.

Bits of Africa were also converted, as was the kingdom of the Khazars, a people from the area near Ukraine who were Turkic people. They too adopted the Hebrew ways.

Christianity itself rose up as a cult-like offshoot of Judaism, and its success was startling. At the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls, there were numbers of such cults or sects, much like we see today in Protestantism.

The Bible is a history of the Hebrew people only in the loosest possible sense of the word ‘history.’

Archeology teaches us the Jews were never in Egypt (Moses by the way is an Egyptian-origin name). There is absolutely no record of them in a land which kept superb records.

There is not an ounce of evidence too for the existence of King David. Even Israeli archeologists, determined as they are, cannot find any.

The Romans too were great record keepers, and there is no evidence at all of the Hebrews being expelled after the Roman conquest. It is almost certain that the Palestinians are in fact what is left of the ancient Hebrews. They have of course in two millennia undergone many changes, including in language and religion.

By the way, modern Israel’s claim to the Holy Land, tenuous as it is when you know some history, is even weaker when you extend the history of the region.

Egypt once ruled there before the Hebrews, so Egypt could have a claim. The Phoenicians ruled there before the Hebrews so Lebanon too could have a claim. Italy, through the Romans, could have a claim. Iraq and/or Iran could also have a claim since their ancestors also ruled for a time.

The entire idea of basing a claim today on an ancient document full of errors and myths is self-evidently ridiculous. Or maybe you believe in Jonah or Lott’s wife or Noah or Daniel or the burning bush or the ten plagues – all complete fantasy nonsense.

Given that the notion of a wandering people is also pretty much a fantasy – again, remembering the Ashkenazi are not the Hebrews – the entire official narrative means about as much as the Greek myths.

By the way, using modern Israel’s strange logic, Turkey should belong to Greece owing to victory in the Trojan War.

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