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John Chuckman



“Donald Trump is a xenophobic fascist”

I’m sorry, but I just do not see how George Clooney is qualified to speak to the matter.

First, what does a jet-set, wealthy screen actor, who likely lives in a gated community, know about such matters?

His are just empty words, stagey lines, indicating a set of attitudes.

Second, is Clooney unaware of what a fascist country America has become, regardless of who is president?

I doubt it – which of course makes him even less qualified to speak – and being the kind of country that it has become, it is now impossible to have good presidential candidates. Sanders never had a chance.

Today, America murders people in a half dozen parts of the globe, day-in, day-out, and it does so in the cowardly fashion of the old Argentine military junta.

It has kept a constant national hate campaign whipped-up against a billion people since 9/11.

It is responsible for horrible bloodshed in its march of terror across the Middle East.

It never utters a word over the predation and murders and slavery of its semi-official colony in the same region.

American police kill 1,100 American citizens on the streets each year – a record which exceeds the bloodshed of any so-called terrorists.

As far as the only realistic alternative in this election, Hillary Clinton, I’d take a chance with Trump. At least he is not a proven cold-blooded killer and non-stop liar. And it is his independence of mind which is bringing out a regular chorus of people like Clooney to call him names in public.

Hillary genuinely, with no exaggeration in the words, is a murderous fascist.

Readers might appreciate this analysis:

By the way, as some British people might not know, the symbol of the Italian Fascists, the bundle of axes wrapped together called fasci plural and fascio singular, which had been a Roman imperial symbol of power, has been a feature on the back of the American 10-cent coin for a very long time. It also features in decorative motifs in Washington’s Capitol.



What is really sad is the state of America today, a huge, rich place which can only manage as serious candidates Clinton and Trump.

It is absolute political poverty, but that’s because America is not really a democracy. It is a plutocracy – muscle-bound with a gigantic military and state security apparatus – with a lot of stage trappings of democracy.

A really independent candidate, even if he or she could be elected, is in danger, without question, of repeating the fates of John Kennedy and his brother.

And guys like cocktail-party political commentator George Clooney haven’t a clue.


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