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John Chuckman



“We should be harnessing the energy and passion of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters to defeat Donald Trump”

What silly rubbish.

How do you “harness energy and passion”? Just empty words.

I am not an admirer of Trump’s, but I have to say – and this is really important – Hillary, the almost certain Democratic candidate, is simply disgusting.

The cute clown faces she puts on for pictures hide one of the bleakest souls in America.

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Response to another reader comment:

I like many things about Sanders, but I cannot imagine who ever believed that a self-declared “democratic socialist’ could be elected America’s leader.

It just cannot happen.

America is an imperial plutocratic state running wars in half a dozen places. It does not elect socialists. It does elect progressives. What passes for a liberal today in America is a bloodthirsty conservative who smiles a lot, Hillary Clinton being an excellent example.

For British people who may not know, Sanders comes from a tiny state, Vermont, often called the most liberal in America. America as a whole represents almost nothing that Vermont does.

The substantial votes Sanders has received outside of his home state are because people are absolutely sick of “Hills.”

The woman is a moral and ethical throwback to some of the hordes that attacked Rome.

Note that the Democratic turnout has dropped significantly, while over at the Republicans offering Trump, turnout has jumped up.

Hills has so many, many skeletons in her closet, Trump almost seems a bit wholesome by comparison (!), and Trump will already have good people on the job of digging every dark fact on her.

I predict the dirtiest campaign in modern history, and that’s saying something in America.

Note that Hills’ supporters have already been caught a couple of times cheating in some of these primaries. I strongly suspect Sanders actually garnered a larger vote than we see, although for a “democratic socialist” in America he has done remarkably well.

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