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Partly caused? Well, William Perry was always a cautious man and he is not going say the things which would make him persona non grata in his own land.

Please, Putin and his key staff, such as Foreign Minister Lavrov, are amiable, gifted, and very civil people. They had no motive for any hostilities, looking forward to increased trade and cooperation with the west. They have reacted only to America’s extremely hostile acts.

The Ukraine coup was engineered and paid for by the CIA. We even known the dollar amount, thanks to the State Department’s most bizarre neocon, the close-to-incompetent Victoria Nuland, a hateful person inexplicably put in charge of this file who has offended just about every senior person involved.

The coup was a flagrant challenge and insult to Russia, much comparable to Russia’s doing the same in Mexico. You only have to imaging how Washington would react to that. I can almost guarantee the reaction would not show the same restraint. In a way, the insult is even worse because Ukraine and Russia have such an ancient common history with many connections.

The coup toppled a democratically-elected government, but that is nothing new for the CIA. It has toppled many democratic governments in the past, including Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s.

It is a bit stunning that Obama would support this kind of thuggery, but it is pretty clear in this and other cases – Syria or Libya, for example – that he is pretty much a prisoner of the ongoing unelected government in Washington, the massive defence/security apparatus. Either that or Obama is much more like Dick Cheney in temperament than any of us would have guessed years ago.

The government installed in Ukraine has proved a disaster for the country and its people. Right-wing thugs, like the Azov Battalion, run loose in the country, threatening even its coup-installed government. (Here again, imagine Russia arming and supporting American malcontents such as the Minutemen or Aryan Church?) The new government is divided and has made a long series of incompetent and destructive decisions.

It attacked Russian-speaking portions of the country, creating a civil war in which thousands have died, and even tried making their language illegal. Its armed forces are so badly led and incompetent they could not prevail against a much smaller enemy. When Ukraine tried raising more troops in Western Ukraine by conscription, there were massive run-aways.

And for those who’ve studied the case carefully, there isn’t a doubt that Ukraine’s poorly-led and incompetent armed forces shot-down MH-17. Believe me, if it had really been the Russians, there would have been a storm from Washington, including the release of American radar and satellite data, which have not been released to this day. The Dutch investigators are working under immense American pressure to creep along at a snail’s pace and let time do its work in forgetfulness. Of course, had the world early discovered what really happened, America’s coup-installed government likely would have collapsed immediately.

At the same time as generating all this hostility, the US has increased its armed forces near Russia’s borders, pushed Europeans to do the same, provocatively staged huge war games, and initiated a long series of completely unwarranted anti-Russian economic sanctions. The truth is, almost certainly, all this violence and fear-mongering represents a studied effort to separate Russia from Europe in what had been a growing friendly and economically beneficial set of relationships. It represents a harsh declaration that Europe is more or less American territory, and the ineffective current leaders of Europe don’t seem even capable of saying no.

It is all shameful, and I am sorry Europe’s major countries are today so poorly led that they support America’s dirty work without objection.



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