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John Chuckman



This disruption of Trump rallies is an organized effort to disturb an election, full stop.

Everyone, no matter what you may think of Trump or his views, should condemn this effort.

Instead, we have the spectacle of those who are the beneficiaries of this thug-like effort, his opponents, blaming it on Trump.

If you really think about it, it is this effort which represents fascism. Sending in gangs of shouting, fist-fighting thugs to disturb and intimidate others is exactly what the Nazi Brownshirts did as standard practice during the early 1930s.

But I remind readers again of the real nature of American society.

It is a great throbbing engine of a place, and it has a pretty cavalier attitude towards violence. People torn apart by its whirling machinery are of no interest or account. Only “vets” now and then receive lip-service, as in political speeches, but they too are so often ignored or treated roughly.

There are a lot of angry people on the streets. It seethes in some places.

You read in The Guardian that about 1,100 people were killed by America’s police there in one year. People just shot dead in the street, three times a day. And of course, that means a lot of others merely wounded or brutalized.

In a city like Chicago, on any given weekend, 20 to 25 people will be shot, mainly blacks shot by other blacks. Most don’t die, but many do. It makes for a horrifying atmosphere in many parts of the city.

The United States has more people in prison than any other country.

Its murder rate exceeds by far that of any other advanced country.

It retains capital punishment and is even gleeful about it.

But that’s only a small part of the violence.

People allowed no due process are being summarily executed by Obama’s government week-in, week-out, in half a dozen lands in a fashion much resembling the old Argentine junta’s practice of making people “disappear.”

America’s CIA ran an entire secret torture gulag for years, kidnapping people off streets anywhere and flying them to dark holes for “rendition.” When it was through with them, it just dumped them somewhere one night. Guantanamo’s unfortunates will remain there until death, having had no proper trials or legal representation.

America has laid waste to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and others by direct action or through proxies. At least a million human beings have been slaughtered in recent years. Countless others were injured or lost homes. All lost jobs and a peaceful life. And of course, there were the millions, literally millions, killed in Viet Nam and Cambodia and other places by America’s war machine.

America winks at the murderous horrors of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel. These are countries which abuse and kill as a regular part of their practices. You never hear a word of complaint from an American government official or an American news source.

All America’s half-crazed ex-soldiers, shell-shocked and disoriented – many having joined the armed forces because there are no jobs and they were bribed by the promise of money for “college” they possibly now can make no use of  – come home from these insane colonial wars in various marginal mental states, some destroyed for life, some murderous.

America has many monuments in Washington to its many wars, yet strangely, there is no memorial to the massive, centuries-long blight of slavery.

America is a harsh, mean place, and that is something casual visitors on holidays don’t see. You will never see the real workings of America at Disneyworld, at Times Square, or at the fishing piers of San Francisco. What you see there is the glossy, carefully-maintained surface of things, much like a well-kept garden in front of an insane asylum.

Remember, America thinks nothing of staging coups and black-ops interventions in many, many places, and that includes against many democratic governments. Countless ordinary people are killed or wounded or displaced by these acts which serve only the narrow purposes of America’s powerful. The American government feels entitled and the general population does not in the least object.

So to say Trump’s language is something extraordinary is to speak from sheer ignorance.

If you play in enough filth, you get very dirty.


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