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John Chuckman



“The American Left has a horrendous history of flat out racism and bigotry, liberally salted with violence.”

I think that an extremely stupid thing to have written.

The author is ostensibly criticizing the campaign behavior of MoveOn in their violent disruptions of campaign rallies, while in fact using the opportunity to plant his own hateful propaganda points along the way.

Jeffrey Lord is, of course, feeding off Israel’s long-term contempt for western liberals because they criticize Israel’s brutal behavior. After all, this is from the American Spectator, a neocon-oriented publication, in which he writes.

His prattle is just another version of:  if you criticize Israel, you are anti-Semitic, and since liberals do criticize Israel, they are anti-Semitic and any other bad thing we can think of calling them. Literally, this twisted thinking is ridiculous.

Now, this same intellectual garbage is being dragged into the camp of those who support Trump – whom, by the way, Israel detests – by Trump’s own supporters in search of any kind evidence against nasty outfits like MoveOn.

This is an utterly wrong and self-defeating thing to do.

Outfits acting the way MoveOn does are not, by any stretch of the imagination, liberal. Liberals have no attraction to imitating Hitler’s Brownshirts.

George Soros, one of the original forces behind MoveOn, is not, a liberal either, possessing, as he does, a long history of association with the CIA in dirty projects like coups.

Russia, for example, is well aware of Soros’s associations, and it has banned his NGOs.

Liberals, real ones, are not attracted to the thugs of the CIA. That is the home territory of ugly folks like Hillary Clinton or John Kerry, people often bizarrely called “liberal” but who, in fact, represent the raw domestic political face of American imperialism. Both Kerry and Clinton are stained in blood up to their armpits working for America’s arrogant efforts to remake the world to its pleasing, a project strongly supported by Israel because it in turn supports Israel.

It is dangerous to confuse these things – vicious anti-liberalism and a justified attack on phony liberals such as MoveOn – a bit like letting a violent criminal into your home when he says he’s the gasman come to read the meter.

But America is a very confusing place, whipped by many contradictory winds and rages, with little thought and virtually no ethics, about what is being done.


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