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John Chuckman



“How can she embrace the man who invaded Iraq? Because the alternative is Donald Trump’s world of hate and resentment”

Just off the top of my head, I do believe Jonathan Jones has set a new record in The Guardian for truly repellent writing.

One man kills a million people and destroys a prosperous land for a generation, and does it covered in lies.

The other man is often rude and loud and says some unpleasant things, but somehow he is more horrible than the mass killer?

Apart from being a rather sick way of looking at things, this is profoundly dangerous thinking.

It’s along the lines, only far worse, of those who think its okay for gangs of thugs to break up political meetings with fists and shouts and threats – a la Hitler’s Brown Shirts (the SA) in about 1931, because they are fighting in a good cause. Just sick.

Trump can be unpleasant, but so what? You don’t have to vote for him. And the country in which he is being unpleasant is not only generally unpleasant it has a record that goes infinitely beyond unpleasant.

Years of horror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other places. “Disappearing” people by drone in half a dozen lands. Supporting the endless bloody excesses of Israel, never putting pressure on them to stop and make peace.

And Trump’s “worst” proposals are nothing but things already being practiced elsewhere, most notably in Israel itself which builds more walls and turns away all migrants and refugees except for one small group.

Trump would never get most of his domestic proposals approved by Congress, but efforts in foreign and military affairs, where a president has more authority, could do some real good in the world.

I say “could” advisedly, but in Hillary’s case, I know to a certainty there is only more bllod and horror. She is a sick and dangerous woman, but she is friends with some other sick and dangerous leaders who’ve given us the bloody mess we have in the world.

But is the loss represented by this last possibility that folks like Jonathon Jones are in fact fearful for, and I’m sure he shares a lot of attitudes with Hillary who has worked for years on the neocon agenda of destroying major parts of the Middle East.

Actually, when you think about it, there is nothing odd about the photo. These people are both remorseless killers who’ve shared in shedding the same blood.

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