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John Chuckman



Easy answer to the question: because David Cameron is a political pygmy, and not a statesman.

He is Elmer Fudd, not Churchill.

And remember, Cameron has always been part of the cheerleading section for this horrible work in Syria, the grisly work of America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

Cheerleaders like Cameron or Hollande have spouted off, hypocritically, about terror while they fully supported, in secret, five years of terror inflicted upon the beautiful land of Syria.

But a real statesman acts, and acts supported by facts and reason, and Putin is our best living example of that.

But of course, in our Washington-scripted version of events, Putin is a villain. After all, what else can justify the insane activities of NATO in Eastern Europe after an American-engineered coup in Ukraine?

What the battered Syrian army has done with the assistance of Russia is pretty close to a miracle.

I was especially moved by the Russian Special Forces soldier- used to spot and confirm targets, a practice which has produced an exemplary record of accurate Russian bombing ā€“ who, when he found himself surrounded by ISIS, called in an air strike on his own position. That is simply heroism beyond describing.

Most telling about ISIS is that this supposedly wild-eyed fundamentalist bunch never touches Israel or Israeli interests.

And the same for Saudi Arabia and Saudi interests.

It has all been a gigantic, violent fraud perpetrated by America and its allies.

And it all points to how badly we are governed, with our governments regularly lying to us while squandering our taxes in the service of special interests.

Think of all the money wasted in destroying Syria and of all the good things that might have been done instead with it.

Disabled people in Britain? We have no money for that says David Cameron.

We’re spending big on the murderous desires of special interests.

And we are also profiting from lovely people like King Salman in Saudi Arabia, selling them things to assist in killing still more women and children in Yemen.

That ugly set of facts describes the world in which we live today, represented by leaders of no ability or ethics who know only special interests and doing what America’s imperial government tells them to do.

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