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John Chuckman



I suppose, if you tried, you could write a more fact-devoid article, but I think it would be a mighty task.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, demonstrating Trump “demonizes women.”

Yes, he has an ugly mouth, but it is ugly about many things, and, after all, he was formed in a society raging with ugly mouths, a violent, name-calling, belligerent place, seething with hatreds and fears called America.

This author, I’m sure a good American, feels free to write an article attacking someone with no facts, a trait we often observe in that country right to the top levels of government.

As I’ve said before, Trump’s wife is a very intelligent woman who is university-educated and speaks four languages. You cannot tell me she lives with a man who demeans her, and they give every appearance of being happy together.

Trump’s former wife, also an intelligent woman, one who created her own little business empire, still speaks well of him.

And how very odd it is that a supposedly woman-demeaning man seems so strongly attracted to intelligent women.

The sheer ignorance of this writer is displayed when she writes of women marking ballots for Cruz.

What kind of a man demeans his wife by going out with high-price call girls?

We now have three people confirming that story, and there is follow-up material coming which shows Cruz’s telephone number was in the notorious little black book of the late DC Madam.

This is especially repellent given the calculated video, on the Internet, of Cruz posed at the table holding hands with his wife and children with heads bowed saying grace.

Here is a guy who genuinely is extremely dark and unpleasant, as many of the people who have worked with him – both in the Senate and in his college days – testify rather strongly.

Please, there is an old saying to which authors like this one would best adhere: Don’t get up to sing before you know the words to the music.

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