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John Chuckman



Well, we DO blame you, David, and we hardly need your silly direction to do so.

Cameron’s recent words just reflect hours of time spent with public relations consultants on the best way to defuse things. Here is his set of points:

Sound like you’re sorry (although you are not).

Sound like you’ve learned a lesson (although you have not).

Sound like you are ready to move ahead, a humbled and chastened man (although you are not).

Sound like you’re being honest (which of course you don’t even know how to do).

This kind of statement is just another version of the glib and tiresome “the buck stops here.”

But so what’s the good of its stopping there when there are no real consequences?

Cameron is insufferable, but Britain deserves him if it indeed suffers him to get away with this.


Response to another comment:

That last is pretty accurate.

Here is a man who is playing at things beyond his capacities.

He is, under the Peter Principle, a man who has risen to his level of incompetence.

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