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John Chuckman



Sorry, this article is effectively just a kind of low-key propaganda for Israel.

This is not a conflict between two parties, and as soon as you portray it that way, you are saying nothing meaningful.

This is a case of an overwhelmingly more powerful group holding another group in something close to perpetual bondage, all while pretending not to do so and having enough influence in the West to keep the pretence going.

There is no equality between the parties, of any description.

Palestinians do not regularly steal tranches of Israeli land.

Palestinians do not destroy Israeli houses.

Palestinians don’t build walls on Israeli land and walls which prevent Israelis from going about their business.

Palestinians do not hold thousands of Israelis in illegal detention, including children.

Palestinians do not spray swaths of Israel with chemical herbicides.

Palestinians have never sprayed Israelis with sewerage.

Palestinians do not prevent the importation of cement into Israel, cement needed for basic housing and sanitation.

Palestinians do not surround Israel with robot-operated machine gun towers.

Palestinians do not shoot up Israeli fishing boats or beaches.

Palestinians do not prevent Israelis from moving or travelling around.

Palestinians do not impose harsh regulations and checkpoints for Israelis just going about their lives.

Palestinians do not steal the homes of Israelis living in Jerusalem.

Palestinians do not hold hostage monies and assistance from abroad intended for Israelis.

Palestinians have never killed 500 Israeli children in an invasion of Israel.



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