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This is rather pathetic.

Instead, how infinitely more desirable it would have been to have a British government which stood on principle years ago as America and Israel and Turkey and Saudi Arabia formed, trained, and supplied the savages which did this.

All those people, all that history, all those great swaths of a beautiful land utterly destroyed in the name of geopolitical stunts.


Comment from another reader: “I think it’s rather unlikely Israel would have a hand in creating virulent anti-Semites.”


Well, you are just wrong, showing no understanding of international affairs or Israel.

First, we’ve had hard evidence Israel is involved in Syria, caches of Israeli weapons discovered for instance.

Second, Israel has used extremely dark practices many times in its brief history.

Its secret service supported Hamas in the early days to weaken Fatah. Having achieved that, it turned around and told everyone Hamas was a terrorist organization, which is pure nonsense.

Ask yourself why this supposedly anti-Semitic gang, ISIS, has never attacked Israel or its interests.

Israel, logically, should have been the first target.

Instead, and this is very telling, it attacks Israel’s enemy in the region, Syria. Ridiculous.

Another infamous example of Israeli dark ops was the bombing of the spy ship USS Liberty in 1967. A two-hour attack with guns, bombs, and torpedoes against a well-marked ship about whose presence they had been warned in advance.

Israel’s purpose is still not clearly understood, but likely it was to stop information about two things from getting out from a ship capable of intercepting their every signal and communication while fighting in Egypt.

One was Israel’s brutal slaughter of hundreds of Egyptian prisoners of war in the Sinai: unarmed, legally surrendered men were simply machine-gunned down.

Two, to hide the turning north of Israel’s armor, an act which the US had warned Israel against doing. The prisoners were killed simply to expedite this act which had always been part of the war’s plan.

Israel, of course, succeeded in its planned conquests, the source of continuous problems ever since. We know that Israel actually deliberately provoked the Arab attack in the 1967 War because it knew it could win. It had planned the 1967 War in great detail. The War was always about taking still more of other people’s land.

There are many, many other instances, as for example the Lavon Affair.

Israel has a history of ruthlessness in such matters and of duplicity about them afterward.

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